Thoughts on the Patriots Win

First of all, how about those Jets!?!?   We may not have to face Trevor Lawrence twice a year after all.  I am not utterly shocked, because the Rams are incredibly overrated.   Look how easily we beat them.  The Bills beat them too.  Sean McVay is just as cocky as Adam Gase and I will never understand why he gets credit.   He had no game plan in the Patriots Super Bowl, and they never recovered from that loss.

We had the C-list announcers calling our game on CBS, and they were adequate, not spectacular.   But one thing they didn’t give us credit for is starting a rookie QB without his top RB and without his 2 WRs and without 2 of his 5 linemen…and we STILL won.   They sort of acted like it was nothing special.

The rushing game was impressive.  If Adam Gase or Joe Philbin were still coaching us, then Salvon Ahmed and Matt Breida would be cut today.  “They didn’t fit our scheme” or some such nonsense.

We’ve had two enormous plays wiped away this year because linemen forgot to report.  I don’t understand this or whose fault it is.   It’s easy to blame the player himself, but something is amiss with the communication as well.   And again, the CBS announce team didn’t notice the flag until about a full minute after the play.   They were amazed at Haack’s throw and not paying attention to the refs huddling in front of them.

The Xavien Howard overturned TD was the right call.  It stings, and I hated the refs for a moment, but it was correct.   Cannot blame Wilkins there, as he couldn’t stop.   But upon replay, X sorta blew it.   First, the ball hit X in bounds.  He bobbled it.  THEN the ball hit Wilkins’ thigh, then X picked it up cleanly.  If X picked it up clean the first time instead of bobbling it right into Wilkins, the score would have counted.

Tua has been impressing me a little bit at a time.  The INT he threw was really bad, since it’s the double scenario they tell you to never do:  Don’t throw late, and don’t throw across your body.  He did both and it cost us.    I don’t blame his inexperience.  It’s just a heat-of-the-moment mistake.  It was second and goal, and we woulda had 2 more chances to score.  Tua can throw it away or even take a sack in that situation.  Anything but the pick.

The hook and ladder was sweet.   I’m still laughing because if you watch the replays, Mack Hollins goes in motion and “blocks” the guy assigned to cover Ford.  I put “blocks” in quotations, because Mack mauls the guy.  He holds his jersey the entire time, and somehow the refs didn’t spot it.  We got away with one for sure!

Kudos to Jessie Davis and Michael Deiter.  We all know what happened in years past when a lineman went down.  That did NOT occur yesterday.  Julienne Davenport did great work coming in as the goal-line “jumbo package” extra tackle.   Three rushing touchdowns down deep?  That says a lot for the linemen moving the defense in an area of the field where the d was stacked against us.

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  1. Once again great analysis. And yes the call overruling the touchdown was painful. I thought we were going to lose for sure.

    Per Adam Beasley:

    Dolphins fans should root for the Steelers tonight. It will officially eliminate the Bills from the 1 seed and make Week 17 all the more meaningless for Buffalo.

    1. Well on that note, go Steelers! And potentially not having Trevor Lawrence in our division makes me almost as happy as the win! C’mon jags, keep losing damnit! Also those Texans draft picks keep climbing a little higher for us. So I find myself rooting for a lot of teams I’m not used to. Rooting for the jets these last couple weeks, and anyone playing the Texans, Jags, Colts, Browns or Ravens. Definitely a crazy and fun year to be a Fins fan. It’s been too long since we’ve been in this position!

      (Heh, love the comment on Gase and Philbin!)

    2. Author

      Interesting, thank you. I’m all for the Bills resting their starters in Week 17!!

  2. With week 15 officially over, your Miami Dolphins are:

    – #1 in defensive takeaways
    – #1 in defensive 3rd down conversions
    – #1 in defensive points allowed per game

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