Reshad Jones pulled a Kam Chancellor. He tried holding out, realized the team wasn’t gonna budge, tucked tail and came back.   Good for Stephen Ross for not caving in to a man who already gave his word, in writing, that he would play. Was it because of our blog post the other day and all your comments that guilted him into returning?   Probably not (despite my joking headline above).  Although I did hear one time a few years ago from a fellow blogger in Denver that Wes Welker read one of my posts where I criticized Wes for siding with Nick Saban when NickRead More →

In a greedy, selfish move that will surprise no one, Reshad Jones did not show up for MANDATORY camp today and is officially a holdout. Jones embarrassed himself and the team last year by actively campaigning for himself to be in the Pro Bowl.   Instead of just waiting for the fans and coaches to pick him. However, neither of those options worked.  Jones was not selected by fans or coaches.   Yes, he did become a Pro Bowler, but that was only because all the other safeties ahead of him couldn’t play or had no interest in playing in such a silly game.  Read More →

The London Dolphins have once again shown how much they care for their own local fans. Once again, the Dolphins are moving a game away from their fans. Just like the Patriots playing their home games in London and the Broncos playing in Toronto, all the great championships teams like to screw over their fans and move games.   You can’t help but be sarcastic each time you hear about Dolphins’ Management pulling a fast one on its fans. When you hear the phrase “Miami Dolphins,” you have to accept that the Miami part is only a suggestion.   Why should “home” games be playedRead More →