Ryan Tannehill doesn’t have to worry about unemployment.  Neither, it would seem, does Matt Moore nor Josh Freeman. The three quarterbacks should be with the Dolphins on opening day.  Tannehill will be the starter, leaving Moore and Freeman to battle for the backup job.   Joe Philbin does not like to carry a third emergency QB on game days.   Dolphins Truth feels this is a risky move, but Philbin has gotten away with it so far. An NFL team can only dress 51 players on game day.ou carry 3 QBs, that means you have 48 others to work into the game.  Dressing only twoRead More →

Jonathan Judas Martin, who whined his way out of Miami and cost Pro Bowl guard Richie Incognito his job, will now be back with the Dolphins…sort of. Martin, as part of the Carolina Panthers, will participate in joint practices in August with the Dolphins.  I’m not sure why teams practice with other teams. It seems that injuries are more likely and the familiarity is not there.  These practices will be held in advance of the Panther-Dolphin preseason game. It will be interesting to see how the Dolphins treat this fallen traitor.   I will lose respect for any Dolphin who still respects this big crybaby.Read More →

Sal Alosi, who cowardly tripped Nolan Carroll from the sidelines in a blindside assault, was himself assaulted by rapper P. Combs Diddy, or whatever he calls himself these days. Alosi is the Tripping Coach at UCLA nowadays. Was Diddy belatedly angry because of what the notoriously cheating Alosi did to our Nolan?   No word yet, but stayed tuned.   🙂Read More →

As noted in various news sources, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is weakening the Dolphins yet again. He weakens the team by not concentrating his efforts on the team. As many of our readers know, our main complaint about Mr. Ross is that he has too many interests and business ventures besides the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins become one of many hobbies for him, rather than his obsession, as it should be. Mr. Ross is as generous and as intelligent as they come. But… Quick! Name me one non-Yankee venture that George Steinbrenner wasted his time and money on. When is Jerry Jones in the newsRead More →

Joe Philbin, who must think the Dolphins went 19-0 last year, ended minicamp early and canceled the entire third day of camp. Apparently, Philbin doesn’t think the Dolphins need to practice anything.  Apparently, he thinks going 8-8 every year is ideal and so why work harder to improve? The Patriots also canceled their third day of minicamp.  But there’s a big difference between the Patriots and the Dolphins.  As a matter of fact, many teams around the NFL ended minicamps early.   Does that mean Philbin had to end ours early too?  No! Why not gain the upper hand on our opponents by asking theRead More →

The Dolphins signed defensive tackle CJ Mosley to a deal. Miami will be Mosley’s 6th different team, so you have to wonder what he has left in the tank.  You also have to wonder why FIVE other teams let him go in the past. The defensive tackles at this point are Kong Suh, Mosley, AJ Francis,  Anthony Johnson, Earl Mitchell, and rookie draft choices Jordan Phillips and Ellis McCarthy.  We’ll predict that McCarthy gets cut, leaving 6 D tackles on the roster.   Would 5 have been enough?   What did Philbin/Hickey see in Mosley that made them want to offer a deal?Read More →

It’s very early in the 2015 pre-season, but a few things are worth looking at. I watched Joe Philbin’s press conference a few times to see if I could discern anything useful or honest, but it was the usual Philbin stuff.  “We had a good day of practice” etc.   The one thing that stands out to me is the softball questions that the media tosses him.  “How was Jarvis Landry today?”    “Will there be competition for the starting positions? etc.   It’s rather silly of the media to feed Philbin questions like that. Press Conference Here. Let me into a press conference, andRead More →

We all know about Philbinland. It’s that magical place that Joey P. goes to in his own head on game day.  The place where you call a timeout so the opponent can regroup.  The place where you give away points because you’re too unobservant to call for a challenge.  The place where you lose game after game and then say, “I made the right calls” and “We will get better.” And, most sad of all, Philbinland is the place where you can have zero accomplishments in three years and still be given extra time and millions and millions of extra dollars. Let’s face it:  JoeRead More →

Yep, Mike Sherman has a job! He’s now the head coach of a small high school in Massachusetts. On his first day on the job, Sherman immediately called a timeout on offense so that the opponent could take a rest.  Then he prohibited his QB from ever running a QB sneak, and he told the QB that they were going to pass the ball when all they had to do was take a knee.  Vintage Mike Sherman! When Mike Sherman was coach of the Packers, he had BOTH Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre and finished 4-12.  I point that out all the time.  He hadRead More →