The Jamar Taylor debate continues

I like my colleagues over at the Phinsiders.  I really do.

Despite the fact that they wrong 90% of the time, and despite the fact that they banned me from their site because I corrected them too many times.  Still, they are true Dolfans, and we have to respect that.

In the latest example of how wrong they are, the Phinsiders today are defending Jamar Taylor.   The blogger Evan Silva correctly stated that Jamar Taylor was a bust, and the Phinsiders went nuts!

The Phinsiders humorously said that Taylor is “developing into a solid player.”   So am I.  So are you.   We’re all developing.   We don’t want developing.  After three years, we want developed.  DevelopED.

Taylor has faced some injuries, and that is true.   But when he is healthy and at his very best, he’s still an average-at-best player.   He has had opportunity after opportunity to step in and become impactful, but it just hasn’t happened.

It’s just another example of the Phinsiders’ curious policy of only saying nice-nice things about the Dolphins and never engaging in real debate.   Soon they’ll be telling us how awesome Dion Jordan is again!

Let’s move on from Jamar Taylor.   Let’s hope he is an adequate nickel CB and let’s hope that Brice McCain proves the coaches right.  And let’s hope that Joe Philbin never gets rid of our All Pro cornerback Vontae Davis and….oh, too late.


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  1. Young corners take time to develop as do young players period. Third year is usually the year most slow-developing corners come into their own. Still a little too early to call him a bust. He does need to stay healthy though this season though.

  2. Yeah they say Tannehill is “developing” and Henne was “developing”.

  3. Players take time to develop. Common rule of sports.

  4. Whether it’s two years or three years or whatever. Just look at Big Ben’s play in recent season. He’s a much more developed passer than he was in his first few years when he was basically a game manager who could extend a play here or there.

  5. We’ll know more this year but the guy has to stay healthy or it doesn’t matter anyway.

    I just find it funny that the pats have to go with butler as their top corner….and they’re pass rush was horrible. Too bad Fins didn’t get them tonight.

  6. Outside of Gronk running free all night the Pats didn’t look impressive to me offensively or defensively. Pittsburgh ran the ball well and Roethlisberger carved up their defense. Take away all the Pittsburgh miscues and this one could have went the other way easily. Big Ben and Brown tried to keep them in it but they could only do so much. Methinks the Pats look very vulnerable.

    1. Big Ben is a HOF QB . He carves up pretty much everyone.

  7. Wow! Some people just don’t actually watch games. When he has been healthy Taylor has played very well, the problem is he can’t stay healthy.

    Did it ever occur to you when they say developing its because you just don’t really see enough of him because he is so often injured? Listen, when that piece of overrated crap Cortland Finnegan was out or benched for HIGHLY ineffective play Taylor came in and played MUCH better than Finnegan, and that is FACT.

    He is good, much better than what you give him credit for, just like Reshard Jones who you have said is pretty much garbage. I don’t know what games you watch or maybe you don’t know how to judge talent but both Jones and Taylor are good. Taylor just needs to stay healthy and Jones showed his value and the impact he brings to the defense when he came back from suspension – the D played with tenacity and didn’t appear lost.

    1. Author

      Rod, are you ready to stop defending your hero Jamar Taylor? Are you watching him help the Redskins win?

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