The Daily Proof of how Bad Adam Gase is

Each day that goes by offers more and more proof of how inept Adam Gase is.

When questioned about our running game being so poor against the Jets, Gase had this gem of an excuse:

When they called running plays to Kenyan Drake:   “We got caught in a couple of coverages that were not ideal.”   “Got caught???”    The very first thing you do when you’re caught in ANYTHING is to get out of it.    Don’t let yourself stay caught.   Better yet, be smarter than the guy who caught you, i.e., avoid getting caught in the first place.

“Getting caught” while you’re still in a pre-snap situation leaves you plenty of time to opt out.   When Brock Osweiler sees the Jets stacking the box, he needs to audible away from Gase’s play call.   Unfortunately, either Brock didn’t recognize the defense (highly unlikely to not see 8 men in your face), or else he is not allowed to audible out of Gase’s play.

More:   “Some of the runs that we ended up calling when Kenyan was in there, they weren’t ideal looks for us. ”  So change something !!    It’s simple.   Change the formation to something that IS ideal for you, instead of playing into the defense’s hands.  You are making the ideal call for the Jets’ defense, and you’re not opting out?   You’re not calling a timeout?   You’re doing nothing?

Gase is clueless.   He is surprised that the Jets knew what plays we were running and had the right defense.   Well, they caught us.   Nothing we can do on this play.   Too late.    Let’s get ready to punt.   Champions do not think like that.    Champions make the defense be caught in a non-ideal net, not the other way around.

How dare the Jets have us well scouted and stop our plays!!

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  1. I wonder if Gase is going to get a “queezy” feeling like Clueless Joe did last time we played the Packers and he called a time out, and they came back and beat us at the last second when we had them dead to rights!

    1. Author

      For four years, I’ve been trying to forget that game!

  2. This is the same problem Philbin had, he refused to allow his QB to audible. What? you dont let your QB audible? This is how every good offense in the league runs. The defense adjusts and there must be a counter, unless you like 2nd and 3rd and long. Oh wait, that’s it. Gase loves 2nd and 3rd and long situations. This is high school football level planning. You watch film and notice what your opponent’s formations are in certain situations and then practice audibles that exploit those formations. We did this in high school. I hope Gase does this but I would not be surprised if he did not. This would explain why they look so unprepared in certain games.

    1. Author

      It’s interesting, because we DO hear and see audibles being called. BUT…’s only to move the RB from one side to the other. You see that often in Gase’s offense. So when the Jets have 9 guys stacked in the box and we’ve called a running play to go behind the right guard, the QB can switch it to a running play behind the left guard instead.
      Neither play will work. An audible should switch from a running play to a quick pass play, or vice versa. Not just move one player a few feet to the right or left. He’s going to get creamed either way.

      1. You know what any coach in the NFL would have? An audible to a 6 yard slant pass to Amendola! It can’t be stopped and you run it over and over until they back some guys out of the box and then you audible to your two run plays……. it’s so simple but Gase can’t figure it out. Ross Esther realizes this or his as big an idiot as Gase. We will soon find out

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