Training Camp Begins!

Finally !

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  1. (Not) speaking of Gase,he has a scruffy,non-hipster beard now. I guess using a trimmer is beyond his limited capabilities.

    1. That’s it, that’s what he was missing in Miami. Dammit, the Jets are going to win 12 games now.

      1. Author

        Gase will be the first coach in NFL history to be mistaken for a homeless bum. Seriously, his stupid track suits on game day were bad enough, and now he won’t even shave.

    1. Author

      Day One is in the books, and no one blew out an ACL. A Success!
      I saw that Ballage took snaps ahead of Drake, and i don’t mind that.
      A lot of people were upset because Drake didn’t get enough carries last year. I’d be upset too…IF…if Frank Gore wasn’t a stud.
      Gase did the right thing by leaning on Gore, who seemed to pop for 7 yards at a time.
      I have two memories of Drake last year:
      One was the Miracle in Miami, and the other was fumbling at the goal line vs. Chicago. Both were huge game-changers, one good one bad.

  2. Anyone want to guess when Davante goes down? 😃

  3. I do like the old school running punishment for mental mistakes from what I’ve read…

    1. Author

      Agreed, agreed!! Only a matter of time before the players’ union outlaws that, but it’s great while it lasts.
      Seems like if one guy makes a mistake, then Flores makes the whole unit run. That’s a good way to get your teammates pissed at you!

    2. Ah, football practice. Run, vomit, run some more.

  4. Rosens going to win the QB battle right??? Unless Fitz has finally turned the corner and takes them to the super bowl..Haha!

  5. Good news Rosen had a decent simulated game on Saturday so he’s starting to figure out the offense. Hopefully he keeps it up and wins the job…

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