Apparently, the Dolphins have a very inconsistent policy on players’ involvement with drugs.   Just ask Leon Orr and Dion Jordan. Orr was cut today, in the middle of practice, when the team learned he was arrested for a marijuana offense.   Meanwhile Dion Jordan, whose drug problems seemingly go back years, is still on the team.  Both players have zero accomplishments and zero production to be proud of in their Dolphins’ career, but somehow Jordan’s career continues.  He still makes money from a team that he hasn’t played for in forever.   He’s one of those rare trivia answers:   Which Miami Dolphin wasRead More →

Well, the good thing is that we won.  Six games in a row is quite a feat, and somehow the Dolphins are in the playoff hunt again.   Our offense scored its most points of the year, and the defense had a couple of nice turnovers.   But, man!   That’s about all the positives I can point out at this point, and that makes it scary. First of all, as I pointed out all week, the 49ers are among the worst teams in NFL history.  There’s not a single player on either side of the ball who you want on your fantasy team, andRead More →

Dolphins 23, Niners 17.      A tighter victory than I’d like, but we’ll take it. Our Chat room will open right before game time. As always, log in or register with the menu link on the right (or bottom).  Enter a name and password.   Once you’re in, you can skip the stylizing form and just go back to More →

Before the season started, I let all of my readers know my opinion of what Colin Kaepernick was doing.  As time went on, he made things worse, not better.  First by trying to justify his actions, then by sporting Malcolm X hats and Fidel Castro t-shirts.  He’s making a bad situation worse.   His own fans hate him, but mostly because he can’t seem to win a game.  As if Dolphin fans didn’t have enough reasons to root for our team to sack an opposing quarterback, there is added incentive here to win and to really crush the 49ers and their QB by about 40 points.Read More →

  The Miami Dolphins were 0-31 lifetime when being shut out entering the 4th quarter of road games     0-31 ! Thank God the defense only gave up 10 points, because Adam Gase’s offense decided to only play for about 5 minutes Sunday in Los Angeles. It seemed that we were back in the Mike Sherman era for most of Sunday, with little originality to the play calling and even less toughness and grit.   (Speaking of grit, for example, can’t at least ONE of our 3 millionaire offensive linemen tough it out and go to work Sunday ?) Gase continues to be frustratingRead More →

We are favored by a point and a half over the lowly Los Angeles Rams and a rookie QB about to see his first game action.  Let’s hope the 1.5 becomes 21.5 and we blow them out. Miami currently sits 7th in the AFC standings, where the top 6 make the playoffs.     Time to start rooting for those ahead of us to lose.    Of course watching Carolina and New Orleans both choke last weekend and hand free victories to Denver and Kansas City hurt us in the standings, but that always seems to happen:    When you scoreboard watch and need othersRead More →

Chargers running back Melvin Gordon had an outstanding game last week as the Chargers easily disposed of the same Tennessee Titans who beat Miami pretty handily.   That may become problematic, but Dolphins defense is playing much better now than it was a month ago.  I think our defense is strong enough now where they can focus on stopping Gordon without being overly susceptible to pass plays. San Diego’s offense uses a lot of screen passes and draw plays, luring the defense to race into the backfield, and then quickly getting the ball out of QB Philip Rivers’ hands.  An overly aggressive front line isRead More →

With about 10 minutes left to play in the second quarter, the Dolphins offense scored a touchdown.  It would be their last offensive touchdown of the day. Adam Gase had just watched Jay Ajayi shake off a rough start against a formidable Jets run defense and score on a gorgeous 20-yard touchdown run on our first drive.   Gase then watched Ajayi and Damien Williams rush down the field again.   He watched Ryan Tannehill hit Williams on a nice, floating fade pass.  He watched Tannehill execute a quick dropback and then immediately fire it to Dominique Jones for our second touchdown.  When was theRead More →

We know that Zach Vigil and Thomas Duarte were promoted to the active roster, and we can now confirm they will suit up today.   Duarte was a bit up-and-down in the preseason, and now we’ll see what he can do. Vigil was a fan favorite, and I expect that to continue with some big hits today. Come on over to the CHAT at  Read More →

I’m want to believe that we are turning things around for real, so I’m going to predict another Dolphins victory here.   Dolphins 30, Jets 23. I think we’ll know early how this game is going to end up.  We have to come out fired up and well rested from the bye.   We have to play with emotion and momentum.   We have to limit the stupid penalties.   All of these things will be evident within the first series or two.   If not, we could be in for a long day.   The Jets are far inferior to Pittsburgh and Buffalo, soRead More →

As you’ve probably seen in many other Dolphins articles, Miami doesn’t play a team with a winning record until January. Some are reporting this as if it’s good news. Granted, I’d rather play a bunch of losing teams, rather than a string of 7-1 teams coming into town. But just because we have some upcoming games against 4-4 or 3-5 teams doesn’t guarantee anything. Those teams, plus the NFL’s insanely unfair scheduling, are working to defeat us. First up is the Jets and their losing record. But make no mistake about it, they are on a roll with consecutive back-to-back wins under their belts. ToddRead More →