The Coolest Trick Play In History?

Although it would probably help the Dolphins if we lost that game, there was an awesome, funny feeling when we scored on that crazy trick play.  So I thought I’d open up a column here for us to discuss it.  We won’t be forgetting this play anytime soon!

Definition of WIDE OPEN

First of all, I don’t even know if you call this a trick play.  I mean, it was certainly a whacky, never-seen-before formation.  But the play itself was simply a QB rolling to his left and tossing the ball a few yards.

The formation threw off the Eagles from the get-go, and it’s puzzling why Doug Pederson didn’t call a timeout.

Our execution was flawless.   Unlike this similar attempt a few years ago:

Christian Wilkins (who was actually lined up as the WR on the right side!) laughed at the Eagles afterward:     He needs to tone it down, because that should have been a taunting penalty.

So…let’s discuss this play.  I love it so much!

I’m not certain of the formation rules.   I still get confused when they call an illegal formation because the tackle wasn’t covered, and I never understand that one.  Apparently, however, our formation was fully legal.  I don’t know why, but we’ll take it!


Reader Sean sent this photo.  I saw this picture last night and didn’t realize the fan in the middle is Brent Grimes!





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  1. “He needs to tone it down, because that should have been a taunting penalty”

    No.. the NFL needs to tone it down with those “sissy calls” like taunting.

    1. Author

      Yes, but while sissy calls are still in the rulebook, we have to abide by them.

      1. Admin, sounds like you want to argue with me about something that’s already very obvious to me. I’ll reiterate what I said… “the NFL needs to tone it down with those “sissy calls” like taunting.” Heck, I’ll even state it another way… “the NFL need to cut it out with those sissy calls like taunting.”

        This football season has really been infuriating to the fans because officials are calling BS calls and really slowing down action on the field while they get in a huddle to discuss even the simplest infraction they throw a flag over… I mean, the
        bs is really getting tiresome!

        1. Author

          No, I’m not arguing, and I agree with your point. I think it’s silly to penalize a player for simply pointing at an opponent (taunting, 15 yards).
          Last year, I saw them throw a taunting flag because a guy was on his way into the end zone and he slowed down to bark at an opponent who was chasing him.

          1. Okay. The way I see it is that if a grown man, making multiple millions of dollars playing a game, is butt-hurt because his wuttle feelings is hurt because an opposing player goes “naaaa na na naaaa naaaa” to him and now he wants to fight, it should NOT be the concern of these officials to keep these players from hurting each others feelings with a silly little taunt.

            Hell admin, I grew up poorer than poor. If anyone of these players want to see and feel how it really felt to get taunted, I wish some of them could’ve been in my shoes as a kid.

  2. Admin, so I could have watched the game on the Phila Fox affiliate but decided to go out and not get upset, pissed and aggravated! So I missed a good game, the trick play of the century for the Dolphins, and I ended up being upset, pissed and aggravated that I DIDN’T stay and watch the game!
    It’s about f’ng time there was a play that threw the defense off and the Dolphins came out with a TD!!!
    When the heck was the last time we had one of those! That play has to be put on the shelf for a while bec,. it would be obvious. But it was great to see Flores take a chance when it was never expected!!! I think these players like what he’s doing, and like the type of football he is bringing to this team. Let’s hope it continues…
    And listening to sports talk in the NJ/NY area, is priceless! They can’t stand Gase….they want to run him out of town.

    1. Author

      FOX’s coverage wasn’t great on that play. They were still showing a replay of the previous down and wondering if Miami will go for it on 4th down.
      Then all of a sudden, they cut back to the live feed, and we were already in that crazy formation.
      One ref threw a flag (presumably he thought it was an illegal formation), but they conferred and picked up the flag.

  3. Just beat the Jets up here and I’ll be good!

    1. Author

      I think we all hate Gase, but letting him have the last laugh on Sunday will be infinitely more important come April.
      I can swallow my pride for one day and know that a Jet win helps Miami and hurts the NY Jets in the long run. If we win Sunday, the Jets will be way ahead of us in draft order. I don’t want anyone choosing ahead of us, let alone the NYJ.

  4. The play was a thing of beauty. There are even photos of Haack smiling before he threw it because he knew it was going to be a touchdown. It was the most fun I’ve had watching a Phins game in a long time. Laird is looking like a keeper – over Ballage. And it’s only taken Devante 5 years to look like a first round pick. The team is fighting hard for Flores and he not a pushover like queasy Joe. I like the direction. I hope the coaching staff doesn’t get snaked away to other teams next season.
    As a side note, I am going to try to attend the game against the Bengals. I remember some others on this forum were going as well.

    1. The post above is Sean. Not sure why it has anonymous. I also forgot to mention there is a picture of Brent Grimes in a photo where Gesicki caught his TD pass.

      1. Author

        Really? I didn’t see the Brent Grimes picture. Maybe Miko is mad that no one signed him.

        1. Author

          I added it to the column above !

  5. Remember that Indy game against the patsies they did the same thing except they didn’t throw the ball which made no sense. That got their coach fired. Yet a punter had no problem throwing to a kicker.

    1. Yeah he posted the link above. Scratched my head about what he was thinking to call that play.

    1. Author

      Ahh, against the hated Jets! I was working at a store during that and kept peaking at a TV in the breakroom during the game!

  6. My God! Did anyone just see the play Joe Burrow just did in the SEC Championship game?!!! Wow!

    1. Author

      Just tuned in. Burrow is gonna look awfully good in a Bengal uniform. 🙁🙁🙁

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