Thoughts on the Eagles-Dolphins Game

I was away on Thursday night and could not watch the Dolphins-Eagles game live.   Instead, I read all about it over the next few days.   I read all about how sharp Jay Cutler looked, especially on some long passes to DeVante Parker.

Then I watched the game, and I scratched my head.  What were the other Dolphin writers talking about?

On the very first series, I saw Jay Cutler fumble away a promising drive by failing to protect the ball whatsoever.  On another series (the one where he allegedly made a great pass to Parker), I saw him underthrow the ball, which caused Parker to have to slow down for it.  I then saw the DB mis-time his jump.   Pure luck for the Dolphins.  I saw nothing good from Cutler on that play, and yet Omar and Armando and the other false-optimists made it seem like Cutler threw a perfect laser.

Then there was the long pass to Kenny Stills down the post.  Cutler underthrew that pass by 5 yards, and only a lucky pass interference penalty kept that drive alive.

On the following drive, Cutler was about to be sacked and threw the ball away.  It initially looked like a fumble, and it could have been called as such.   There is no need to take a risk like that to avoid a 2-yard sack.   It was a stupid play by Cutler, and yet he was being praised by announcers and reporters.

Despite all of that, Cutler was clearly the best QB for the Dolphins, as Matt Moore and Brandon Doughty proved why they are backups, throwing some of the worst passes you’ll ever see a professional throw.

Still, Moore played better than almost anyone on the defensive side of the ball.   Note to Reshad Jones:    Sometimes the cornerbacks get beat.  Your job as safety is to be their backup.  Cover the open man if the CB makes a mistake.   Don’t whine about it.   Yes, Maxwell blew his assignment, but Jones was soooooo slow to even notice it or try to help out.

This was a very troubling game with more negatives than positives.


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  1. “This was a very troubling game with more negatives than positives.”

    True. But on that turnover gift that Matt Moore farted away, I blame the offensive coordinator for that. Why in the world didn’t he call a running play on the first down is baffling to me.

    The O-line has a short time to get it’s act together. Defensive wise, the injuries are starting to show it’s effect.

    One more preseason game for us to really judge how we think this season will go.

  2. Evidently there is more and more talk of Landry being on the trading block the reasons why being unclear.

  3. Possible reasons to trade Landry

    1) Too cheap to pay him
    2) Afraid of a suspension for domestic abuse
    3) Doesn’t fit well with Cutler
    4) Too many stupid penalties doesn’t listen to coach
    5) A combination of all the above

  4. I only got to see the highlights but what surprised me the most was Jones calling out Maxwell on the field at the end of the play- for the whole world to see! Both players screwed up on that one, imo. Should have saved the criticizing and voiced it on the sideline.
    And the whole Landry situation doesn’t sit well with me. I really think we should keep him. Landry made it clear he wanted a new deal by week one. I dont know fellas, but he may end up torching us one day…

    1. Agree both Maxwell and Jones screwed up badly.
      As far as Landry I see both sides and have no opinion….

  5. Author

    This will surprise many of you, but I am not opposed to trading Landry. Sometimes, you need blockbuster trades to break things up. Trading a future 5th-round pick for a backup LB is a common thing in the NFL, for example, but hardly a blockbuster. Sometimes you need to make a dramatic trade, not a series of dull trades. Landry is our best player, but we have a wealth of other WRs as well. If we could get 2 defenders and a high draft pick from an NFC team, I might pull the trigger on this. And if you don’t believe the trade rumors are real, just remember Bill Parcells’ famous quote: “We are not trading Jason Taylor.” A week later, he traded Jason Taylor.
    I have never liked the penalties that Landry draws (and the ones he gets away with that should be called), and I certainly don’t like the fact that his police investigation is still looming heavily.

    1. Landry is not our best player. Suh and Ajayi are both better than Landry.

    1. Author

      I might agree with Wake, but Suh hasn’t made his greatness known yet, so I’d rank Landry above him as far as being able to change a game with one catch-and-run. Ajayi is right up there too, but I don’t see him turning his fierce competitiveness into points like Landry can. I am a huge Ajayi fan, but I give the edge to Landry by a hair.

  6. Suh is rated the highest and is easily the best player on the team.

  7. Suh is rated 2nd at his position in the NFL higher than any of the others……

    1. Author

      I don’t dispute Suh’s value. However, he has not made one single game-changing play in 2 years. No highlight reel stuff. Some argue that a defensive tackle is in the trenches and isn’t supposed to have highlight-reel material. However, after 2 years, you’d think we could remember a play of two that defines him. I haven’t seen that. I do see that in Landry. Others rank Suh higher than Landry, and that is their opinion. But i stick to my own thoughts and put Landry at the top. For now. Until he goes to jail.

  8. Coaches and teammates cite Suh as a big reason for the team’s improvement.

    “Suh has played very well all year,” defensive coordinator Vance Joseph said. “He’s doubled by a lineman every play, but he is disruptive in there, especially on pass downs. He can push the pocket. He can be special, but it’s tough to be special every play being doubled.”

    1. Author

      Said Vance Joseph, who coached the 30th-ranked defense in the league.

  9. Yahoo fantasy ranks Landry the 29th best WR

    Jarvis Landry
    Yahoo rankings: No. 29 WR, No. 66 player overall on offense

    So to claim he’s the best player on the team is quite a stretch.

    Ajayi is rated the 4th best RB….

    1. Author

      I consider Landry’s heart and soul and the way he fires up his teammates. Ajayi could fall into that role for sure. But I still think Landry is more gifted all-around. Just ask him, he’ll tell you. 🙂

  10. Landry doesn’t have a knack for getting in the end zone. He’s not a bad receiver but not a top 5 player on the team.

  11. Cutler looked under control out there whereas Moore looked like a guy who was just picked up. It’s early so not worried about the ticky tack stuff but overall Cutler was decent.

  12. The reigning MVP enters 2017 with a chance to reach 4,000 passing yards for the seventh consecutive season. He has thrown for 200-plus yards in an NFL-record 55 straight games (and counting).

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