The 2021 Draft and Our Needs

Last Sunday, we saw the NFL’s most dynamic quarterback attempt to complete a pass over Xavien Howard.  X won that battle.

It was a baffling decision for Patrick Mahomes to even try that pass, given the success he had against the other folks in our secondary on the field at the time, namely Kavon Frazier and Clayton Fejedelem.

I’m not making those names up.  Those were the safeties on the field due to injuries.  Earlier, Fejedelem had given up a long-bomb TD pass.  And Frazier was in coverage on KC’s 4th-and-one play that sealed the game.  Both men failed on big plays.

Oh…and both were also on the field when KC returned a punt for a touchdown.

My point is this:   We need depth in the secondary.  So far, Noah Igbinoghene has not provided a spark.  Rookie Brandon Jones is a little better.   But let’s face it, when McCain or Rowe or  (God forbid) one of our corners has to come out, we’re in trouble, and that was exploited soundly last game.  Sorry, but Fejedelem and Frazier will be gone next year.   It’s not cost-cutting…it’s simply because they aren’t NFL quality.  We need to get some depth in the draft.   A stud starter in college will be a perfect fit as a backup professional.

Yes, we need some help on offense too.  But consider this:  With some of our top linemen out, and with BOTH starting RBs out, and with BOTH starting WRs out (not to mention Jakeem Grant out also), and with our starting TE out…with ALL of that going on, we still put up 27 on the Super Bowl champs.   27!   And that 27 coulda/shoulda been a lot more if Sanders didn’t blow a FG and if Jakeem Grant could catch a routine pass. I think the offense is adequate for now, and we need defensive depth help.

I know WR and RB are the hot ticket items that we all want in the draft and all the experts say we should pick.  However, given that the offense depth is adequate for now and that the defense depth is poor, my picks would be to keep growing the D.

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  1. I can’t keep track of the injuries, they are piling up! And I see Gesicki is probably unlikely to play 🙁

  2. I hear you admin you can never have enough good depth but remember they have 2 firsts and 2 seconds. I think they can wait for RB until second round or later and WR they may not even need it as they seem to find a way even when decimated. Bowden may end up being productive all over the field as an example and there is also FA. I would love to see a pass rusher a guy like Bosa a killer and either LB although its not as bad as we all thought as the FA’s have been good. Iggy should improve and Needham has been pretty good too but you can never have enough.

    If this is right tonight’s root canal game turned out well 4th would be AWESOME:
    Teams are listed in approximate 2021 Draft order.
    New York Jets
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Houston Texans
    Atlanta Falcons
    Los Angeles Chargers

    1. Author

      I LOVE this site:

      They update the standings within minutes of a game ending, and they figure out all the tiebreakers.

      The Chargers win puts them with a better record than Houston, so we moved up a spot!

      The Chargers tried SO HARD to lose that game too. Carr got hurt, but the Chragers couldn’t stop has-been backup Marcus Mariota. They had an easy pick 6 to win the game with a minute left, but the dude must have been the slowest DB of all time because he got caught by Mariota! Then in OT, the Raiders drove down on them effortlessly, and another DB dropped an interception thrown right to him.

      1. What befuddled me was the time the Chargers were on the Raiders about 23 yard line and it was 3rd and 2nd to go and if they didn’t make it, a short field goal try plus more than likely a chance to run out the clock. But instead, the OC for the Chargers called a dumb throwing play and the QB got sacked so far back, it took them outta of a very close field goal try. That’s when I thought “somebody on the Chargers coaching staff needs to be fired!”

        1. Just be glad that our coaches aren’t that horrible anymore it would be very tough being a chargers fan these days. They look for ways to lose even with a good rookie QB it doesn’t matter.

          I’m not sure what sites to trust Admin as that came from and says houston is number 4 right now??? Let’s just hope that they keep losing….

        2. Author

          Yes, the phrase “can’t take a sack here” is very over-used by announcers, but in the case Phil speaks of, he is absolutely right. I think it’s a youth thing, where Herbert underrated the speed of the D. Same thing when Tua took a sack for a safety, that likely cost us the game. Let’s hope he forgets about the elite line he had at Alabama and quickly learns to adjust as a pro

  3. I’m just happy Gesiki is practicing!

    1. Would be crazy if Gesicki could play on Sunday they definitely could use him. You would think that it would be hard to reach up and catch though.

      1. Author

        Flores may be using this as a ruse. Gesicki might be OUT, but why tell the Patriots that in advance. Flores learned a few things from sneaky Billy Belichick

    2. I don’t know JUS4MIDABL.. I mean, with all the injuries the dolphins have, whew!.. if they win two of their next games, Flores should definitely get Coach of the Year.

  4. Micah Parsons, Micah Parsons, Micah Parsons. That is all lol. Seriously though, nothing against Elandon Roberts but his ceiling is right where he is at right now… I think you put Micah Parsons in with Van Noy and Baker you instantly make that the top LB unit in the league. I agree we could definitely use some safety depth and right after we get Micah, a WR1 and RB1 (in that order) we still have a lot of quality picks to go for depth at WR and safety (and maybe a NT for some depth too).

    1. Also don’t sleep on Brendan Jones, I think he’s going to develop into a very solid player in our secondary.

      1. PFF has McCain listed as the 7th best safety so maybe we aren’t as bad as we think. Rowe is also having a pretty good year and you are right I like Jones he will only get better. I just don’t understand why he wasn’t playing FS when McCain was out instead they put a ST guy in there who got burned twice.

        1. Author

          Yes, our 4 starting secondary guys are a great tandem, and Nik Needham has developed well as the nickel/slot coverage man. I have no problem with our core starters, but when one of them gets hurt, things fall apart fast!

    2. Author

      I am always for picking LBs!

  5. Off topic, but it’s game day. Just announced that Gesicki, Parker and Grant will all be out of today’s game. We are so screwed. Only need 1 of these guys vs the Patsies.

    1. It truly is unbelievable when you add Preston into the injury mix too. Expect Bowden to be really involved and maybe Perry. Sheehan can also get it done…

      1. Ooops meant Shaheen! He can play and will hopefully take advantage. Maybe Myarick will get in as well as he can catch similar player to Gesicki. One can hope!

  6. Slightly off topic but with the confusing Rams falling to the jets the jags have the inside track on Trevor Lawrence based on a strength of schedule tie breaker with the jets. That just plain makes me happy. I REALLY didn’t want to see Trevor in our division. Let’s hope the Jags keep on losing!

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