The morning after a dramatic win…

Go Bengals!

Go Giants!

Go Falcons!

Go Steelers!

Go Jets!

Go Packers!

Go Patriots!


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  1. Author

    Damn stupid bengals just had a third and one and then 4th and one, and they tried a
    Long bomb each time. Failed and now 7-3 because of garbage play calls
    Cincy moving the ball at will, and then stalls due to stupid play calls in Houston territory. Bengals up 10-3 but they should easily have 24.

  2. Author

    Ravens season on the line and they come out and fighting for it. Right off the bat, they lead 17-0.
    Compare that to how the Dolphins—also fighting for their lives—began last night.
    Experience is a huge asset, and we don’t have it yet. But you can see it coming. Just imagine this time next year with all our youngsters having a year under their belt.

  3. Per Barry Jackson:

    Indy going up 2 TDs on Steelers isn’t worth fretting because it was difficult to envision Indy losing to Jags next week. Dolphins’ best chance to make it remains: 1) Browns losing to Jets (down 13-3) & to Pittsburgh; or 2) Baltimore losing at Cincy or 3) Miami winning at Buffalo

    1. Author

      Jets are 20 minutes away from officially blowing the Trevor Lawrence lottery! They lead Cleveland big and Jax is losing big. Although the Jets are fading and Browns moving quickly

  4. Author

    I haven’t seen a punt in the Bengals Texans game. Zero defense on either team and they’re both driving up and down the field at will

  5. Author

    Falcons late lead over KC would help us because it puts the falcons above Houston and our draft pick gets better

  6. What a great game and win last night! If the Steelers and Jets can hold on to these leads that would put us in the 4th seed because of conference records I think!

      1. The call stands in NY! We are the 5th seed for now!

  7. And the Jags have the first pick in the draft!

    1. Oh man do I love that. Josh Allen is starting to emerge as an elite QB, we don’t need the jets having Trevor Lawrence on top of it. Good for Jacksonville. Already rumors circulating they might go sheet Urban Meyer, but no idea if he would be interested in making that jump. Jacksonville has some talent though… You throw a Trevor Lawrence in the mix and that could be an attractive opportunity for a prospective head coach.

  8. If we win next week we stay 5th seed and play Tennessee. Scary team but I would probably rather play them than Buffalo 2 times in a row!

  9. Holy crap Houston pick is currently #3! Tennessee plays Houston next week and will most likely need the win. This is looking good….

  10. … And don’t forget, Houston’s 2nd rd pick as well, next year 🤞

    1. Yes that trade was money! Some want Sewell OT. I guess you can kick one of the rookies inside if they do that. That LB Parsons looks great too.

  11. Regarding the previous post comments about Tua, I’m almost wondering if his injury isn’t more than we are seeing, or what they are showing/telling. He seems way more hesitant now to take off and scramble, and maybe his coaches are influencing his decision-making, regarding that, but I could swear that his running seems a lot slower now, compared to earlier games, and any injury (however small) can affect that.

  12. Great discussions today, guys. I love when our comment board is filled with intelligent dolphin fans. There was a lot of talk about Buffalo tanking in week 17 and resting the starters. But number one, I don’t think they will do that. And number two, as my cousin always told me my entire life, the second stringers will play their ass off to impress people and they often win a game like that. If Buffalo secures the number two spot, as of now they would be playing Cleveland. If Buffalo slips to number three, they would be playing the red-hot Baltimore Ravens featuring the reigning MVP in Lamar Jackson. You don’t need to be a brain scientist to realize who buffalo wants to play. They want that 2 seed very bad So they can avoid the Baltimore ravens. They will play very hard on Monday night and they will come at us next Sunday with their full starting team.
    I don’t know if we’ll win in Buffalo, but it appears we can get in with a loss and some help.

  13. You know I’ve always said to be the best you have to beat the best! I’ve always hated backing into the playoffs as well. Of course I would take it, but we need to just go and win against Buffalo! We are a much better team than our first meeting, however the Bills are playing elite football right now! But as Dolphins fans, who ever thought we would be in this position on year two of our rebuild? So much fun to watch!

  14. Our 2021 draft pick now sits at third. If the Titans beat Houston next week, we will get the #3 overall pick. That is insanely incredible. If Houston wins, they’ll be in a big logjam at 5-11, and our pick would plummet. A lot can still go wrong, so we need to root for Tennessee just as hard as we root for Miami !!
    The tiebreaker math and scenarios require a lot of alcohol when you try to sit down and figure it out !

    1. Also, some media outlets are reporting that our pick is number four, not number three. The tie-breaking scenarios are truly so complex that computers can’t even figure it out. Houston and Atlanta are both four and 11, so the strength of schedule is the tiebreaker. Today, Houston lost to a terrible team and Atlanta lost to an outstanding team, so that really really helped the Dolphins!

    2. By the way, I want to see Micha Parsons in aqua and orange. With the #3 pick, he should be ours. Jets and Jags will take QBs

      1. Yes! I’ve been saying that for months! Imagine him next to Van Noy, Baker and Van Ginkel…. That would be a very strong core. Plus he fits well with Flores philosophy of versatility… He can play the run, the pass and rush all very well!

        1. Author

          Yeah, I’ve only studied Parsons lately, so you’re way ahead of me. Taking 2020 off doesn’t bother me, but it will be interesting to see how the physicals and the combines are conducted this year…or canceled like last year

  15. I expect our game against the Bills to be close. It will be a nail-biter.

  16. We’ve said forever that the team is looking for the next Marino. I’d also like to offer that we’ve been looking for the next Shula just as badly. Flores has been a shot in the arm that I admit I didn’t see coming. He’s smart, mostly strategic, and has instilled a winning attitude to this team that I haven’t seen in forever. The win this Saturday was SUCH a great win. Better than the Miami Miracle in my opinion and definitely more important. Go Dolphins!!!

  17. Baker only sixth player since 2010 with one hundred tackles and 7 sacks. I think this went under the radar….

    1. That is impressive. I’m shocked it doesn’t occur more often.

  18. I guess it was too much to hope for New England to do us a favor.

    1. True. Pats are a garbage team who got lucky we played them in week one after an off season where we weren’t allowed to practice or even have rookie meetings

  19. I think we should trade down out #3 draft pic. It could turn out to be a huge gain.

    1. I Might maybe possibly consider that. Except there are some huge talents at #3 or #4 who I do not want to pass up. Micah Parsons ending up in New England? Can’t risk it. Penei Sewell seems like an unneeded pick, but imagine him in a 6-lineman set. Tua could bake a cake while he waits for a guy to get open.

    2. No trade. Devonta Smith.

      1. I guess the question is what do they need more and can they trade back and still get it? Will the oline progress enough to be very good or do they need to add a true stud? Fins need a killer pass rusher can Parsons do this from LB and be that guy or would it be better to draft a DE? Will WR be ok when everyone is back and healthy or do they need a stud? I worry as WR’s rarely win bowls for a team can they not find one later. I don’t know the answers but I’m hearing a lot of options out there…thoughts?

  20. We definitely need to win on Sunday. It’s been announced that Pittsburgh is resting their starters so the Browns now get an easy win.

    1. Seems like all of the other teams have easy wins but who knows maybe cinci keeps it up or Jax surprises. With pitt resting and bills having the tiebreaker maybe they ease up. Fins will have no choice but to give it everything.

    2. Author

      The Browns are still the Browns. They just lost to the Jets. I guarantee you that all the third-string bums that the Steelers utilize will be better than the Jets’ regulars. Who knows? The Browns might win by 40, but I think Pitt will play hard.

  21. when i said trade up to #1, I was serious.

    Maybe Tua is not the one, just like Arizona decided after a year one that Rosen was not the one…

    1. I think Jax would be insane to trade out of that spot, and I just don’t see a sure fire franchise QB after Trevor Lawrence. I think we have to hope that Tua continues to get better if we surround him with enough talent and keep building on our strength with defense. I share your skepticism and am so frustrated we let Herbert get by us in the last draft but I think we are where we are now and have to hope he proves us both wrong.

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