As we often mention here at Dolphins Truth, owner Stephen Ross does too many things unrelated to helping the Miami Dolphins win.  Mr. Ross is extremely active, but he is not productive.  What does that mean? The latest example is the anti-bullying legislation/task force that Mr. Ross initiated with some law professors and NY University.  In a recent conference call, Mr. Ross explained his involvement. After listening to the entire call, it is (once again) very apparent that this endeavor will not help the Miami Dolphins whatsoever.  And should THAT be Mr. Ross’s prime concern. Here are a few of the highlights of Mr. Ross’sRead More →

One of these players is a Pro-Bowler with the support of 100% of his teammates, and he was suspended by team management. The other turned his back and walked out on the team. Which one should owner Stephen Ross apologize to?Read More →

It seems that Ted Wells has been preparing his Incognito-Martin report for about 17 years, doesn’t it? Wells was appointed in early November, after Martin turned his back on his teammates in October and ran away. Wells interviewed all the parties involved over a few weeks. That process was pretty done in early November. Here we sit, more than three months later, awaiting this slowpoke to deliver his report. Boy, I wish I had 3+ months to write reports. Roger Goodell is obviouslyRead More →