The Cuts (and the rumored cuts) Are Here! Plus the Dolphins add Yet Another TE

Looks like Danny Amendola is gone for sure.  Dolphins already score 50 or 60 points per game anyway, so there is no need to hang onto a clutch receiver who never ever drops a ball. Who needs offense, right?

Cameron Wake is rumored to be gone.  Who wants a quiet, confident, productive team leader.

Robert Quinn and Andre branch appear to be gone as well.  When you cut your best pass rusher, you may as well cut BOTH of his backups as well.   Now we have such great depth with Bust Charles Harris at the top of the list, and zero backups.

Tannehill is more than likely gone, although Armando is still begging the Dolphins to cut him.  If he were so sure they were going to cut him, he wouldn’t need to beg.  He’s just making things up at this point, but seriously, if you throw Wake to the curb, how can you keep Tannehill?   He’ll be gone soon I venture to say.

Adam Gase is also gone, which makes the above moves a little easier to swallow.

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  1. Full tank mode activated. Expect 3-4 wins next year at absolute best. Prolly all dline in the draft this year and a QB next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Miami trotted out Falk as the starting QB next year.

  2. Author

    If they really want Tua in 2020, it doesn’t matter how bad we do in 2019. just trade up and get the kid.

  3. Yeah,confidence is a big plus! Too funny. How many sacks,again? Maybe worth 2m range if he wants to stay because not a huge market for an elderly edge rusher.
    Well we couldn’t Suck For Luck if that’s any indication. I say a 2nd rounder for Rosen and go from there but I think he gives us the possibility of 5 wins which puts where we always draft. Those of you old enough to remember our 1st massive failure,which BTW was our 1st opportunity TO FAIL drafting a QB,1st overall pick in our 1st draft. Rick Norton,QB,Kentucky! Is Grier any better than that 1st group of misfits in the front office? We also signed the coache’s son,George Wilson,Jr. at QB. And 70 year old Dick Wood,I believe from the Bears. It never ends. Ok,off to the local spa for a Krafty!

  4. At this point I dont care. Just make the changes and lets get on with it. We are going to sink or swim with the new coach and front office. A total new start does not seem outrageous. Will miss Wake alot but eager to get on with the new.

    1. In spite of how bad they are,I bought a season ticket next season. So,with traffic a 3 hour drive each way to witness the spectacle. I know they will be bad but I’m OK with starting from scratch as long as they improve 2-3 wins each year and eventually reach the playoffs before my life ends or my family takes my license away! (My sister lives in Miami,so she’ll never find me) LOL

      1. Author

        You think those 2-3 win increases will come easily? Like as long as we gut the team, we’re almost guaranteed to start improving ourselves. Just ask the Cardinals or Jags or Niners how that goes. A team with a ton of inexperienced and cheap 23-year-olds won’t go anywhere. You got to hold onto SOME of your good players.

  5. Amendola was a grab by the last regime. The Patriots felt he wasn’t worth their time and some people in the Dolphins organization thought that he would magically become that receiver that he was years back with the Patriots and be some kind of a plus for the team. The Patriots got a young, hard, sturdy, but still kicked to the curb Wes Welker from the Dolphins and the Dolphins went and picked up a frankly beat up and basically age wise at the useful end of his most productive years for a receiver, kicked to the curb Danny Amendola from the Patriots. Yeah, that really helped.

    I’m not surprised about Wake even though it saddens me. He still, as his age, was a beast and my most favorite player on the Dolphins roster. But heck, I was sad when Jason Taylor left. I remember when the Dolphins let Olivier Vernon go. That was a head scratcher. And remember when the Dolphins let Adewale Ogunleye go?.. I bet we all said “WTF!!!” Yeah, being a Dolphan means one knows what it feels like to be kicked in the nuts!

    Oh well, I still can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the 2019 draft.


    1. Author

      Patriots had only 3 (yes THREE) WRs on their roster and won the Super Bowl. We had about 47 and didn’t come close. It’s the quality of the players, and a coach who knows how to call plays. We had the quality players for certain, but no coach.

      1. Um, there were some questionable calls that went the Patriots way, you can’t dispute that… but, oh well, no use in crying over spilled milk.

  6. Author

    New word is the Dolphins are signing their 750th tight end. This year’s experiment is named Dwayne Allen.
    But don’t worry, he’s just as good as Julia Thomas, Mike Egnew, Mike Gesicki, Thomas Duarte, Jordan Cameron, and Jake Stoneburner.
    Also, he is a career backup benchwarmer.
    “This time we mean it” say the Dolphins full-time tight-end department.

    1. If he can block, good. The Dolphins biggest concern is at quarterback. Maybe Mike Gesicki will work out with another quarterback and coach, but, we’ll see.

      1. Agreed the true wildcard is at QB. If that position plays well they can still have a decent season. Unless they don’t help the oline…

    1. Yeah but it’s a lot of cash for a RT who’s a little injury prone. Still would have liked to have him back as it creates another need but he went for the money don’t blame him.

      Bridgewater is also gone not sure he was a long term answer but would have been worth a try. Options running out its either draft or cutler repeat ha!

  7. Bridgewater stayed at the Saints for less money than we offered, guess he wants to try and win a Super Bowl as a backup. Not saying he was the answer, but it would have been interesting to see how it worked out. But hey, at least we resigned Miss Parker for two years!!! ??????

    1. Author

      I thought the Parker reports were an early April fool’s joke. But no.
      Stephen Ross truly allows the inmates to run his asylum. I’ve been shaking my head all day.

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