Just some random thoughts in no particular order… [rumbletalk-chat] Cortland Finnegan has stated that he wants to come out of retirement.  The Dolphins would do well to sign him immediately.   Our secondary has a lot of question marks and injuries. Miami faced several 4th downs on or arou d the Falcon 40 yard.i e last night.    I would have like to see the battle between Franks and Sturgis.   Let them each try a 58 harder and may the best man win.  Instead, Philbin chose to watch his backup punter fumble the ball away. Later, Franks nailed a long field goal.   ThisRead More →

Like a pest who just won’t go away, Jonathan Martin continues to make news. Two years after he quit on the Miami Dolphins. A year after the 49ers got rid of him. A month after he quit on the Panthers. Somehow, this serial quitter still makes news. This week, he’s been whining about how he felt suicidal.  He admitted using drugs.  He admitted how often he got drunk.  Yet, despite those obvious unproductive (and non-LEGAL) activities, he still wants us to feel he is the victim. Now, more than ever, the Dolphins should be apologizing to Richie Incognito and begging him to come back.  ButRead More →

It’s very rare that Dolphins Truth posts two articles in a row about such a similar topic, but the incessant praise for the Dolphins first-team offense just won’t stop. Again, I don’t know what these other “experts” are seeing, but it sure isn’t a high-quality dominant and unstoppable offense. I’m guessing that they watch the Dolphins score a first-quarter TD against the Bears, and then again watched them do the same against the Panthers. Wow!  Stop the presses!  The Dolphins scored touchdowns, so therefore we have a brilliant offense.   Uhhh, no. On the first play of each game, Lamar Miller gotRead More →

It’s no secret that Joe Philbin is the worst coach in the NFL.  During Saturday’s game at Carolina, he proved it once again. Rather than than accept a second and goal from the Carolina 2-inch line, Philbin instead made a move to give the Panthers the ball at their own 20. Philbin keeps his mouth shut, and the Dolphins go up 21-0.  Philbin tries to be cute, and we lose the game. Sadly, his rationale had nothing to do with this being a meaningless scrimmage again; instead, Clueless Joe thought it was the right call.  Dolphin fans are very accustomed to this.  Carolina fans simplyRead More →

The Bears’ scrub players are better than ours. The media is REALLY over-hyping our first-string offense.   Yes, they scored on a nice opening drive, but it wasn’t smooth.  We had first and goal and the Bears stopped us three plays in a row. Then a Bear penalty gave us another third down.   Wasted. Then we went for it on 4th down.  (In a real game, there is no way on earth that Clueless Joe goes for 6 in that scenario).    We also had two holds on the opening drive…it was not a clean drive at all. The Dolphins got  touchdown out ofRead More →

What should we expect from tonight’s “game” against the Bears?   In a word:  nothing. Seriously, you have to go into these games knowing that they are a glorified practice session, rather than a true contest of who can score the most points.   If the Dolphins win or lose, that doesn’t matter of course. But just because the game itself doesn’t mean anything, there are still things to pay attention to.  The Miami Herald (and their copycat friends at The Phinsiders) continue to report the obvious:  The Dolphins are unsettled at the guard position.  Caleb Sturgis has a challenger.  The running backs are allRead More →

I don’t know about other Dolphin fans, but when I read about how practices are going, the only thing I’m looking for is if anyone tore an ACL or blew out a knee that day. Not much else matters. Do we care if some undrafted 15th-string wide receiver made a nice catch of a Mcleod Thompson pass against a bunch of ham-and-egger defenders who won’t be on the team this season? Do we care that the coaches “took note” of some bubble player who did well that day?  Remember how many times Michael Egnew looked great in practice and received so much praise in practice?Read More →