It’s not looking very good either.  Add that to the fact that the NFL babies these guys nowadays and REQUIRES them to sit out games if they the league wants them to, it could be a long season with no seasoned RB. Time to step it up, Mr. Kenyan Drake.Read More →

Well, it didn’t take long for Koa Misi to be gone.  This year it occurred before the season even started.  The Dolphins placed him on I.R., essentially disqualifying him from playing one single snap this year.  There are back-and-forth rumors declaring if Misi is retiring or not, but does that really matter?  He hasn’t played a full season for us in 7 years.  If a guy barely plays for 3 seasons and retires, what have we lost? Don’t get me wrong.  I like the guy and injuries are never an athlete’s fault.  The injury doesn’t make Misi less tough.  The point is that Dolphins couldRead More →

In the past few months, we’ve already covered the logistical nightmare that the Dolphins schedule poses for the team.   Examples include having only 7 home games instead of 8, a brutal travel schedule, backloaded home games (so that Bills and Patriots visit Florida during perfect December weather, instead of muggy September), etc. But now it’s time to dig into the REAL nightmare.   Never mind the travel and scheduling.   It’s now time to look at the power of our opponents.  And there is no good news. We studied the Top Scoring offenses last year.  For the record, the Dolphins were at the low-middleRead More →