The NFL Schedule maker should be fired. Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving games are entirely NFC teams.  That’s nice if you’re an NFC fan, but what about the rest of us? Why not throw in at least one inter-conference game out of the three games on Thanksgiving?   As a Dolfan, I follow the AFC more closely, and I root against other AFC teams who are in our way in the playoff race.  That’s what fans do. I would love to settle in for some Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and watch the Patriots on TV.  Or the Steelers.  Hell, even boring teams like Cleveland or Baltimore.  I’d rather seeRead More →

Some of this site’s critics often say that we are too negative and too critical of the Dolphins.  We usually defend ourselves by saying that we merely speak the truth.  We try to leave opinions out of it. Today, we’re here to go over some scenarios that could be very favorable to the Dolphins.  This time, our critics will say we’re being too positive, which is something we don’t hear at Dolphins Truth too much.  But here we go. First of all, we might as well start with the bombshell that nobody else will be brave enough to state:  The Miami Dolphins can still winRead More →

The last time the Detroit Lions scored a touchdown was the game winner against the Dolphins.   Two teams in a row held Detroit to nothing but field goals, but we couldn’t. UPDATE: The Bills and the Ravens both won on Monday night, which is even more bad new for Miami.  Not a single good thing happened this weekend to give us a break. Every game yesterday went against the Dolphins.  The teams we needed to win lost.  And the teams we needed to lose won.  It’s bizarre how that could happen, but it did.  It just goes to show you that when you needRead More →

The Highs: It’s always hard to pick out some high notes after a loss, but there are a few.   First, we’ll give props to our offensive line.  Down two left tackles, Jason Fox stepped in and stepped up.   Tannehill had a good game in part because of Fox and friends.   Not too many teams could survive the loss of both their tackles, but we have so far.   The backup linemen have excelled. Ryan Tannehill is for real.   The inteception at the end hurt, but it wasn’t a horrendous pass, just a little too much zip for Landry to handle.  T-hillRead More →

With all the hooplah lately over Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, we at Dolphins Truth thought it might be a good time to look back about a year ago and re-examine the Jonathan Martin scandal. As a quick reminder, Richie Incognito was never caught on tape punching his wife nor beating his child.  He merely teased his friend…a friend who teased him equally as much. With so many articles and versions out there, it’s hard to find an honest recap of the situation.  But here is what happened:  Jonathan Martin quit on the Dolphins and walked away from his team.  Period. The story begins there.Read More →

Monday Morning Quarterback’s Andy Benoit now believes that we have the best defense in the NFL. Let’s hope that D shines this Sunday at Denver! I don’t often provide links to other Dolphins articles (there are too many!), but we’ll make an exception here because Benoit’s study of the defense is outstanding.  Make sure you review his breakdown of Vernon’s sack in the Chiefs game.Read More →

The easiest way to beat Denver is to stop or limit Peyton Manning.  If the Rams can do it, certainly anyone can.  I’m sure the Dolphins will be studying the Rams’ game plan as a blue print. Not only must you stop Manning, but you must sustain it.  The Dolphins cannot get complacent if they get a couple of early 3-and-outs against the Broncos.  They must sustain their tenacity through the evening.  Peyton Manning doesn’t give up, and he doesn’t allow his team to give up either.  He throws the ball whether they’re down by 30 or up by 40.  Denver does not stop tryingRead More →

Patriots at Colts. First up, the obvious game that concerned us most was the Patriots going to Indy for a road game.  This was a game that all Dolfans had their eyes on, because Indy was a good team (allegedly) playing on their home turf with a lot to prove. An Indy win would have put us only one game behind the Patriots, so obviously we needed Indy to win.  Instead, however, Indy forgot to show up.  Pretty pathetic of them. Add this to the Patriots’ previous game, when Denver laid down for them as well. How can the Colts AND Broncos, seemingly playoff-caliber teams,Read More →

HIGHS: I’ll start with Jamar Taylor, whom we’ve been most critical of.  He played great.  His third-down tackle in the backfield was a thing of beauty.  Kudos to Kevin Coyle for placing Taylor in the perfect spot, and kudos to Taylor for making it count.  The D-line wouldn’t allow Orton time to pick on Taylor, and even when he did, Taylor was up to the challenge.  He shut up all the people like me who criticized him, and I am so happy to be wrong. The D-line.  It didn’t seem like Orton was sacked a lot, but he was hurried all night long.   It tookRead More →

The Miami Herald ran a story today about how the Bills’ game will be a barometer for how good the Dolphins really are.  No kidding. Really?  Perhaps the Herald has finally caught wind of, because they are stealing our articles more and more. The problem is, the Herald is about 7 weeks behind.  The FIRST Bills game told us all we needed to know about 2014 Dolphins, not this upcoming second game. A long time ago, we told you that whatever we did in Buffalo in Week 2 would dictate how our season goes.  Unfortunately, we got beat badly.  And our season has beenRead More →

The Dolphins barely get a chance to lick their wounds before their next game Thursday night against Buffalo. The Dolphins are hurting, and this is probably the worst possible time to have a 3-day turnover between games. Brandon Albert is lost, and we don’t have a lot of time to get the substitutes ready. Cortland Finnegan’s ankle injury might keep him out of the game.   There just isn’t even time over Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to ice it down and rehab it.   We’re dead without him.   We have zero depth at DB. Lamar Miller is still hobbled with a bad shoulder.  This wasRead More →

Sometimes to you have accept the inevitable.  The opponent is deep in your zone and needs a chip shot to tie the game.  Accept that and aim for overtime.  Hand them the field goal on the silver platter.   Period. It’s not a terrible scenario. Joe Philbin’s strategy was to hand them the silver platter, but in a greedy way. He tried to coax Jim Caldwell into settling for three AND tried to save himself enough time for a comeback after the FG.   Both plans failed.   Joe Philbin failed. Do you know how incompetent you must be to get outfoxed by the likes of Jim Caldwell?Read More →

HIGHS: The offense only put up 16 points, but that is a high considering how badly they started.  They showed grit and played tough, especially without two starters on the O line.   They don’t quit anymore. The defense held a pretty decent offense in check.  Except for one catch, we shut down and shut up Megatron and all the hype about this average receiver.  As we said all week, Miami always has a good game plan to stop the opponents’ stars.   Not much you can do when third-string bums like Theo Riddick (who?!?!)  come in and beat ya.  Just tip your cap andRead More →

I don’t mind that we didnt’t stop a fake punt, but the way they made it  so so so so so easy? Our offensive line is being destroyed…again I don’t mind that as much as Lazor not adjusting to it. Brandon Fields needs to find a new team.   He retired after the Pro Bowl but forgot to tell us. Tannehill seems to forget that he can run. Three really bad Dolphin penalties have hurt.    Not a single thing going well. Philip Wheeler is a massive liability. Cut him yesterday.  How many games must he cost us? Jimmy Wilson just celebrated a Lion incompletion.Read More →

In a disgusting move by the NFL, the league has officially taken away one of the Dolphins’ home games next year. The Patriots get 8 home games. The Jets get 8 home games. The Bills get 8 home games. The Dolphins get 7. Home field advantage is one of the prize goals that every team strives for. Each year, in Weeks 15, 16, and 17, plenty of NFL teams have already clinched a playoff berth, but they go out and fight in their final games. Why? Why?  Because home field advantage in pro football is THAT important. Travelling to London is a gruelling task forRead More →

We called our site Dolphins Truth for a reason, and not Dolphins Optimism or Dolphins Positives.  We are dedicated to bringing thoughtful, truthful analysis to our readers each week, even if the truth is hard to take. That being said, there are definitely some positive signs as the Dolphins head to Detroit this week, but also some troubling signs that we need to overcome. First of all is the three-game winning streak.  It feels great.  It feels like we can beat anyone.  It feels familiar.   Wait, familiar? Familiar?  Yes.  Last year, the Dolphins began the season with a 3-game winning streak.  Then before we knewRead More →

It’s a pleasure to have so many Highs and so few Lows this week. The HIGHS: Ryan Tannehill played great. The offensive line was stellar.  I love the forgotten plays, like Samson Satele racing down the field to recover Tannehill’s fumble.  In the past, that was EXACTLY the type of play that the opponent always recovered.  Now we are making our own luck. Jarvis Landry is doing some great things.   I love being wrong about him!  I was against drafting him in the 2nd round, and I admit how wrong I was now. The entire defense.  An A++ performance all theRead More →