Xavien Howard Will Not Be Suspended!

Various reports indicate that Xavien Howard will not be suspended to begin the 2020 season, if there is one.

The legal charges were dropped, but Howard still could have faced discipline from Roger Goodell under the league’s personal conduct policy.  Apparently, even that will not occur, and it’s great news for the Dolphins.

Meanwhile, Tua is in Miami.  Players with injuries are allowed to consult with team doctors, and that’s exactly the case here.  The “contact” rules are extremely vague during the pandemic.  I don’t even know if Tua and Brian Flores are allowed to meet and say hello in person.  I know Tua is not allowed to practice, and I know there are other rules about what he can and cannot do.  From what I’ve seen, the purpose is only medical evaluation, and all other studying or learning the playbook is prohibited.

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  1. Really surprising. I thought for sure Goddell would sit him for a few games. I don’t think Howard is a saint. I think the girlfriend just decided to drop charges, even though he roughed her up a bit.

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