Despite everything that’s happened in the past 4 weeks, we have to look back several months ago.   Back in the spring when the NFL first released its schedule, we knew this was coming. We all saw 3 September games against incredibly strong playoff teams…ALL three on the road.   We hoped for an upset (almost had one too if Kenny Stills didn’t blow the Seattle game).  But we knew we’d lose.    We saw a home game vs. the Browns., and we all figured we’d win that one.   We barely won, but a win is a win. So, given all that, we areRead More →

The chat room will be open tonight at I will set up for you guys, but I’m traveling so I might be 5 minutes late to join, but I’ll be there! We need to play a brilliant game if we have any chance to win.   I don’t think the Bengals are as elite as other people think, as evidenced by the fact that they lose their first playoff game every single year.  Combine that with their losses the past two weeks, and I’m sure they doubt themselves these days.   I think of a few years ago when we beat Indy and Atlanta inRead More →

Oh boy.   Where to start. THE GOOD: Reshad Jones had a great game and was all over the place.  I noticed myself, and I was pleased that Adam Gase singled Jones out as a top performer on the day. Matt Darr had some effective punts, and he was a true weapon on his one and only punt in overtime. The offensive line couldn’t get much going in run support, but they gave Tannehill time mostly all day in the passing department, even when we were forced to use a third-string center and when Ja’Wuan James got benched. The WR corps all played well.  ARead More →

I thought we were doomed when Jamar Taylor of all people  intercepted Tannehill’s first pass of the day. I thought we were doomed when Cleveland strip sacked Tannehill and lined up for the winning field goal, all within the last 30 seconds of regulation. Yet somehow, we won this brutally bad contest.  We faced a team with its 4th string QB and gave him 17 points.  Shoulda been more.   Our offense has gone from 10 to 24 to 30 points in our three games, increasing each time, but none of us feel good about it. Despite some great throws, Tannehill looks lost out there.Read More →

REMINDER: It only takes a minute.        To register for the chat, click here: It will ask you for a User Name and your email.    You have to enter your real email, because the system sends you a temporary password.  Don’t worry, I don’t even see this and I won’t collect emails and spam you. Check your email and following the link to set up your password. Follow the links to log in.   It may bring you to a profile page, which you can skip. Then go to this page:      There’s also a chat room link inRead More →

He we are, still close to the recent dawn of a new season, and the Dolphins are all but out of it already. We’ve only played two games, and we’re already two and a half games behind in our division.   The math is almost illogical, but it’s very true and very sad. We’re 2.5 games out already, and it’s not gonna get much better. Watching New England use a 3rd-string project of a QB to decimate Houston shows us several things. It shows that New England’s system is a well-constructed work of art that should be copied, verbatim, so that any old ham-and-egger offRead More →

It will be very interesting to see how the Patriots handle their QB situation on the short week. I, for one, hate the idea of TNF.   I love having an extra game in prime time, but to be fair to all teams, it should be on a Saturday night, not a Thursday,    Even a Friday would be better. Whoever the Pats use at QB, their system is good enough where they should destroy the Texans tonight.  But I’ll be rooting for Houston and Lamar Miller to take them out.Read More →

Okay, I think we finally have the chat room situation worked out. It’s been pretty popular in the past for a bunch of us to get together and gripe about how the game is going in real time! Anyone wishing to participate will need to first register a user name.   In the right column of any Dolphins Truth page, under the META heading, you’ll see “Register”    Should be to your right just under the ad.   Register. Or just click here: It will ask you for a User Name and your email.    You have to enter your real email, because the systemRead More →

Now that the hurt and anger have simmered (somewhat), we turn our attention to the mess of a team they have up in Cleveland, our next opponent. We only need one play in our entire playbook going into this game:     Have Tannehill look to see which WR Jamar Taylor is covering, and then throw it to him.   It’s that simple.   For several years, Dolphins Truth pointed out how horrible Jamar Taylor is, and he certainly didn’t get any better by moving up north.   There is no excuse to not pick on him.   It will turn into easy receptions, easy yards,Read More →

Okay, Gronk is out.   That’s the good news. The bad new is the stupid chat room is requiring you guys to login in with accounts, so I said No for now.   Let’s just chat via the comments.   Or, if you see the chat window in the right column, underneath “recent comments” you can try that.   I think if you have a WordPress account and log in, then the chat will appear.Read More →

Deciding who to root for in a Jets-Bills game is like deciding what poison you want to drink. Let’s just root for some injuries. For anyone interested, we’ll have a new Chat Room up during game days starting Sunday around 12:45 EST, if all goes well.  Always cool to chat live with our fellow Dolfans.Read More →

Adam Gase had his first post-game press conference today, and there were some interesting highlights. First of all, he is mad at himself, and that’s a good thing.   He has to learn from his mistakes, and getting mad at himself will do the trick. He was talking about Tannehill’s touchdown drive…and why it took the Dolphins so long to score.  “I was mad at myself because I should have went to what we ended up going to earlier in the game. I kept talking myself out of it. He (Ryan T) kept pressing me to get to that stuff, basically that drive that setRead More →

  A.   Cut him for costing us the game by dropping an easy touchdown. B.  Cut him for disrespecting the country that gave him the chance to become a multi-millionaire. C.   Cut him for committing a holding penalty on our very first play of the year. D.  Cut him for getting in Jarvis Landry’s way on 3 different plays when Landry was trying to run. E.  Trade him to New England forRead More →

Kenny Stills dropped the easiest, sure-thing touchdown pass in NFL history, which cost the Dolphins 7 valuable points and all the momentum in the world as the Dolphins went on to drop a tough one in Seattle, 12-10. Stills began the day by refusing to stand for the National Anthems. On his first play he committed a hold. Andrew Franks missed a short field goal that didn’t help momentum either.   Technically it was blocked, and the announcers pointed out that Laremy Tunsil was lined up wrong.  I see their point, so it’s hard to figure out who to blame, so I go with DarrenRead More →

No other explanation for how Stills is handing a free win to the Seahawks.  He must have bet money on Seattle. Even before he dropped the easiest catch in NFL history, he got in Jarvis Landry’s way on THREE different WR screen catches to Landry.   And on the first play of our NFL season, he held a guy. Not to mention the way he spat on our country by not standing for the National Anthem.   I hope we have the phone number for Griff Whalen’s agent.Read More →

It appears that Jay Ajayi has quit the Miami Dolphins.  Or, at least, he has quit on the Miami Dolphins. Numerous reports have surfaced to indicate that Gase has benched Ajayi for our season opener Sunday.  In fact, Ajayi was told to stay home.    He is not in Seattle.  Sources seem to indicate that Ajayi and Gase had words over Gase’s decision to move Ajayi to the second string.   Team sources said Ajayi sulked all week and was extremely upset. As many of you know, Dolphins Truth has been a strong supporter of Ajayi, but we can no longer do so. First ofRead More →