As 2014 comes to and end, we decided to look back on the Highs and Lows of our own blog, Dolphins Truth. During 2014, as we look back, some of our predictions were accurate, and we’ll take credit for that.   Some of our predictions were way off base, and we now humbly admit we were wrong.  So without further ado, here is a recap of our year as we dig through the 2014 archive one final time. THE LIST: 1.  What we said:    We welcomed Bill Lazor and predicted his new offense would be uptempo, exciting, and improved. The verdict:  We were right.Read More →

The anger of the last few days (weeks?) is subsiding, It slowly fades into a numb, depressing sadness that only time will cure. While other not-quite-good-enough teams like Miami (San Fran, Atlanta, Chicago, etc.) face the exciting proposition of a new coach coming to town, the Dolphins and their fans are faced with a bitter winter with no hope. No hope.  No excitement. No competence. False hope is better than none.  If only Stephen Ross would have said “No comment” about Joe Philbin’s future, then at least we’d have some hope of a new coach coming in.  A skilled, championship-caliber coach with a strong resume andRead More →

It’s remarkable to us at Dolphins Truth to read so many comments today in the media from Dolfans who want to dump Mike Wallace. First of all, I can almost guarantee you that Mike Wallace did not quit on the team, although that story has yet to reach a truthful resolution, as there are different versions. Secondly, haven’t these fans learned their lesson about getting rid of our best players?  Joe Philbin kicked Reggie Bush aside, and Reggie went on to gain 1,000 yards for the Lions.  Philbin jettisoned Brandon Marshall right after he was named MVP of the All Star Game.   Philbin got ridRead More →

10.   Week Three.  Kansas City at Miami. The Chiefs were a winless team with nothing going for them all season.  As the game began, it was the same old Chefs, and they were going nowhere.  It was a field position game that the Dolphins were winning.  But then in the second quarter of a scoreless game, Miami faced a fourth-and-two from the KC 30.  Instead of trying to pick up a mere two yards, or instead of simply punting the ball back to KC and pinning them deep, Philbin chose the worst of the three options. Joe Philbin decided to try a long (48-yard) fieldRead More →

Stephen Ross accepts losses and mediocrity as if they were Super Bowl championships. Joe Philbin got a lucky win against one of the NFL’s worst teams last week due to a bad snap on a punt.  And because of that lucky win, Stephen Ross thinks Philbin did something good this year. Can anyone give us one reason why they want philbin back next year? This should be an exciting time as we await who our new head coach will be.  But instead, there is zero excitement in Miami. Congratulations, Joe Philbin.   You conned your boss into keeping your job.Read More →

I can’t quite say I am rooting against Miami today, but a loss would certainly not be heartbreaking. And a win would not be satisfying.  In fact, a win might further fool Stephen Ross into thinking that Joe Philbin is a good head coach.  And let’s face it, Joe Philbin’s ability to con Stephen Ross is already excellent, so he doesn’t need any help. For example, Rex Ryan led the Jets toRead More →

Stephen Ross had a chance to give the Miami Dolphins and their fans a Christmas gift by getting rid of Joe Philbin, but instead he chose to give that Christmas gift to the rest of the ACF East. I mean seriously, when Ross confirmed that he was foisting Philbin upon us for a fourth straight year, do you think Bill Belichick was struck with fear?  Did the Buffalo Bills think, “Oh no, we have to face Philbin again” or did they laugh at us?  You get the idea.   Nobody but nobody fears Joe Philbin.  The joke is on Mr. Ross. Dolphins Truth has beenRead More →

If Dolphins Truth could sit down with Mr. Stephen Ross or somehow bring this blog to his attention, here are the questions we would ask him concerning his recent decision to bring back Joe Philbin for a fourth year. While we’re up to about 6,000 readers per week on our blog here, we understand that we are not nationally known yet.  So there is little chance that Mr. Ross will ever see this, let alone reply.   In that case, we invite any and all fans who support Joe Philbin to answer these questions. Here’s your chance.   It’s an open forum to state your case forRead More →

The HIGH points: Mike Wallace made another spectacular touchdown catch.  Not since Reggie Bush have the Dolphins had such a skillful, electrifying player.  Dolphins fans who keep bashing Wallace and his contract need to stop embarrassing themselves. Ryan Tannehill threw a lot of short passes today, and nothing seemed quite spectacular.  But still it was a high point to see him throw for 4 TDs. Terence Fede won the game for us.  He’ll probably be gone within a few months, but we give him his props here today. Cameron Wake came alive on the last Vikings drive. Nice interception by Shelby.  That killed aRead More →

We’ll be posting a blog this week about the continuing mess that is the Dolphins’ front office.  But for now, here are a few quick thoughts… In the past, there was at least some debate about whose fault things were.  Do you blame our clueless an inept head strategist, Joey Philbin?  Or do you blame the man who hired him and allowed such incorrect decisions to fester? Now we have our answer.  Clear as day. Mr. Stephen Ross has just given Joe Philbin a fourth year on the job, and this is devastatingly bad news for Dolfans everywhere. The only good thing about this situationRead More →

Rumors continue about the future of Joe Philbin in Miami, including a report from the Miami Herald that said Stephen Ross hasn’t had any discussions or thoughts about replacing Philbin. First of all, unless the Herald spies on Mr. Ross 24/7, they have no idea what he discusses and with whom. Secondly, Ross would be foolishly naive if he hasn’t at least  thought about firing Philbin.   He probably has discussed it at some point.  It is laughable to think that the ONLY thing on Stephen Ross’s mind this week is how toRead More →