Time is Perfect for the Dolphins to beat the Texans for the first time

Somehow the Miami Dolphins have lost every single game they ever played against the Houston Texans.

Whether Houston was a terrible new expansion team with bust David Carr at the helm, or a decent playoff team under Gary “Hair Dye” Kubiak, it didn’t matter.   The Texans have won every time.

Now we can reverse that trend.

On offense, Houston is a one-man team behind Arian Foster.  Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that Brian Hoyer is a good quarterback.  That was the failed Philbin philosophy:  keep talking about how talented Thad Lewis and Brian Hoyer and Geno Smith are, so that when you lose to these bums, you can lie to yourself and say you lost to an excellent QB.  Enough of that nonsense.

Punish Hoyer the same way you punished Mariota, and watch the results.

On defense, the Texans have a fine line.   They have a guy named JJ Watt on the team who’s in the news, tv, commericals, and Internet just as much as Gronk, Amy Schumer, Kardashians, and other people we’re sick of seeing every single day of our lives.   Talented, yes?   Need to see them every time they show up someplace?  Er, no.

Is JJ overrated?  Nope, he is a beast.  He must be dealt with. And I’m confident that Dan Campbell will have some ideas as to how to deal JJ.   Even if it’s running the opposite direction of him all day long, we’ll take it !

We have a chance to become a .500 team tomorrow, and we need to take advantage of that, because we all know who’s coming up next on Thursday Night Football…


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  1. No not a .500 team – That’s if we lose!

    For me we are 1-0 right now so if we win tomorrow we are 2-0!

    1. Author

      Good point. I like that attitude and wish the NFL would allow us to start that blank slate as well. “Sorry, can we please re-start the season now that Stephen Ross has come to his senses? Yes? Awesome.”

    2. Da plane! Da Plane! Welcome to Fantasy Island!!

  2. I dont care if its the pats. We better not be 0-2 at home. The fans deserve a make up victory/apology for the terrible home opener. I don’t care if campbell himself pads up and plays.

  3. @Kelrvet

    I am with you I think the Dolphins will whip them. I actually think that we will score over 30 points again. I think that Campbell will be setting offensive goals.

    You know what I loved last week was after the first drive that went for a touchdown he went over to Lazor and bear hugged him and told him he did a great job and told him to keep it up.

    That is exactly what they did. Ya at the half tannehill got INT but I liked that they kept their foot on the pedal just like the good teams and the great teams do.

    At the end after the game was obviously decided they still kept going so I think 30 is the goal to get every game for these guys.

    Also a few times I saw shots of the side lines and all three coaches were over there talking during the game. They were huddled up when the Dolphins were on offense a few times. I think that is really the way to go. Don’t think you know everything get the defensive coordinator over there to give some input to the offensive coordinator.

    I think these guys have something going and I look forward to seeing it gel some more Sunday

  4. I agree with you Brian. Actually my first prediction was 31 -10 but didn’t want to seem greedy. ha ha I think the Texans are a little bit worried because they don’t know what to expect. It’s not the same old Dolphins that ran only 3 plays on Offense and no will to win. You can see the change in every player in the game or on the side line. The new attitude is a trickle down thing that starts with Campbell the energizer bunny. You know when you see Miller get pushed out side and he turns up field instead of just going out of bounds things are going in the right direction.

  5. Unfortunately, I’m in NJ and will not get to see this game, but I hope to read/hear that the fans were out of their minds loud!
    I also hope the stadium DJ has a thumping, pumping play list for warm ups. “New Attitude”!! That’s what we have and we want everyone to know this is not the same ol’ Dolphins they can come in and shove around. Watt will be a force to reckon with, so this will be a good barometer for the O-line and the scheme they use or will need to adjust to as game progresses. It feels kinda good approaching games (albeit game #2 under new coach) with excitement rather than that dreaded feeling we all have had. “New Attitude”!!!!

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