Thoughts on the Jets Game?

A win is a win.  But this one felt like a loss for most of the day, as the offense couldn’t move the ball much and the defense gave up big plays.

It FEELS like the Jets scored 33 points, not 3.  But the D stepped up with 2 second-half picks, which countered the Dolphins’ two fumbles.

All in all, we go into this week happy for the win, but still with a lot of concern for the items in obvious need:  pass protection and a running game.

What do you think?

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  1. Could have been worse that’s for sure but the D didn’t break when needed. Gaskin coming back will help tremendously not just in the run and pass game but his blocking in the pass game. While he’s small he’s effective. The other RBs need more time for all of that but show potential. George Washington looked decent but needs time.

    1. Author

      We don’t fully know Tua’s makeup yet, but we know Tua was at the game yesterday, and he watched Fitzpatrick lead us to victory. He also watched last week, when Fitzpatrick came in mid-game and sparked the Dolphins to nearly tying up the game. If I were Tua, I’d be trying to step up my game. Watching an old man perform better than me the last few weeks should light a fire under him. Seeing Herbert easily toss for 300+ yards per game should light a fire under him. Tua has played adequately to this point, but it’s time he goes to the next level.

      1. I honestly believe that he’s being told to play safe and is following orders to the T. He has 0 ints so far but is taking very few chances. I think over time we’ll see them open things up to some extent but when the D is playing well it’s not necessary. You see trubisky throwing ints all over the place with a good D we don’t want that happening here that’s why Fitz makes me nervous. Even with a great D turnovers will blow a game.

        1. Amen, pass protection and running game are big concerns. I think the passing game misses Preston Williams big time. With Preston and Devante both playing, defenses are challenged and our QB has better first/second read options. And I still wonder if Tua has another injury (besides thumb). Thus, in the Broncos game, he was instructed to play it safe, minimize the scrambles, and hence the six sacks

  2. Admin, you said exactly what I felt that it felt like the Jets had a lot more points than 3! I don’t know why but I actually had to really wrap my head around the 20-3 score! This team needs some big beefy O-lineman. I mean the players from Nebraska, Utah, etc. they are big guys, raised on the farm, worked the farm and can practically move a barn themselves! To judge Tua so early on without a full season is hard to get a good read on his grit-his physical grit vs. mental grit are different. The rest of the games are Cincy, KC, NE,
    LVR and BUF….two games are cold weather…Cincy and Buffalo…and so far winter has not presented itself in the NE. Tua or Fitz-they have to bring everything for these games…Fitz cannot be throwing the way he has; Tua needs to stop waiting and run, run, run if he has nothing. And Uncle Chan needs to dig deeper into his bag of tricks bec. he’s been sending some crapper plays and not using the RB’s and TE’s as much as can be done. I see the grit we haven’t had in many years and we do miss some players, but the “next man up” is the mantra to wins.

    1. Its hard to know what the reason for the two playbooks are (one for Tua and one for FItz). With Fitz in, the playbook opens and players get open downfield and we get chunk yardage. Tua either is having difficulty reading the D and calling for protection or they are trying to protect Tua. Either way, the offense is not ready for playoff caliber teams now. It was 3 weeks ago, but not now.

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