The Newest Distraction: Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality

RISE is Stephen Ross’s Initiative in Sports for Equality.   It may have something to do with Kenny Stills and Michael Thomas disrespecting their country every week, but I’m not here to research what RISE’s goals are.

Instead, I’m here to point out, yet again, that this is Stephen Ross doing something other than helping the Miami Dolphins.  Yet ANOTHER non-Dolphin venture to take his time and money away from where they should be spent.

My regular readers know the routine by now.   There’s a lengthy list of things that Mr. Ross gets involved in that don’t help the Dolphins.  For some quick examples:  anti-bullying campaigns, bringing soccer to South Florida, partnering with celebrity owners, REMOVING seats from Hard Rock Stadium, lobbying for the city to host a Super Bowl.   There are many more.

I envy the other NFL fans whose owners have a passion for their team.  Owners who bleed their team’s colors and not the college the went to 55 years ago.

Jerry Jones  lives for the Cowboys 24/7.  Robert Kraft of the Patriots…do you think he cares about sports equality or whatever the heck RISE promotes?   Arthur Blank owns the Atlanta Falcons, and he also has a charitable foundation.  But guess what?   No one ever heard of the foundation, nor does it make news.   Blank is too busy building himself a winner to worry about side ventures.

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  1. I’m guessing RISE was a knee jerk response from the bullygate fiasco. Bullygate tarnished the brand and a positive image maker was needed. But yes, Ross has too many irons in the fire. Comes as no surprise really. I wonder if Parcells leaving had something to do with Ross and his A-List owners?

    1. No doubt Parcells didn’t want to work for Ross and his circus celebrities.

  2. I see you sure have it in for Ross, huh Admin? You should’ve been a Raiders or Chargers fan.

    1. Author

      Phil, I merely want an owner who loves the Dolphins as much as we do. Or at least someone who lives in Florida.

      1. @Admin

        You are such a moron! Its no wonder you got kicked off the Phinsiders!! LOL

      2. Ross could have merely decided to sell the Dolphins franchise to an out of state entity somewhere in a town like L.A. instead of spending half a billion dollars remodeling and refurbishing what is now called HARD ROCK STADIUM.

        Imagine that…an out of town owner of an NFL team like the Dolphins loving Florida enough to keep them Miami.

        I bet St Louis Mo. wish they were that lucky

  3. Nothing wrong with Ross and his anti-bullying campaign.

    He and J Martin made a better work environment in the NFL!

    1. Author

      But no one cares about work environment. We care about wins.

      1. All the NFL players care about work environment.

        You are just a moron.

  4. I agree that Ross is the worst owner in the NFL. C’mon, the guy thought Philbin was the best coach ever. He is not a football guy and definitely doesn’t love the Dolphins. He only bought the team for the money it generates…nothing more. He’s just too dumb to realize that by putting a winning product on the field generates more money. As far as the team moving, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon. Regardless of history, the Dolphins are the most popular NFL team in Florida and by far the most popular Florida NFL team nationwide. I’m a lifelong Dolphins fan from Indiana. A lot of other people in my area are too. I never seen anybody wear Tampa bay or Jacksonville football gear, because those fans don’t exist here.

    1. Some people really should read and think about the comment they wrote before hitting the “POST COMMENT” label.

      “I agree that Ross is the worst owner in the NFL. C’mon, the guy thought Philbin was the best coach ever.”

      Ross is no Spring Chicken, so I’m pretty sure he’s seen and kept up with enough professional football through the years to render that notion “asinine.” Besides, if Ross was the only owner of an NFL team that’s ever committed the brain dead sin of hiring a “horrible head football coach,” then this yearly coaching carousel we see in the NFL shouldn’t exist the way it does.

      “He only bought the team for the money it generates…nothing more. He’s just too dumb to realize that by putting a winning product on the field generates more money.”

      Um…this statement is so ridiculous and illogical on it’s face that taking it apart would be pointless.

      And no one said the Dolphins are moving.

      1. Author

        Phil has a good point, because plenty of owners hire horrible coaches. Many owners keep those coaches around far too long (Marvin Lewis and his ZERO playoff wins, for example).
        I rarely pick on Ross for his football decisions. Instead, I pick on him for his lack of devotion. You can’t be a successful owner of any franchise if you devote 10% of your time to it.

        1. I’ll say this Admin, if I were a Cincinnati Bengals fan, I would rather have a Marvin Lewis than a Jeff Fisher any day.

  5. @Everyone

    My god calm down!

    Admin this is so typical it doesn’t even perk my intrest anymore. Ross spends his money and seems to butt out of football affairs and it seems the football guys in the building are going the right direction so if Ross wants to go and have a love fest with Goodell, Martian, Jay and a bunch of other pansies then that’s fine with me. At lest the man leaves his checkbook open on his desk when he goes!

    As for Jay it seems his head is now out of Moores butt and firmly inserted back in crybaby Martian. The poor little boy probably needs jays compassion after all he went through!

    1. Author

      Brian, yes…but we need him to butt IN to football affairs now and then. Put some pressure on the guys to win. At least show up to a practice or at least be in the state of Florida more than once a week. Show the guys who is boss and who you have to answer to.

      1. @Admin

        If Philbin were still coach I would be with you 100% but you know what I think that Gase, raw as he may be, is an Alpha who owns his locker room and I think that Ross has displayed that he is 100% behind Gase when after 1-4 he clearly came out and endorsed his support no matter how long it took Gase to improve this team.

        I think that Ross has the right guy and he is supporting him 100% so if Ross now wants to go run a charitable organization for fruitcakes like Martian and Jay more power to him!

        Just keep your phone on and your checkbook handy!

        On that note I think he has poured money into this team which is a lot more then you can say about at lest 1/4th of the league owners!

        I wish he were better in some areas but in a lot of areas we could all be a lot worse off from ownership standpoint.


  6. No doubt Ross is the worst owner in the NFL.

    1. Again, tell that to the fans in St Louis, San Diego, and Oakland.

  7. Falcons all pro starting center broke his leg. PAtriots
    Get another big break as usual before game even starts

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