Like many of you, we at Dolphins Truth were hesitant at first when the Dolphins hired Adam Gase.  He was not on our radar for head coach, and we definitely wanted to hire a coach with experience and a championship under his belt. And while he’s still never coached his first game yet, we’re seeing things in him that are starting to win us over and give us a little confidence. First of all, his youth and modern thinking could be an asset.  There was a time in the NFL when the shotgun formation was a new marvel.  When a cover-2 D or a zone blitz were innovative. Read More →

UPDATE:    So the non-football injury list is a reserve list, meaning that Jordan and Vigil are not eligible to play until Week 7.    It looks like Vigil has a back injury, and Jordan has numerous injuries, including judgment, maturity, etc.    I’m not sure how the Dolphins are able to call these non-physical injuries, but it has to do with wanting to keep them on the roster without wanted to I.R. them for the entire season.    The Dion Jordan saga continues… Projected starters Kenny Still, DeVante Parker, and Laremy Tunsil were all injured at practice Monday, but as of now, the injuries areRead More →

Mark your calendars for November 27.    That’s the date when ungrateful spoiled punk Colin Kaepernick comes to town.  I suggest us fans all give him a warm Miami welcome. But  I hope the Dolphins defense welcomes him even more. I think pounding his head into the turf a few times would be a warm welcome, don’t ya think?  That would definitely be worth a 15-yard penalty.  Or two. And then, if he’s dumb enough to get back up, then we can see how strong his oppressed knees are. That being said, I doubt Kaepernick will be healthy come November 27.   Too many other teamsRead More →

While the Dolphins writers and less-educated fans are raving about how great our offense looked in the third preseason game against Atlanta, Dolphins Truth readers have come to expect a little more.  Our readers expect honest analysis. That’s why I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but the offense didn’t do as well as some writers want us to believe.   The only stat that matters is Points.   And our starting offense scored only 7 points against a horrible Atlanta defense, a defense which began resting its starters while our first-team O was still out there. When you score only 7 points in a half, it’sRead More →

Starting center Mike Pouncey is expected to miss at least the opening game against the Seahawks, further exposing the Dolphins offensive line inadequacies and testing its depth right off the bat. This means that the Seahawks might beat us 50-10 instead of only 40-14.  Either way, we’re gonna get destroyed, but without Pouncey it will be worse. The Dallas preseason game was worse that it looked, with a lot of false hope because our offense scored 2 touchdowns.    Whoop di doo. You have to remember that they had 4 drives.  Only the first drive was against the Cowboys’ full lineup of starters.   AgainstRead More →

The offensive line looked like garbage on Friday night, but Dolphins management addressed that issue by…letting us pay for parking in a new way, If the Dolphins spent more time worrying about the players on the field and less time worrying  about a stadium that will be mostly empty on Sundays, we might have a chance. How about this:   no stadium upgrades or parking lot news until we’re on our way to being a winner. THEN is the time to worry about minutia.  Not before.  We haven’t fielded aRead More →

While every other Dolphins article this weekend is telling fans not to panic, and telling us that it was only a pres-season game, and telling us that you cannot judge an offense by a few plays….while everyone else is saying all that…I will tell you they are wrong.  It IS time to panic. It cannot and will not get any better.   We saw our 5 best O-linemen out there Friday, and you saw what happened. The offense is abysmal.  Time to start looking at the 2017 draft class, because we are closer to the #1 overall pick than we are to a playoff spot.Read More →