The Block of the Year from the Dolphins’ Best Tight End

I’ve been meaning to share this one for a while, and it’s better late than never.

When we beat the Chicago Bears, we trailed by 7 late in the game, and things didn’t look promising.   But then Brock Osweiler hit Albert Wilson on a short pass, which Wilson then took the rest of the way for an exciting, game-tying touchdown.   It woulda/shoulda/coulda been the Play of the Year if not for the Miami Miracle two months later.

Anyway, our regular readers know I’m a fan of Nick O’Leary, as he certainly proved himself to be our best tight end all year long.   Never mind the high draft choices we wasted on that useless Mike Gesicki and the invisible Durham Smythe.   O’Leary was our man.  He joined the team on a Thursday and caught a TD pass on Sunday.    With literally one day of practice under his belt, he was more productive than Smythe and Gesicki combined.

But what I want to show you today is how he sprung Albert Wilson in the Bears game.

Picture 1:  In the above photo, you see O’Leary on the far left.  Albert Wilson has the ball at the 32, with 4 Bears all closing in on him.   O’Leary is in position to level #59, who’s only looking at Wilson and doesn’t see O’Leary.



Picture 2:  O’Leary makes first contact with #59.  A few important things to note here.   If O’Leary moves from left to right, it would be a penalty.  You are not allowed to run toward your own goal line to hit a man.  O’Leary knows this.  Look where his feet are in Photo 1 and Photo 2.   He has barely moved.  Instead, he correctly held his ground at the 41 yard-line.  He stood still and waited for #59 to show up.  Such a smart, smart play.





Photo 3:   You see the aftermath.   Albert Wilson stumbles past the pile and sprints the rest of the way.   Look at O’Leary.  He’s literally containing/blocking 3 different Bears, preventing them from chasing Wilson.   A 4th Bear has already fallen down.   A 5th Bear (bottom right) is not a factor.  O’Leary simply stood his ground (and remained standing somehow) and prevented 4 different Bears from touching Wilson!

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  1. Yeah, I like that kid! (Jack NICKolis O’Leary)! I like Marquis Gray too. Too bad he got hurt before the season!

    1. Author

      Gray is a little undersized, but I like him too. All these guys who know the Gase offense should be gone very soon. There is zero reason to keep a guy like David Fales on the roster any more. He was only on the team because he knew Gase’s X’s and O’s.

      1. Gray would have been the starter if he wasn’t injured he looked good. Because of this I’m not sure why they drafted two TE’s. Could have used another oline even before they knew the injury situation…

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