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First of all, we LOVE the Miami Dolphins.  Do or die, faithful to the end, we here at Dolphins Truth bleed aqua and orange.

We get a lot of emails questioning that.  Some accuse us of being Jet fans.  Others say we write so much hateful items about the Dolphins that we can’t possibly be true fans.  Bull.  Not so.  It is not hateful to point out facts, and that is our main goal.

For example, I will never ever say that I know more about football than Mike Sherman.  I don’t.  But I critiqued him and analyzed him.  I will pointed out that he had Brett Favre AND Aaron Rodgers on the same team when he coached Green Bay, and he still went 4-12.  I questioned why Jeff Irleand and Mr. Ross allowed Joe Philbin to hire a 4-12 coach.  I pointed out that Sherman lost every Bowl game he coached in at Texas A&M.  It’s not hateful; it’s honesty.

Each day we write for this web site, we questioned the qualifications of Mike Sherman’s son-in-law to be Tannehill’s quarterback coach.  We ask how many other candidates were considered.  We rhetorically ask Joe Philbin if Mike Sherman’s son-in-law is the absolute best of the best QB coaches in the world and THAT is why he was hired, right?

This site began with a few Yahoo comments here and there. After the 2012 season, we listed several priorities for the Dolphins.  Yahoo voters kept voting us Thumbs-Down.  We couldn’t figure it out.  We were stating FACTS about what the Dolphins needed, and fans seemed oblivious. Why?

Looking back, we think they weren’t getting the whole story.  They were believing Philbin and not believing common sense.  The fans’ hope was superseding their reasoning.

So we began to write a few commentary-articles for various media, but we weren’t really able to make our points clearly, because virtually everyone was so excited about the Dolphins prospects in 2013. Who wanted to read our warnings when other journalists were saying 2013 is Miami’s year?

Right then and there, we knew we had to create this site.  We needed to reach the fans directly.  We realized that writing an article for the Miami Herald would go nowhere, because they would just bury it.  And even when our warnings were published, fans simply refused to believe.  NOW they are coming back to us.  We will not say “I told you so,” but we will point out a few things we said at the end of the 2012 season:

  • The top priority  for 2013 is re-signing Jake Long.
    You do not cast aside All-Pros under any circumstance. Maybe…posssibly…if you cannot afford your All-Pro, then you can let him go. But when you DO have money and when your team owner promises he will spend money to win, then you keep him.
  • Second priority is draft a huge but quick offensive lineman.
    Jonathan Martin proved in 2012 that he wasn’t quite ready. Journeymen are not the answer either. Re-sign Jake Long, and then give him some help on the right side.  Keep Jonathan martin as a backup only or trade him.  Our line will be imposing for years to come.
  • Third priority is re-signing Reggie Bush
    Reggie is the most electrifying player we have, and no defense will fear Daniel Thomas like they fear Reggie. 2 seasons, 2,000+ yards. Reggie has done everything we asked for and much more. We need him back.
  • Fourth priority is wrangling some power away from Mike Sherman.
    In 2012, Mike Sherman made some atrocious calls that cost us games. Joe Philbin needs to sever the friendship they have and treat Sherman like an employee on probation. If Sherman blows one more game, he will not calls plays ever again. Mike Sherman will then be an offensive coordinator who is not allowed to call plays. Just like Joe Philbin was in Green Bay.
  • Fifth priority is an impact Wide Receiver
    If Mike Wallace is available, grab him. Overpay if needed. It might take him a while to prosper, but we need an electric WR.
  • Final Priority: Mr. Ross needs to focus on the Miami Dolphins TEAM
    New uniforms will not help the 2013 Dolphins.  A Super Bowl for the city in 2019 will not help the 2013 Dolphins.  Celebrity owners will not help the 2013 Dolphins. New stadium technology will not help the 2013 Dolphins.
    Mr. Ross needs to focus on the team. We’re not saying he needs to be Jerry Jones and be OVERLY involved, but he should be at those team meetings, learning more about how his coaches operate, so he can correct mistakes when he sees them. Mr. Ross is involved in too many endeavors that no fan cares about, and these same endeavors do NOT help the team in any way whatsoever.

We have been Dolphin fans from the Griese years right on through.  We mourned when Uwe Von Schamann choked several times during the San Diego 41-38 playoff game.  We saw the snow plow debacle and screamed at the screen.  We winced when the Jets scored about 600 points in a single 4th-quarter to beat us on MNF, but we jumped for joy when Ronnie Brown wildcatted his way into the endzone to beat those same Jets a few years later on MNF.  We saw Don Shula’s last game in person, freezing in Buffalo.

You cannot say we’re anti-Dolphins just because we question the decisions of the coaching staff.  You cannot say we know nothing about the Dolphins; just read the depth of these articles and you know we are passionate about our beloved team.

That passion is what makes it hurt so much to lose.  We are passionate about the Dolphins winning, and therefore it hurts us when Joe Philbin throws games away.  The pain turns into anger when we hear Philbin’s excuses afterward.  Passing the ball at the end of the Buffalo game was “the right call” even though it cost us the game.

You called for a pass and handed a free win to an inferior opponent, Joe.  Put your head down.  Beg us fans for forgiveness.  Or say, “No comment.”  But don’t you dare tell us fans that you made “the right call.”

This is the type of dialog we hope to convey among Dolfans worldwide.  We won’t just tell you what the coaches are saying (you can read that elsewhere).  We analyze further.

Yes, we sometimes write some snarky lines and our sarcasm shows.  That’s for the benefit of entertainment, but the points are still valid.

We sometimes pick on an individual player or two, but that grows from our frustration.  We respect each and every Dolphin in his own way, but sometimes a guy or two needs to be singled out.  Usually, the guy himself has already shown enough class to accept the blame.  Like when Tyson Clabo blamed himself for the Bills loss.  Sure, we were all angry at him, but at least he apologized and knows he let the team down.  We respect that.  He didn’t say he made the right call like his coaches did.

We ask you all to stay in touch at any time.  Our “Comments” section are there for you.  Or feel free to jot us a note at





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