Thoughts on Rey Maualuga and the Joint practices with the Eagles.

The injury to Raekwon McMillan, coupled with the Dolphins management stupidly refusing to draft any other LBs, made the signing of Rey Maualuga almost a necessity.

The brainiacs who run the Dolphins ignorantly assumed that Koa Misi would be healthy and productive, and they also ignorantly assumed that no one else would get hurt.  Wrong and wrong.

So what does Maualuga have left in the tank?  Is he a better option than Mike Hull?  We’ll get a quick feel for that on Thursday night, as the Dolphins play a practice game with the Eagles.   When the Bengals got rid of Maualuga, they claimed it was simply a monetary, business decision.  All teams say that crap.   What it means is:  The younger players were better, and we didn’t want him anymore.  But that isn’t necessarily a negative.  A so-so LB on the Bengal defense is still better than any of the reserves we currently have, so this could work out.

Meanwhile, the Phins are in Philly, running joint practices with the Eagles in a build-up to their game on Thursday.  I’m typically against these joint practices, because it seems like someone gets hurt.  When you practice against your own teammates, to make extra certain not to hurt them.  But when you go up against a total stranger with nothing to lose, the stakes are different.  Hopefully it’s all a non-issue, but I’ll be watching it closely.

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  1. Author

    Also, former Dolphin Sean Smith was arrested for felony assault for beating up a guy who hit on Smith’s sister.

  2. Stoked for this eagles game first time I’m going to a fins game in years.

    1. I live out of Florida as well so whenever I can catch a Phins game it’s a treat. I will be in So Flo the Sunday the Raiders come to town and there’s a good chance I can go to that game.

      1. I get offered free pre season tickets all the time from neighbors w/season tickets. I usually decline…

        1. I work full time so it’s really hard to travel for games plus it’s expensive if a preseason game is all I can get at least it’s the third one where the starters usually play the first half.

  3. Author

    Armando also went into a lot of depth on why the Dolphins shouldn’t sign Rey (mostly cap issues and the fact that it woulda been cheaper to wait). HOWEVER, we couldn’t afford to wait. We have no LB depth at all. Give the guy $900,000 a year right now is a better risk than hoping he’s available next month to save a few bucks.

    1. Fins ALWAYS make the wrong decisions.

  4. The big news out of training camp seems to be Godchaux out performing Phillips. He is getting really good reviews.

  5. Matt Moore proving why he is a back up

    1. Moore definitely proved why he’s only a backup a good one but just a backup. Cutler proved why he’s been a starter maybe not the best but definitely not the worst. He looked way more in control compared to Moore and he’s only been here 3 wks. I’m glad that the brainiacs that were pleading for him aren’t running this team.

      A bigger worry is the D they looked ok at times but couldn’t finish and the game was a track meet. I feel more confident in the O right now…although we have to remember that its only preseason.

  6. 6 minutes of one preseason game doesn’t prove anything. Moore has been superb in the regular season games he’s played….something like a 107 QBR last year and team MVP the previous time he started regularly…..certainly far better than Tannehill.

    Granted Cutler (even though he was cut by the Bears) is prolly better than Tannehill also…not that that is sayin much! Tanny should never have been a starter in this league.

    1. I thought Tanny won most of the Fins games last year no? Moore virtually blew the playoff game all on his own by not taking care of the ball. He was no saviour. You need to lose your hard on for the guy he’s not the answer. Cutler at least is an nfl starter hopefully he’ll be good enough but can’t get careless with the ball either. It was a good start anyway even though it was preseason.

      1. I never said Moore was THE answer. Just that he’s FAR better than TannePuke! Benching the team MVP for a rookie TannePuke was moronic and caused us to miss the playoffs in 3 separate years!~

        1. Moore wasn’t getting philbin into the playoffs maybe brady or Rogers but not Moore as philbin was too much of an idiot. The team wasn’t good enough and philbin couldn’t tie his own shoes. Oline especially horrendous make any qb look bad.

          1. Nah, the OL wasn’t a problem when Moore played. He has pocket presence which TannePuke never had. Philbin wanted to replace Tanny but wasnt allowed. Moore definitely would’ve had the team in the playoffs 2 years and prolly 3 years!

            1. Pocket presence? If you call allowing a rusher that you can plainly see not only sack you but strip sack you as pocket presence then you are dead on. To also say that the Fins have had good olines in the past 5 years you simply lost the one percent credibility you have left. Sorry I can’t even chat with you anymore as you lack any common sense. Next you’ll be saying that philbin was coach of the year he was robbed…

  7. Its common knowledge that TannePuke lacked pocket presence. It has been documented by many writers and experts. Heck he often had 2 pro bowlers on his OL and still took a zillion sacks. His injury is a blessing to the team now we can move on from his poor performance!

    1. It’s a blessing they signed jay cutler so Matt Moore doesn’t have to start all 16 games. He would get exposed if he did maybe like you say he is better than Tannehill but that’s not saying much. With the wide outs the Dolphins have cutler should have a decent year.

      1. Granted, better than TannePuke is not saying much. I rate Moore and Cutler about even. We’ll be able to determine that this season.

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