While I still think it’s arrogant of know-it-all Adam Gase to foist Jay Cutler on the Dolphins, Matt Moore certainly hasn’t proven capable of sustaining a winning streak either. I have no problem with Cutler starting; I just wish Gase said something like, “I’m going to evaluate both QBs and see who’s playing better.”   Instead, we get this from Gase: “I know what’s best and I’m never wrong and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.  Ha ha!” In Cutler’s last game vs. Tampa, he actually moved the team well.  DeVante Parker’s laziness and clumsiness cost Cutler two interceptions that were not his fault.  JarvisRead More →

As I mentioned yesterday, for perhaps the first in in NFL history, the referees determined that whoever first touches the ball inside a giant scramble-pile fighting for a fumble gets the ball. Never mind the fact that the same scrambles occur in every single NFL game all the time.  When it happens to New England, then suddenly piles don’t matter.   In a bizarre ruling that Adam Gase didn’t bother to ask for an explanation, the referees concluded that the Patriot had full control of the ball and then was touched by a Dolphin…even though the video clearly showed 3 different men all fighting for theRead More →

For the second week in a row, DeVante Parker ran a half-ass, lazy route and made little effort for the ball, costing his team a vital possession and sure points. Adam Gase refuses to call a simple QB sneak when it’s third and inches or even 4th and inches. Michael Thomas blew coverage on a fake punt, doubtless because he was thinking of new ways to disrespect the National Anthem. The refs decided that fighting for a loose fumble is no longer allowed.  Instead, they ruled that once a Patriot touched a muffed punt, the play was over.   Even though you see scrambling insideRead More →

Chat now open.   DolphinsTruth.com/chat   Yes.   It’s possible to beat the Patriots. If not for DeVante Parker last week, the Dolphins were set to score 30+ points.   If not for some questionable play calling by Adam Gase (as usual), we could have approached 40.  The offense is getting a bit more creative and a little less vanilla.   That’s bad news for opposing defenses. Last week, we saw a lot of play action (which worked almost every single time) and several rollouts, which also worked effectively.  I loved seeing it, and we need it to continue.   Unfortunately, in the second half, Adam Gase went backRead More →

I’m gonna lay off the Dolphins today and instead concentrate on what I feel is one of the worst blown calls in memory. The safety that wasn’t called continues to baffle me. I studied the play a hundred times and consulted the rule books and every possiible scenario. I cannot grasp a way in which the Dolphins don’t end up with two points there. Making matters worse is the fact that it wasn’t a single human forced to make a real-time decision. Instead, it’s a group of “experts” in NY who take their time to review things carefully. Or so we thought. The end resultRead More →

First of all, right off the bat, we need to point out that 2 of Jay Cutler’s 2 interceptions were DeVante Parker’s fault.  He fell down on one and dropped a ball right in his hands on the other.   Od all the Dolphin underperformers who receive sooo much praise (e.g., Mike Pouncey) I’ve had it with Parker most of all. The next time he breaks a tackle will be his first. It’s infuriating to hear each year how much improved Parker is.   And then he comes out and does nothing week after week after week.  Meanwhile, Jakeem Grant and Leonte Caroo get to ride theRead More →

During the summer, the Dolphins signed an out-of-shape Rey Maualuga to a contract out of necessity when Adam Gase decided that his rookie starting linebacker should run around on special teams in a meaningless practice game.  The starter is now out for the year, and thus we had to sign Rey.  Who is no longer on the team either. It took Rey months to get in shape, and once he finally played, he was serviceable.  Not great, but not disappointing either.  Until last night, when he decided to disappoint Dolphin fans by choking out a guy at a bar over an alleged $40. Another high-qualityRead More →

There are two incidents (that we’re aware of; there may be more) involving Adam Gase punishing All Pro running back Jay Ajayi. One was opening day 2016, when Gase benched Ajayi.  The Dolphins lost that game. The second was a few weeks ago, when Gase kicked Ajayi off the team.  The Dolphins have lost every game since then. We also know that Byron Maxwell was often in Gase’s doghouse, so Gase got rid of Maxwell too.  The Dolphins are 0-3 without Maxwell. To prove a point and to demonstrate his arrogance, Gase put himself above the overall need for talent on his team.  The teamRead More →

Let’s hear from you.   Here’s your forum for our readers to have at it. I’ll keep it short and sweet because I’m too disgusted to get into much. What do YOU guys think of Gase?  Cutler?   Even guys I’ve praised for several years and are now suddenly playing awful, such as Kiki Alonso. I thought Gase was a bad hire from day one, an arrogant prick who wasn’t accomplished enough to be arrogant, and he’s proving me right.  It’s painful to watch him cost us games with his predictable, unimaginative play calling and his horrible game management. Luke Kuechly knew what play was comingRead More →

Chat room now open… Dolphins Truth Chat Room   The allure of Monday Night Football is a shadow of what it used to be, but it’s still cool to be spotlighted on a national stage. The game used to be the Number One gem of ABC’s weekly television programming.   Now it’s on cable. The announcers were famous professionals who even non-sports fans knew, like Howard Cosell, O.J. Simpson, Joe Namath, Frank Gifford, etc.   Now it’s some guy named Sean McDonough.  Even hardcore sports addicts never heard of the guy. The broadcast used to feature a football game.  Now it features 2 hours of pregame, a long country-westernRead More →

The Dolphins hope to avoid going 0-3 in their third prime time game in a row Monday night, and they’ll have to do it without Ja’Wuan James. James was put on IR, meaning he’s gone for the year.  It’s a tough blow for an offensive line that isn’t too good to begin with.  But dont’t worry, the media and Adam Gase will praise Mike Pouncey. Dion Jordan played his first game in three years Thursday night and already has as many sacks as Charles Harris. In the Raiders game last week, Oakland scored just before halftime, and those three points proved to be the difference.Read More →

So it looks like Ja’Wuan James will be out for a while, which leaves a huge hole in the Dolphins’ already-porous offensive line. Adam Gase was discussing the line and the way they’ve played this year.    He said this:  “Pouncey is the only one I can say every game I’m seeing a lot of the same things that are good.” I guess that Gase feels holding penalties are good. Gase thinks that when Pouncey let the ball slip through his hands and snapped it 2 inches on a shotgun, that was good. Illegal hands to the face penalties?  Good. Not creating any running holes? Read More →

I’ll have a lot more during the week, but here are my quick tidbits. Funny how the refs never called any holding when we gained 4 or 5 yards.  Every single hold was when we had a long play for a first down. Funny how Adam Gase is so tough about doing things his own way, and he won’t allow players to question his team rules.  But when it comes to players whining about their desire to disrespect the flag and country, Gase folded faster than the Falcons in the Super Bowl.  (If you missed it, Gase caved in on his rule about Stills, Thomas, andRead More →