The Good and the Bad with the Dolphins’ 19-17 Win Over the Los Angeles Chargers

So as Monday developed, a few tidbits of information came in about Lawrence Timmons, but still nothing concrete to go by. It appears that Timmons went awol in order to go to Pittsburgh to visit his the mother of his child. That seems to be confirmed by all involved (except Timmons, who apparently isn’t available to discuss it).

Adam Gase claims to know little else, and claims that he hasn’t spoken to Timmons and claims that he hasn’t decided what to do. I’d rather Gase say “No Comment” rather than lie to us like that, but what can ya do? There is a huge duifference between saying “I don’t know” vs. “I know but I’m not going to tell you.” Anyone remember Nick Saban?

As I said yeterday, and stand by it, Timmons and Gase both made enormous mental gaffes that could have doomed the Dolphins, but alas they did not.

So in re-watching the game, a few key players come to mind that need to be called out. Here are Sunday’s heroes:

First is Cody Parkey. The kid was clutch and drilled a 54-yard game-winner with a minute left. On top of his 3 other field goals, he clearly won the game for us. Any debate on that one?

Next is Chase Allen. Some of you may remember that I was praising this kid all the way through camp. And then in the pre-season games. I’m so glad that Gase made the smart decision to keep this guy. He didn’t do anything spectacular on Sunday, but he was steady. I love being right about someone!

I don’t think the announcers mentioned Anthony Fasano once yesterday, but watching him block on the running plays was beautiful. He buried the defensive end on numerous plays and took care of Joey Bosa more than once. Trenches blocking is not glamorous, but Fasano did excellent work and freed up Ajayi often.

I’ll give credit to Jay Cutler as well. He proved that steady play, even when not spectacular, is enough to win ball games. Very happy with his performance, and there’s a ton of room to build on it.

Finally, I’ll give credit to offensive coordinator Adam Gase. He FINALLY left Jay Ajayi in the game on third-and-one. Jay rushed for first downs both times. it’s not rocket science. Last year, Gase consistently benched Ajayi on third down. This year (hopefully) he learned his lesson. I hate Gase’s other decisions as head coach, but his play-calling as OC to utilize Ajayi was encouraging.

And now the goats, the men who did all they could to ensure a Charger win:

First up is head coach Adam Gase. Calling a timeout while the opponent was in disarray is called “pulling a Philbin.” I thought it would happen only once in Dolphins history, but Gase opened it up again for Round Two. He claimed he did it to conserve time so the Dolphns would get the ball back one last play. Yes, because the hail mary’s and multiple lateral plays work so often. There is so much wrong with Gase’s logic.

Next is Lawrence Timmons. Look, Dolphins Truth tries our best to avoid speculation and instead we look at facts and analysis. But it’s hard to ignore the possibility that Timmons has some kind of mental issue. Every player misses their family during a road game. But to take off on your teammates? Something isn’t clicking here. Gase is trying to protect the man’s privacy, but at some point, the fans (the folks who ultimately pay Timmons’ salary) have a right to know the truth. And we should hear it from Timmons or Gase long before we hear it from TMZ.

Next is Julius Thomas. I’d rather have Brandon Albert back. Thomas looked awful. There were two different times when Cutler was scrambling and Thomas just stood there. Compare that to Gronk’s TD catch that was over the highlights all day long. When Brady scrambled, Gronk went deep. When Cutler scrambled, Thomas stood there. I saw virtually nothing from Thomas, not even potential. I blame Gase, somewhat, for not trying to call his number more often. But watching Thomas nonchalant his way on some plays…very unsatisfying.

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  1. Good call on Fasano I was wondering how he did but you are right it’s not a measure of catches he’s a blocker and a good one. Ajayi had some big holes and it wasn’t all because of the oline.

    Who knows with Timmons. They may be covering up because it’s something very personal. Perhaps the mother is nuts and he felt torn to go get his kid? Being a father I get that you have to do what you have to do. I’m sure Gase would have a hard time explaining something like this without giving up the whole story. I just hope that it’s resolved and will never happen again.

    Is Albert even in the league anymore? I thought that he retired he was banged up all the time….

  2. Forgot to mention that these two didn’t play. I think that I’d rather have Tank than McCain I just don’t see much out of the guy.

    3(33) Cordrea Tankersley CB Clemson
    5(20) Isaac Asiata OG Utah

    Also noted that Harris was burned on a run play. He’ll have to be eased into the lineup for clear pass rushing downs only for now. Starting to think that I was right in trading back and picking TJ Watt he’s making headlines! I hope I’m wrong in the long run…

    1. Author

      Seriously mad about that. Tankersley could hop on one leg and be better than Bobby McCain.

      1. I guess that they want to ease the rookies into the lineup make them earn it so I can live with that but damn McCain seems to get burned a lot.

  3. Author

    By the way, we are pretty lucky we didn’t get the Bucs in Week One. That team is on fire and came out strong as hell.

    1. Very true I didn’t think that it would be a walk in the park and it gave Cutler another week to get comfortable. Hopefully in the end with all of the negatives it works out for the better. At the same time da beers are pretty horrible….

      1. Author

        Agreed. The Jets game is important. I see them riled up for their home opener, but I also see them as a horrible team. We might score under 20 again until the offense hits their stride. but can we hold the Jets to 20 or under?
        Oakland couldn’t.

        1. Jets game is always a crap shoot. If the Fins let them hang in the game it doesn’t bode well and could be a toss up in the end. If they can demoralize them early and run the ball down their throats they can walk easily. Passes will be there downfield with an effective run game.

          Stop the run and make their QB win the game is their best bet. He’s not as good as Rivers…and I expect the pass D to get better week by week. Special teams should also be better although haven’t seen much from the punter yet.

          1. Author

            Yeah, last year we beat them easily in New York City. But we were in the middle of a strong winning streak back then and had lots of consistency and momentum. This season, so far, there is no consistency established. And No Lawrence Timmons yet

  4. If this team loses to the jets I’ll be so mad. I hate the jets prolly more than any other team and there just garbage this year. They actually coming into the year were not favored to win 1 game, so Miami better destroy them. Anything less than 28-10 or 24-3 and I won’t be happy.

    1. Agreed but shit happens any given Sunday….but better not be this Sunday. I do hate the jets even more than the cheating patsies.

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