Tua could have made this easy on himself. He had not one but two drives late in the Titans game that could have cemented his place as the Dolphins QB1. The huge contract was his to be had. It would have secured a home playoff game and put us on track for even the fist-round bye. Instead, he flopped. At home, in prime time, against a horrible opponent. He got outplayed by some Levi guy. I honestly feel that if Tua proved himself in December, his deal would be done. Instead, he just added question marks. The losses were not ALL his fault, but heRead More →

As you all know, one of the good qualities of Tua that I’ve always held onto was his team loyalty. No matter what Flores or the media or fans threw at him, he held his head high and put the team first. Whenever he had bad games, and he’s definitely had some clunkers, I was the first one to defend him. He just always seems to say the right thing and own up to his mistakes, making it clear he’s here for the long ride. Until now. Now I can no longer cite his “team player” attitude and be so fast to accept his interceptions.Read More →

Forgive my lack of updates here. Wife and I traveled to Europe on the draft weekend (first vacation in like 5 years), caught a “cold” over there, and when we came back, we both had covid. Lovely couple of weeks. 🙁 But I’m back. The schedule leaks are breaking left and right, and as usual, the Dolphins are screwed with not just one but TWO Thursday games. Two separate games with only 3 days of prep, not enough time to recover from Sunday, etc. etc. In addition, three of our final 4 games are on the road, all in coldish cities. The league offices LOVERead More →

After a hectic week of major losses and then some signings, the dust has settled, and we can look at where the roster stands with regard to our new players, and a few former/current Dolphins who chose to stay. Here are the new: Jordyn Brooks LB Aaron Brewer C Kendall Fuller CB Jonnu Smith TE Siran Neal S Neville Gallimore DT Anthony Walker Jr. ILB Jack Driscoll G Jonathan Harris DT Benito Jones DT Jody Fortson TE Shaquil Barrett OLB Jordan Poyer S With the exception of our old nemesis Jordan Poyer and former Dolphin Benito Jones, I have not heard of any of theseRead More →

A torn ACL for Bradley Chubb and an exploded Achilles for Jalen Phillips were bad, but those injuries were nothing compared to the damage being done by Chris Grier this off season. Andrew Van Ginkel is gone. Xavien Howard is gone. Christian Wilkins is gone. Jerome Baker is gone. Emanuel Ogbah is gone. Brandon Jones is gone. That’s 4 starters and their primary backups…all gone without seemingly an effort from Grief to retain them. There’s tons of coverage on Wilkins and Howard, so I won’t bore you here. But letting Brandon Jones go will be lost in the shuffle. That will hurt. I always likedRead More →

In shocking, laughable news, the Raiders have hired Queasy Joey Philbin as an offensive assistant. Now back to our regular article: Getting away from the Tua debate for a while, the Dolphins have other choices to make. First of all, it’s interesting that the two most-talked-about Dolphins this off-season are Tua and Xavien Howard. BOTH of those guys are locked into their contracts. We keep hearing about them as if they’re free agents, but they’re not. They are both in the news because of questions about how to handle their deals. It’s unlikely, but possible…but the Dolphins can just sit back and not lift aRead More →

On a scale from 1-10, let’s say that Tua HATERS are a ONE, and Tua LOVERS are a 10. 1 5 10 HATE TUA’s GUTS, Let Him Walk Eh LOVE HIM, and Must Keep Him There are plenty of ONES out there. Among the media, among us fans, probably among some Dolphins themselves. Lots of people think it’s best to end his tenure or else just keep him on his rookie salary and bring in some competition. There are some TENS out there as well, although I sense that even Tua’s most adamant supporters are at an 8 or a 9. I’ll go first andRead More →

Aside from the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl, the next-best thing occurred on Sunday, when the Buffalo Bills lost yet another gut-wrenching, soul-snatching heartbreaker. Listen, we know the Bills are going to lose in the playoffs. Their annual post-season losses are inevitable, whether it’s in Round 1 of the playoffs or later. That’s a given. They will lose. It’s not a big deal any more and not much fun to watch them lose their annual playoff game. But…what IS fun and what IS a big deal is when they lose these heartbreakers! The louder their obnoxious fans chirp about “Squish the Fish,” the sweeter itRead More →

While the referees stopped the game so that Patrick Mahomes could be fitted for a new helmet and then called Wilkins for roughing when he tapped Mahomes, and while the NFL allowed the Buffalo Bills to get an extra day of practice and rest because of some cold weather, the Miami Dolphins received no such unfair advantages. They then proceeded to go out and end their own season. Okay, so right off the bat, I’m not blaming the NFL or the refs for this loss. Our offense has been dead in the water since Black Friday, and no one came up with any innovation atRead More →

I had a family emergency Sunday night and could not watch the game live. I saw it on tape, later, and I’m glad I didn’t see it unfold live. I’ll start by saying what a gem of a game our defense played, perhaps its best of the year. Holding the Bills to only 14 points is incredible. 3 turnovers, including one of the best plays of the century by Christian Wilkins. The stop right before halftime. The stop on 4th and inches. Those are plays that the Bills “knew” they were going to pick up, but we imposed our will on them, and not viceRead More →

A lot of good things happened last season, but among the best was when we beat the Bills at home. It can happen again. There were a lot of great plays last year, but one single play stands out to me, and I’ve been meaning to write this for a long long time. More specifically, one particular PLAYER stands out to me on this one specific play. I’ll keep you in suspense for a while, but I will say that this guy won the game for us, then was let go in the off-season, but now is back with us…just in time for another homeRead More →

Rather than my typical diatribe about all the many things the Dolphins and Mike McDaniel did wrong vs. Baltimore (and there were tons), I’m going to focus on the positives and the potentials. We have a game next weekend, at home, that will secure us the #2 overall seed and at least one home playoff game. That’s the focus. Everyone will think I am nuts, but the Raven loss was CLOSER than it appeared on paper. 56-19 is a blowout, but it was closer than that if we eliminate just a few bad plays. Just a few. Tyreek Hill and Chase Claypool dropped easy TDRead More →

We are in the playoffs. A lot of football still to be played, but at least the first goal is over with, I think the Dolphins showed great resolve today. The defense gave two touchdowns and our offense only scored one. But thanks to a career day from Jason Sanders, we got that W. 50-yard field goals are not too uncommon nowadays, but 3 of them in a row? In the rain and/or slippery field? Clearly he was our MVP today. I’m extremely concerned about our offense having ONE touchdown in the last 6 quarters of football, dating back to last week’s Jets game whenRead More →

I was very impressed with our backups yesterday, as they dismantled a Jets team who were coming off a big win with a lot of confidence. I was most impressed with our D line getting so much pressure on the Jet QBs. The pressure up front allowed our secondary to not have to cover WRs very long. Without Howard, Elliott, and Holland, our middle was exposed. But the backups all played well throughout. I was glad to see Eli Apple get some reps, after a month of being inactive. Cam Smith must not be ready at all. I was worried before the game, but IRead More →

We will desperately need our WRs and RBs to step up. Already down a lot of offensive linemen, it will be interesting to see what McDaniel comes up with in our last easy game of the year. X Howard and Jevon Holland BOTH OUT as well. I fear the Jets will blow us out. They are mediocre at best. But when they are facing a team with all its stars on the sidelines, they should walk all over us. Hope I’m wrong !Read More →

If the Dolphins win their next 4 games, they will be #1 seed in the AFC. Let’s start with that positive note…although it is extremely improbable. The Dolphins have a 2-game lead on the Bills. Another positive to cling to as I have to–unfortunately–dive into this next part. One of my favorite quotes is from the writer Dante, who was speaking about gamblers playing dice. He basically said that when the game is over, the loser stands alone, replaying all the plays in his mind, and all the “what ifs” hurt. That’s where I begin. What if Bradley Chubb doesn’t take his helmet off? WeRead More →