Thoughts and comments after the first week of free agency

Our friends at the Phinsiders are at it again, with another hilarious article that makes them look like it’s written by 7-year-olds.

Today’s article covers the Dolphins’ pursuit of DE Chris Clemons, and if they sign Clemons, according to the Phinsiders, then that mean Cameron Wake could become a pass-rush specialist.    So by implication, Wake is not a pass rusher now.

We have to sign Clemons first, and THEN Wake can become a pas rusher.   LOL

I guess the Phinsiders believer that Wake is a wide receiver or think he’s a punter.    True Dolfans know that Wake is a monster pass rusher already, with or without the signing of Clemons.

C J Anderson could be a Dolphin by this time tomorrow. Good or bad?

I don’t make my own mock drafts.  But I study others.    A few different names keep popping up for the Dolphins at two main positions:   CB and LB.     I pray the Dolphins listen to the mockers.   We are in desperate need for some fresh young talent at both of those positions.

Our free agent additions last week will replace those who departed.  So we’re still behind the eight-ball and we have no depth at all.   I’m not saying that whoever we pick will be an instant star, but at least we have to pick someone who plays a position we need.   For God’s sake…no more DE’s please!

Jermon Bushrod is now a Dolphin.    The Bear’s offensive tackle is expected to play guard for the Dolphins, in a move that never ever works.   Sad but true.   You may think that blocking is blocking, but the Dolphins prove to themselves year after year that a tackle can’t just switch to guard.   Or guards to center.   Or centers to guard.    They are different positions with different schemes, positioning, leverage techniques, etc.   Yet the Dolphins keep filling in holes with guys who are unfamiliar with that position.

The Dolphins also signed OT Sam Young, a journeyman now on his 4th different team.   So fr, the talk is that Young will stay as a tackle, backing up Brandon Albert.   That'[s good.    I don’t want to hear Gase talking about a guy’s versatility on the line, etc.  Give him a position to play.  Period.

The Dolphins extended an offer to Bronco RB C.J. Anderson.   Denver has about 24 hours left to match Miami’s offer, or CJ becomes a Dolphin.   This could be an interesting addition.    Anderson has a lot left in the tank, he’s coming off a world championship, and (we hope) Adam Gase knows what he’s doing, since he worked with Anderson two year ago.


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  1. @Admin

    Your extreme resentment for the Phinsiders is very unhealthy. We know they gave you the boot but get over it. GEEZ!

    1. Author

      Nah, it’s not quite resentment. More like just making fun of them for writing articles about stuff like Cam Wake possibly becoming a pass rusher next season. Sorry, but it just made me LOL to read that!
      I guess I do resent that the Phinsiders is picked up by Yahoo news, so the Phinsiders are making a lot of money per click from Yahoo readers around the world. So now when the Phinsiders keep defending Ryan Tannehill and praise the Philbin legacy, people around the world can read it thanks to Yahoo!

  2. Author

    CJ Anderson is re-signed in Denver. Will not be a Dolphin

    1. Ross is a cheap SOB. They should’ve paid Lamar Miller fairly.
      The team will be worse than last year.

      Pray for new ownership.

      1. Author

        Agreed. The failure to sign CJ Anderson should be a non-factor if we retained Miller. But now….we in trouble.

  3. Crazy that Denver resigned him they could of just tenored him and saved a lot kinda pisses me off but whatever now they need to draft a running back in the late rounds and pray for the best

    1. SB teams are not lookin to ” save a lot”. That’s just cheapo Ross and his laughingstock team.

  4. Vacationing in Miami for the week so maybe I’ll run into one of you fuckers!

  5. Never seen a team let all their good young players leave like this team does…

    1. Author

      Jay’s hero, Matt Moore, re-signed AGAIN. Ha !
      Seriously, it is an indisputable fact that Moore’s teammates voted him the team MVP the year before Joe Philbin came to town and spit in the players’ faces and said, “I don’t car what you players think of Matt Moore.”

      1. Not my hero but far better than Tannepuke,

      2. Evidently Ross and Ireland made Philbin start and continue to play Tannepuke. We recently learned that Philbin wasn’t happy with Tannepuke but wasn’t allowed to make the change.

  6. Author

    New England signed 7-11 Chris Hogan. Watch how fast he becomes a superstar under Brady. I wanted to keep Hogan. Now, without Rishard Matthews and Greg Jennings, I imagine they’ll promote Matt Hazel and draft a few more.
    Losing Matthews could hurt. Another good young player that Jay mentioned. What bothers me most is that Matthews was JUST BEGINNING to play his best football. Lamar Miller has been a good, decent player for years and steady. But Matthews just skyrocketed in productivity last season, and now he’s gone when we should be milking him.

      1. Have no idea what you are trying to bet

        Ya cant bet a message board

        Ya wouldn’t pay anyway

        1. Mike I really try not to insult people but you always almost make me.

  7. @admin

    So tell us…. are “best friends” R. Incognito and J Martin vacationing together in Europe this summer? haha

    1. Author

      No, of course they aren’t vacationing together. But that has nothing to do with the fact that they were best friends several years ago….when Martin himself admitted it.

      1. @Admin

        That was in jest DUMBO!
        GEEZ you are stupid!
        If they were “best friends” why aren’t they vacationing together? HAHA

  8. Are there no free agent Oline men that could help out instead of all defence or is the whole draft going to be offensive line.

    1. Let’s hope we can get a decent QB.

  9. I never defend Ross but he isn’t cheap. This is the 1st year we haven’t paid big $$$$ in free agency in a few years. When we do,the morons in the front office manage to overpay nearly every time.

  10. He’s against taxes on the wealthy but Ross tried to get the poor taxpayers to repair HIS STADIUM! Ross was too cheap to pay Matt Flynn, Vonta Leach, Peyton Manning, CJ, etc, etc all players his coaches wanted. Ross is a cheap SOB. What some fans don’t realize is that Ross is the 3rd richest owner in the NFL. Plus he has 8 filthy rich celebrity PARTNERS! He’s not alone. If he wasn’t so friggin cheap we wouldn’t lose ALL these players, we’d have MUCH better coaches MUCH better FO and scouts, better players, a retractable DOMED AC stadium and players and fans would want to be in MIAMI!!!!

  11. And it doesn’t matter what the headlines read on FA contracts the truth is Ross has pocketed the 20-30 mill he has been under the cap (rather than use it to improve the team) every year except for last year.

    The(football) idiot has also called Chad Henne the second coming of Dan Marino and Gase the new Bill Belichick, both BEFORE they had one game under their belts!! He cant even have ONE winning season in 8 years…and counting!

    Pray for new ownership!

  12. Jay Ross is incompetent but not cheap. I mean come on man Miami always spends the most money just on the wrong shit. If they spent the money right they would prolly be fire. But awful decisions like mike Wallace, Brandon Albert, and suh have really hurt the team

    1. He is cheap. He hasn’t gotten the players his coaches wanted. Wayne Huzienga got every player his coaches asked for. Ross gets none of them and lowballs everyone that’s why we lose so many.

    2. They don’t spend the most money THERE IS A CAP!! The only year he spent NEAR the cap was last year.

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