Things to look for in the washington Redskins game against the miami dolphins

1.  The Dolphin offense has to be aware of the hype surrounding its “great” preseason, especially Ryan Tannehill.   I keep reading about the 3 TD passes he threw in the pre-season.   But the writers seems to forget that those were aided by defense penalties on 3rd-and-goal.  And two of the passes were on 4th down, which won’t happen in a real game.

This offense could be very overrated, and Sunday will begin to show us.

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2.  The defensive backs.  Kirk Cousins is like a gift to the Dolphins.   Miami never handles fast, scrambling QBs well, so it’s very generous (and ludicrous) for Washington to bench RG3.   Thank you for that gift.  Anyway, I’ll be keeping my eye on Walt Aikens and Bryce McCain.   Even on running plays, it’s important that they be in the right place.  I think if they do okay in Week 1, it will mean a lot for the rest of the season.

3.  Joe Philbin.  I’m hoping for a more aggressive Philbin this season, but I’d settle for a more intelligent Philbin.  He cannot make the same decisions that he’s made the last three years and expect things to change.  Sadly, I feel he is too stubborn to change and too ignorant to learn/listen to others who are smarter than him.

4.  The running game.  When Lamar Miller comes out for a breather, we have Damien Williams to step in.  I am no fan of Williams, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on him.  LaMike James would be next, and then newly re-signed Jonas Gray.

5.  The rookies.  All of them.  Let’s see how they do in a real game.   Especially the kicker and punter.

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  1. One other thing that I would add to the list is how fast they play.

    The past two years we have heard so much of the new hurry up offense but never really seen it. Much to the contrary we seem to see the offense set up with only 12 seconds left on the play clock with Tannahill getting the snap of with only seconds left.

    It makes it to predictable for opposing defensive lines and that has hurt us in the past and led to many wasted time outs.

    I’d like to see everyone on the same page this year coaches and players which would allow them to actually hurry up

    1. Wow, you are so correct on that issue. Every year we hear about “up tempo”, but it never materializes. I will be looking for that today as well.

  2. Ok I’ve seen enough. Brian it’s Tannehill not Tannahill.

    1. Ok jay you win I’ll never come back to this site again. Almost every post I make you have some disparaging remark about me or what I think.

      I hate people like that who just grind away on someone

      @admin – thanks for the commentary wish you the best

      1. I just let you know you repeatedly spelled the name of our 4 yea r starting QB wrong , Getting it wrong looks bad. Don’t be so sensitive

      2. If someone corrected my misspelling I’ d appreciate it and say thank you.

      3. Author

        Brian, don’t sweat it and don’t leave. We don’t have spelling, grammar, or punctuation rules here. Stick around my friend.

  3. I’ve had issues with people making disparaging personal remarks and/or constant nit-picking on every post I make, without really reading what I was saying before they lashed out at me.

    I try to make posts that respond to, or start a discussion or conversation. But as I said, there are users here who don’t understand what that means.

    I was waiting until the season starts up again to start re-posting, if only because there will be more users.

    I wouldn’t want to see you go, but I understand it can be frustrating.

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