I cannot wait for Laremy Tunsil to face off in practice against Dion Jordan.   It will be my greatest blog post ever that day!   Can’t wait to write captions for that photo! But seriously, folks…I was up half the night following every story I could on Laremy Tunsil, and every minute that went by seemed to be a new development.    Shockingly, the apologists were out as well, making their case that it’s only pot, so no big deal (more on those fools later). The main story, as we all must know, is that the Dolphins have generated yet another negative media stormRead More →

Unless he cries and whines his way to the courts (again), Tom Brady will miss the week 2 game against the Dolphins.   This means, in theory, that the Dolphins have their first chance to win a game in Foxboro since the advent of the Wildcat. As I’ve stated many times, the courts are not deciding on Brady’s guilt or innocence.  Rather, the courts are deciding whether the commissioner has the right to punish players.   Of course he does. Everyone knows this.   But last year the Patriots took their chances with a liberal judge and got their way.   This year, they metRead More →

The NFL is releasing the schedule TONIGHT! Usually the league announces the schedule-release date weeks in advance and advertises and promotes it like crazy.   This year, no dice.    Luckily, I heard about this and confirmed with the league. Tonight at 8 Eastern, we will learn when the Dolphins play, any MNF games, SNF games, TNF games, etc. We know the Dolphins play in L.A. this year, for example, and tonight we learn when.  Could be the first game of the year, as I imagine the NFL will want to give the new L.A. Rams a splendid home opener. The Dolphins are no longer aRead More →

The good news is that Stephen Ross has a successor in place, and a new owner can’t come fast enough. The bad news is that the new owner, who would take over upon Ross’s death–and who also has the first right to buy the team from Ross any time he is alive—is another New York City businessman. More than likely a Jet fan like Ross.  His name is Bruce Beal. Ross’s people also insisted that he has no plans to sell the team.  But in naming a successor, at least the plans are in place if he changes his mind.  The way the deal worksRead More →

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.   (Although when I learned the Dolphins just re-signed Daniel Thomas again, I thought someone was fooling me).  Instead, we want to seriously consider just how good the Dolphins can. be. That’s CAN be.  As in “might” be.   No guarantees, no predictions.   Just possibilities. Let’s start with new head coach Adam Gase.  I was not in favor of this hiring, and I’ve stated many reasons why.  Just because people around the NFL think a guy will be a good head coach, doesn’t make it so.   Just ask Clueless Joe Philbin.  However, since we’re focusing onRead More →