Who should the Dolphins draft? What position is most important? Thoughts on trading up or trading down? Which Dolphin executive should have final say in who we pick…Philbin, Hickey, J-Lo, Ross, Aponte, Tannenbaum, Venus Williams? Will Dion Jordan watch the draft? Will ESPN milk the draft over three long days?  YES (that one was easy!) Will Joe Philbin have no idea about how toRead More →

THIS JUST IN.  DOLPHINS  HAVE SIGNED WIDE RECEIVER GREG JENNINGS. The schedule is out. And there some good things and some bad things. The bad things are compounded by the fact that Stephen Ross–and not the NFL–made them bad. More on that later. Let’s start with the good, for all the Dolphins Truth naysayers who claim that we never have anything positive to say! It’s good to play the bad teams on the road. When we have to play the really difficult teams, we need every bit of help we can get, and home field advantage helps. Playing a difficult team on the road makesRead More →

The wait is over.  On Tuesday. we’ll learn not only who and where the Dolphins play, but when. In recent years, the “when” has not been good for the Dolphins.  We closed out the season at home the last two years, and blew both games to a vastly inferior New York Jets team.   So I’m not too concerned about where our season openers and finales are. I’m more concerned with spacing out and away games.   The NFL is not Major League Baseball.   There is no reason for any team to have to play 2 or even three road games in a row.Read More →

This week, the Dolphins signed cornerback Zack Bowman and re-signed center (maybe guard) Mike Pouncey. Neither move has me overly excited, yet they are both good movies. Pouncey, who supported his friend and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez and who was involved in the Jonathan Martin teasing, has a lot to prove still. Was it immature of him to publically say that Aaron Hernandez should be freed? Not my place to say. I don’t care about a man’s immaturity nor his taste in friends, as long as he’s an excellent player. So that brings up the question: Is Pouncey an excellent player? He’s certainly good, andRead More →

As we look forward to the 2015 draft, the Dolphins have just as many holes, if not more, than at last year’s draft. Our current pre-draft offensive line might be more settled than last year, but we’re short on WRs, LBs, and (as always) DBs. No matter what players we pick, the Dolphin coaches need to do a better job of utilizing them. Today we’re going to examine Bill Lazor’s offense…what went wrong and what needs to be done. All the best offensive players in the world will not help the Dolphins unless Lazor and Philbin utilize them properly. As we went back and reviewedRead More →