The DeShaun Watson Rumors have stopped…NOT

I saw an interesting piece today by David Hyde at the Sun Sentinel discussing the ways the Dolphins can use the money that they just saved by cutting Kyle Van Noy.  Among other scenarios, Hyde seems in love with the idea of bringing in Watson.  It’s ridiculous that a Dolphins columnist could be so clueless.

Again, Watson is a great player.  But the drawbacks to signing him are tremendous and far outweigh the good he would bring to the Dolphins.  Among these drawbacks would be that we’d have to give up on Tua, plus additional draft picks.  In exchange, we’d get a guy who whines and is a constant threat to hold out if he doesn’t get his way.  We’d get a guy who is not a leader (is there any question that JJ Watt was the heart and soul of that team?).  We’d be forever (I mean for many many years) keeping one on on Tua and his stats.  Yes, Watson could be an excellent Dolphin and Tua could bust in Houston.   then we’d have the last laugh. But I see it the other way around.  I see us in 5 years watching Tua blossom in Houston and kicking ourselves in the head for making such a stupid trade way too soon in Tua’s career.

The Dolphins have slowly and carefully begun to cross over from a team that tries anything and everything in the trade market and free agent market, into a team that instead carefully plots its course and fills in the gaps with players who the coaches know and trust.  Players who are content and glad to be Dolphins.  Let’s hope that continues.

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  1. I agree 100%. And I also think in another post regarding the same same topic – Watson, was that you have a to question a players motive for wanting to come here. Are they really coming to play? Or, they know that Ross like to throw big dollars at players? Or South Beach? The list goes on and on…

    1. Author

      Dolphins keep repeating that they are sticking to Tua. Jets say they are sticking with Darnold. Is someone lying? LOL

      1. And the Texans swear they won’t trade Watson. Meanwhile Watson himself says he won’t play for the Texans again. Could be nothing but I bet he’ll get moved, it’s just a lot easier to have players that actually want to play for your team than not.

        1. I don’t like it for all of the reasons above but mainly for what they would have to give up to get him. I see a team being built with no weaknesses even if the QB is average they can still win. If the D has an average day they can still win. If the kicker has a bad day they can still win. If they put all of their eggs in one basket in Watson and he has a bad day or gets injured they’ll lose as the team around him will be weak. Look what happened in Houston he was good last year and they still sucked! I don’t want that happening in Miami. If they are not 100% sure with Tua draft another QB later in the draft to compete nothing wrong with doubling down. If anything you end up with two good QBs good problem to have. ..

  2. Just my two cents, I’m not intrigued or looking to bring Watson to the Dolphins…I don’t like his karma and that is something the team has been working on and seems to be there. As I have said from the beginning of discussions to draft Tua and this season, I’m yet to be wow’d, though this past season which was not a good example of a typical NFL season without fans in stadium etc., I feel he deserves a full, normal season to see what he’s got…we saw some great plays, as well as some crappy ones. We did see the flaws he needs to work on as did the coaching staff. He seems like a good team player and that’s character trait we want. I’d like to see the Watson interest wain and see what Tua’s got after a full training camp and preseason. I liked Van Noy but if they have bigger and better plans at that position, it’s part of the business. And….as long we the Jets stink, I’m good!

  3. Oops,Anonymous was Finfanforever

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