Thoughts on the rams Game?

We all know how well the defense played.   But I’m curious about your take on Tua.

He certainly got little help from his O line and the running game, and numerous dropped passes by Preston Williams and Myles Gaskin.   We could get nothing going on offense, and it’s a miracle we won this game with those stats, as we were outgained by over 300 yards.   Andrew Van Ginckel’s fumble return gained more yardage than our entire rushing attack all day.  Ug-Ly !

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  1. Great to see the defense blow out a legit playoff team but otherwise not much can be gleaned from this game. They were very conservative on offense with some stupid calls mixed in. Please lose the wildcat. Tua looked good. Very accurate and good reads on Blitzes. They just did not ask much of him.

    1. I guess the big question is why were they so conservative on offense? Was it because they were up so much, Tua not comfortable with the play book, or perhaps they are not confident in Tua? I don’t know but this game did not clarify anything about Tua.

  2. I thought it was gonna be all over with that fumble at the 7. Then 2 play later the fumble return was insane. Tua looked okay. I’m sure he had a lot of butterflies going out there, but that’s expected. The best thing is he didn’t get injured. A win is a win and as coach Flores said, this game was a team effort.

    1. Author

      Exactly. I figured the Rams are about to go up 14-7 and that Gaskin fumble was a heartbreaker. Nope!

  3. loved that 1st TD pass. Read the blitz, got rid of the ball, threw a perfectly accurate pass that Parker caught even with DPI. The throw to Gesicki down the sideline was beautiful and should have been caught. 2 Williams dropped negated a sure first down as did a Gaskin drop.

    1. Author

      I think the Gesicki pass was a little underthrown, but certainly a catchable ball if he fought off the DB. The Rams pass rush was impressive and had Tua uncomfortable all day. That won’t always be the case.

  4. I feel Tua should be given a bit of slack for this game….bec. #1 This was his 1st NFL game as QB-most players would have some nervousness; #2 The opponent was the Rams, not an easy team to play for your first game; #3 Live game play is the real thing, which has some of #1 above. This week he’ll be playing a 5-2 team and a good QB who has only one year in. I would expect his jitters to be lessened somewhat though he’s got to get through a few more games to brush those off. The entire team worked for this win. I have said before they are “learning” how to win…that’s a big difference from past years…mentally tough and not let a TD from the opponent affect your drive on next possession. This team would just deflate…not from what I’ve seen since Flores has been here.

    1. I agree but I just don’t like the conservative play calling and that stupid wildcat sacrificed two series. Tua needs to be able to drop back and read defenses, if he can’t, he’s a bust. But this game told us nothing other than shen he throws, he’s accurate.

      1. Author

        I’m a fan of mixing in the wildcat. Lynn Bowden has been running it well, and he picked up a few first downs in different games. But this was Malcom Perry’s first try at it, and the blocking wasn’t there for him. Credit the Rams for not being fooled.

  5. You certainly don’t want to pass judgement on a QB with only one full pro game under his belt and under duress for most of it. BUT, the one thing I will say is I was really nervous even on draft night that we made a mistake passing on Herbert and seeing his success and then watching Tua Sunday…. not feeling any better about it so far.

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