The purging of players continues

TJ McDonald didn’t do much of anything, so I can see him getting cut.

But now Akeem Spence?   Our ONLY d-lineman worth a damn (and at a cheap price too).  It’s beginning to look a lot like they truly are going to tank this year on purpose.  i really liked Spence.  Quiet and productive and loyal.

But guess what?  Even if we get the #1 overall pick next year and draft a stud QB…we have already purged a bunch of good players, especially on defense.  Plus, we still have no line to protect a new QB.  In other words, we could have the best QB in the universe on your team for years to come, and we’ll still be 8-8 each year if we continue to gut everyone else.

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  1. Admin, I have yet to see this team making any sense for many years. I’m not local (I was years ago) and only have so much that I can pull from radio, listening to WQAM on my computer (at work of course!) and internet. I get a lot of info on this site and good or bad, agree or disagree, it’s very interesting and informative. That being said, I’m not so sure this team has the genius’s working behind the curtain that we are told we have. Tanking this season so we can possibly get a top pick is a gamble for sure….that player could tear an ACL and then what? Go for that player who they KNOW is damaged goods? Crazy, but I’m thinking you are right. On another note, I was asked to attend the NY Jets Luncheon in NYC to support Lupus Foundation yesterday as my company was a sponsor-the entire NY Jets team was there, a player sat at each table, and Lev’eon Bell was at table next to mine, had to go over to him..nice as heck guy, blinged out in diamonds, took a selfie and asked him so how do you like Gase? He said I like him…I thought that might not last very long. Gase was at the table next to mine, he looked as about disinterested as anyone could be; hardly spoke with anyone bec. after all, he’s Adam Gase, top winning HC–what he’s hiding behind that beard is psycho scary! BUT, i will say this, that organization has brought in some decent players and friends, we are going to be in big trouble cause this is a hungry, angry bunch. Sam Darnold, another nice guy, selfie with him too. It was fun but I was in enemy territory so of course, I had to leave some Dolphin karma on them!

    1. F the jets….that’s all that I have to say. Good thing I wasn’t in that room I would have created a lot of accidental injuries…haha!

      1. Author

        I would have spit in Gase’s soup

      2. I have always hated the Jets, but my company was a sponsor so had to go. My reason for the post was to confirm what a complete jerk Gase was-one of the Jet players commented on stage he is one firecracker away from a major explosion! They have him right. Gase is hiding himself under that beard…does he think he’s going to hide from rabid Jet fans if they are less than in the playoffs? Cuz that’s what they expect. Man, I can’t stand them…

        1. Author

          See, I never hated the jets as much as some of you. I spent a lot of my youth as a Dolphan growing up in the Buffalo area. I hated the Bills with a passion, but the Jets and Pats were just “another team.” Over the years, I learned to hate Jet fans as much as I hate Bills fans, and the past decade, I really learned to hate the Pats (mostly due to jealousy, and I admit it!!)

  2. “Our ONLY d-lineman worth a damn”? Huh?

    1. Author

      Unless you suddenly like Charles Harris?

      1. Career slug. We are talking DT,not DE. Harris is the DL equivalent of Ms. Parker. How is she still around? How much body of proof does this current regime need for evidence on her????

  3. Spence started all 16 games for the Dolphins last season and had 43 tackles and two sacks. He had been competing with Adolphus Washington and others for a fourth defensive tackle job behind Christian Wilkins, Davon Godchaux and Vincent Taylor.

    Read more here:

    + whatever is available in a few days on the waiver wire-somebody at least as good as him at #4 at the position.

    1. Author

      See, I think 3 tackles per game is decent for a D-lineman. Spence was steady and inconsistent, if not a stud. A 4th-string tackle doesn’t sound too important, but with our rash of injuries, you can’t have enough depth, especially when inexpensive. I’ve seen Wilkins get pushed around a lot this summer, so let’s just pray he’s been taking it easy and waiting until September to turn it on.

      1. We both know he’s not taking it easy. He’s learning and Flores has been positive on him,which is fine with me so far.He’s been pushed around a bit because of double-teams. There will be players better than Spence available on Saturday.

        1. Agreed spence wasn’t winning a bowl here….let him go elsewhere.

  4. And how is RakeOn McMillan still around? Even if he makes the roster,he will have limited snaps unless someone is injured. And Kiko too. Unless we see the 6 LB formation-neither can cover anybody.

    1. McMillan is still young so give him slack but Kiko I’d move on. Anyone that won’t be around in the next few years should be moved let’s see what we have with the young guys in town.

      1. Gase was a fan of his and we know what a crap evaluator of defensive talent he is. I put 10% of the responsibility on him He was close to a top 50 draftee and hasn’t really improved as he’s being outplayed. Flores has said he will only play 1 and maybe 2 downs now. 2 years and little to show for it. I see him and Kiko gone.

        1. I’d be surprised they should look one more year as he had his moments. Kiko makes plays but he won’t be around long enough so get what you can for him.

  5. 1 rumor being floated is that Fitz has been staying at Doral and is suffering from terminal bedbug syndrome.

    1. Author

      Wouldn’t surprise me to find a whole colony of vermin living in that ridiculous douchey beard of his.

      1. LOL! Hipster beard that grew out of control.

  6. Off topic here but Armando is reporting our beloved Dolphins are strong contenders for Jadeveon Clowney.

    1. Author

      He had some outstanding games, but nothing worth giving up a #1 pick for , or anything crazy like that.
      If he comes cheap or the Texans want to pay part of his salary, it could be intriguing.

      1. I’d take him for anything but a 1. All of a sudden our DE wouldn’t be horrible although hard to tell by the preseason. Orchard for instance looked good but against starters all game who knows.

        1. The bust Harris sure isn’t the answer,in spite of a decent preseason. Sounds just like Ms. Parker when she’s actually on the field. Clowney would be great if we can get him for a 2nd rounder and a 5th rounder.

          1. They’re saying maybe a third now although the Fins third could be high…I’d do it in a second.

            1. Agreed-our 2nd would be like a 1a!

  7. Clowney wants Eagles or Seahawks-basically a winning team… that we are not for now.

    1. If they can’t sign him for long term then I wouldn’t do it anyway. Isn’t he an UFA after next season?

    2. Author

      Clowney wants $$$ more than he wants a winning team. They all do !

      1. Agreed but if they trade for him he can apparently leave next year so if its not a long term deal it makes no sense to waste assets on him now. Although they may be able to tag him but then he’d simply hold out so I bet they are trying to work something out on the side to make him happy if not no deal.

        1. Author

          Yes, I saw a writer describe Clowney signing as a two-year rental. Knowing the Dolphins, they will pay him huge money upfront and then watch his production disappear over the years

  8. Sign, rinse and repeat. The certainly need some big help but I’m sick and tired of paying bucks for nuthin. Hungry guys work harder. Clowney needs to show up wherever he plays.

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