The Tannehill Era is Over!

While I was elated to be rid of Arrogant Adam Gase, I have a bit of a heavy heart in saying goodbye to Ryan Tannehill.

He did some good things here, and you guys know, I always appreciated his toughness and loyalty.   However, his faults were simply too many to be ignored and too serious to be tolerated.

Listen, Adam Gase’s playcalling put Tannehill in a position to fail.  But sometimes, even when you’re in a losing position, you need to make things happen.  RT17 rarely did that.  He’s going to be a Titan now, and with oft-injured, gimpy Marcy Mariota on that team, that means Tannehill will play about 13 games.

It also means that poor Cameron Wake is stuck with RT on his team for the immediate future.  Again.

So I bid goodbye to Ryan.  I will miss Lauren even more.

While there is much to criticize, I’ll leave him on a positive note and thank him for his fortitude while playing for a series of know-nothing coaches in unsuccessful schemes behind a shitty O-line.


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  1. Poor Wake lmao. He just can’t escape mediocrity.

  2. “Tonight I’m going to party like it’s 1999!”

    1. My 7 year Dolphin nightmare is finally over! I said it was a huge mistake on draft day back then and he proved me correct every year. He is and was never more than a career backup. As always,I will be at Mass this weekend saying thanks but now I have 1 more huge thing to be thankful for!

  3. I can’t disagree admin but we’re now hearing that no QB wants to come here to get killed yet we say Tanny was the worst for trying? It can’t go both ways when the oline was doing well so was he. Not saying that he’s the best but not as bad as some make it out to be. I wish him luck and hopefully he has some success in Tennessee just not against the Fins!

    This shows me that they need to fix the oline first and foremost. Why draft and ruin another QB….

    1. The problem was that, like T-Hill, the oline suffered from crappy coaching and never got better. So it was not just T-Hill that suffered in their career development. Why is it that the Pats can bring in late-round draft picks and still get the division and to the championship every year? Coaching. So the new QBs future and the future of the Phins does not depend as much on which QB they draft but how good is the new staff at coaching and strategy.

    2. And he was willing to play for only $7 million instead of the 19 we owed him

  4. Yes, we need to draft interior defensive and offensive lineman FIRST! QB next year or Sunshine the year after!!!

  5. I guess we’re going to need defensive ends/outside linebackers as well as right offensive tackle!!! Oh yeah, I forgot it’s a full rebuild! LOL!

  6. Author

    The funny reason I wanted to keep Tannehill was to give Armando a coronary. He’s been saying “Tannehill is gone” for 4 straight seasons, and finally he got it right.
    Of course, he also said that DeVante Parker and Robert Quinn are gone, but the Dolphins not only kept Quinn but willingly paid him his million-dollar bonus today ! And Parker they gave up to $13 million to.
    Quality insider reporting from Armando at its finest!

    1. Just get over your hard-on for Armando-it’s getting ridiculous now. And funny. And sad.

  7. Yeah ADMIN,Tranny has been a picture of health the past 2 seasons. Don’t say he is any less likely to stay healthy that Mariota,a REAL QB and not a wishfully converted WR. Career backup for the remainder of his career,just like those we have on our roster. He will never win the QB job for ANY team coming out of camp. Never.

  8. At least we got something in return for him,even though it cost us 5M. 2 picks and we may have up to 10 picks in the 2020 draft. Far better than the sleeve of Gatorade cups I expected.

  9. I’ll be the 1st here to say congrats to Grier and the front office on making the right decision on Tranny. They could have simply cut him now and designated him poat June 1 to save millions but waited and got SOMETHING in return. but does it equal not letting Quinn go? Or Ms. Parker. She was worth 2M tops to keep around and brings noting but time on the DL and endless underperforming output to the table.

  10. Philbin, from Green Bay, talked the Dolphins organization into hiring Sherman, his buddy, who was also once at Green Bay. Sherman, who was the head coach of a Texas team which featured a converted from wide receiver to quarterback named Tannehill, persuaded the Dolphins to draft him for their pick in the first round of the draft. Meanwhile, Ross, who was really clueless as far as the ways of professional football is concerned, listened to what some people said in their praise of Philbin and also looked at him as being some kind of football Genius. After booting Sherman’s ass to the curb and also throwing new contracts at Philbin and Tannehill, Ross realized how duped his was about Philbin when the Dolphins got embarrassed on national TV in London, England and was so pissed, he fired Philbin’s ass on the spot. Sherman gone, Philbin gone. But the Dolphins were still stuck with Tannehill. And then it seemed like things might turn around when Gase, the “quarterback whisperer” was hired. After dealing with little Philbin (because that’s really who Gase reminded us of with his incessant bubble screen plays), and his idiotic praise of Tannehill for three years, Ross finally said, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! Gase gone, Tannehill gone, and us Dolfans can finally celebrate!

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m celebrating right now by toasting a few beers!

  11. How many games will it take for Ms. Parker to break at tackle? Considering the absurd priase she is given on the Dolphins website, you’d think she was the steal of her draft.

  12. Lol I would love to see someone say Ms. Parker to Devantes face. Don’t act so tough behind a keyboard lol funny how people think they can say whatever they want because they will never face consequences. Social media punks.

      1. haha tough guy going off behind a keyboard go figure, you are part of the problem in this world moron. Carry on player.

  13. Karma you must really have a man crush on him considering how much you spend talking about him. Just sit back and enjoy the game, or go outside and be thankful for your life instead of complaining about a football player behind your phone. I get it you love the fins, so do I. Doesn’t mean you have the right to throw pointless shade for your own insecurities.

    1. Karma can be a little excitable most of us are too at times but he’s not wrong about Parker. There were many times where the player wouldn’t lunge for a critical first down or seemed disinterested. Perhaps Gase had something to do with it as well as his many injuries. Can we trust him moving forward? I’m willing to give everyone a clean slate with the new staff and let’s hope it was Gase that pissed him off or something. As a fan I just want to see effort the same effort I played these games for free with! If that little knome edelweiss can break a tackle or dive a yard for a first down why can’t a much larger Parker do it???

      1. Flyerfinfan, Oh my I know!!! He would stress me out, he caused a lot of interceptions by not wanting to fight for the ball. I mean I get Parker has not lived up to his potential but lay off the guy already ya know?! I definitely have my doubts with him but like you said I am all about trusting the process and the new staff. Hopefully Parker can make some noise because this is the last year of getting my hopes up for him. The guy is huge but is so injury prone. But haha little gnome edelweiss, gosh I hate that guy. I just hate the stupid patsies all around, sick of them! lol when will it finally be our time to win again! 🙁

        1. If they do things right their time will come. Fix the lines first and find your QB. I’m glad that they didn’t overpay for bridgewater although he may have impressed. He’s an idiot for asking so much that he’s a benchwarmer for another year.

    2. Listen,boy. Don’t attempt to tell ANYONE what to do. I’m not on my phone 1st of all. Unlike you,I’m not tied to mine.It’s not an extension of my arm like yours.
      Go back to your middle school forum and tell your classmates what to do. I’ll say whatever I like about anyone. You’re an effing idiot. STFU.

      1. Man homie you are so triggered its pretty funny. You can tell you live on social media and hate on others because you can’t handle your sorry lonely life. Good luck offending me lol

        1. Yeah, both him and “Admin “ are jack off them no mind

          1. Author

            DeVante Parker is worse than unproductive. He’s counter-productive. How many times has he whiffed on a ball and had it end up as an interception? How many times has he failed to jumped or make an effort on a ball, which also caused an interception. He is lazy and injury prone and by far the worst receiver on the squad. Saying it to his face or saying it in a blog or shouting it on the rooftops is all irrelevant.

            1. What’s strange is the one game where it’s like he knew he had to do something and he magically had a great game over 100 yards etc… its like he can be great but doesn’t care. I’m not sure but I’m hoping that the new coach gets it out of him or simply trades him for whatever… you would think he’d do it for his teammates…

              1. Shoot all I am saying is lets have some respect lol all I see all the time is people putting in moronic opinions. Where is the class nowadays? Our society has turned to induce pure hatred on another human being. Lets talk some real football instead of bashing on each other. I thought this site was DOLPHINS TRUTH. We’re all pissed and tired of how our team competes because its been going on too long. Stay humble people.

            2. and no freaking doubt Parker doesn’t seem too interested. He would make me mad by his lack of efforts and always hitting my phone notifications that he was injured yet again. I don’t see a great year ahead anyways so by all means, this is should be his last year UNLESS he proves to show his potential and be a great WR. Besides that he can move to another team for all I care.

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