Another week, another venture for Stephen Ross that doesn’t help the Dolphins.   Add this to the long list of distractions that Ross involves himself in, rather than concentrating on the Miami Dolphins. While most other NFL owners are actively participating and attending the scouting combines in Indianapolis, overseeing their scouting departments and meeting daily with their personnel departments, Ross instead is home. Home, by the way, is not Miami.   Ross is a Jet fan who lives in New York City.  His businesses are there.  And many of his non-Dolphins adventures are held there. This time around, Ross is conducting business lessons for NFLRead More →

Mike Pouncey is being sued over a fight at his birthday party.  The trial commences next week. It stems from a 2014 altercation in which a couple of guys claim that Pouncey and his brother beat them up. Pouncey faces no jail time, but the civil case could hurt him in the wallet.  If only his hip were injured before this incident, then he never would have been able to go out partying.  But no, Pouncey’s gimp hip only acts up when it’s time to play football.  Read More →

In a move that has me shaking my head, the Dolphins today cut tackle Branden Albert. While Laremy Tunsil shows a lot of promise and will undoubtedly move to left tackle (he played left guard last year), it’s uncertain how he will handle the adjustment.   More important, however, is this creates yet another offensive line combination for Ryan Tannehill to get used to. I don’t blame the offensive line for all of Tannehill’s troubles in the last few years, but it certainly never helped him to have a new lineman in the rotation every other week.   I imagine they plan to use KraigRead More →

Reader Sean sent us a photo of himself with the enemy, Defensive Coordinator of the Patriots, Matt Patricia. Actually, he looks polite and personable and not really the enemy on this day. It’s baffling how this true genius gets no head coaching offers, but idiots like Kyle Shanahan, who hands free victories to the opponent, is hired.  Baffling. Anyway, Sean, please send us your comments about how you met him this day and the details !   Great photo. Hey, guys.   Here is Sean’s story…. My wife and I were staying at the Contemporary Resort at Disney- a trip we planned months ago. AsRead More →

Pretty much anyone who follows the Dolphins agrees that the team needs to address a huge talent gap at linebacker.  With Kiko Alonso being the pretty much the only guy to make plays last season, the Phins need to fill some spots. While some teams are looking for LB depth, we’re looking for LB starters.    I like Mike Hull a lot, but he must be underperforming in practice or something, because they don’t let him play much on game day. The LB need is grave, because our current guys weren’t able to provide run support, nor did they rush the passer effectively on blitzes,Read More →

Which is worse?  Matt Ryan making three costly mistakes on the same play, or Kyle Shanahan not knowing basic arithmetic? Despite a couple of decent games earlier this season Matt Ryan had a long history of choking in playoff games, when his team needed him most.  On Sunday, he worsened his reputation.   How much of that falls on his own shoulders is debatable.   The only solace Ryan can take is that very few people are blaming him.   Most analysts, myself included, are piling the blame on that ridiculous idiot Kyle Shanhan, who called the worst plays in Super Bowl history. And ofRead More →

When Pete Carroll handed a free Super Bowl to the Patriots a few years ago, Dan Quinn was standing right next to him.   Of all the people on earth who would learn from Carroll’s mistake, you’d think it would be Dan Quinn.  Wrong. From that fateful moment, you would think that Dan Quinn’s over-riding motivation in life would be, “If I ever get a chance to win a Super Bowl, I vow to never make the same horrendous mistake as Pete Carroll.”    Quinn not only made the same mistake once.  He made it twice.   In the 4th quarter, no less. He had aRead More →

With about 8 minutes to go and a 16-point lead, the Atlanta Falcons faced a third and inches from their own 36 yard line.    If Atlanta rushes the ball–first down or not–the clock keeps running.  Worst case scenario, they punt it deep and NE begins a drive in its own territory, with a 16-point deficit and with only 7 minutes left.   It leads to an Atlanta win. If Atlanta picks up the first down, they can knock a couple of minutes off the clock, and–again, worse case scenario only–they punt back to New England, who would still face a 16-point deficit, this timeRead More →

RISE is Stephen Ross’s Initiative in Sports for Equality.   It may have something to do with Kenny Stills and Michael Thomas disrespecting their country every week, but I’m not here to research what RISE’s goals are. Instead, I’m here to point out, yet again, that this is Stephen Ross doing something other than helping the Miami Dolphins.  Yet ANOTHER non-Dolphin venture to take his time and money away from where they should be spent. My regular readers know the routine by now.   There’s a lengthy list of things that Mr. Ross gets involved in that don’t help the Dolphins.  For some quick examples:  anti-bullying campaigns, bringing soccer toRead More →

When people in Boston wake up Sunday, will they realize how the entire non-Boston world hates the Patriots? Will a single Patriot fan admit that Tom Brady got caught red-handed cheating? Will they admit that if not for an archaic and unknown technicality known as the tuck rule, then no one would have heard of  Tom Brady? Will they admit that spying on your opponents during practice gives you a decided and unfair advantage? Will they admit that Pete Carroll handed them  free gift in the Super Bowl a few years ago? Will they admit that 17-0 is perfect, and that 18-1 is not? WeRead More →