At first it seems odd, or ludicrous, or even unconstitutional to require and NFL owner to devote his time and resources to the team he owns. After all, when you own a car, there are no laws that state how often you must wax it. If you own a TV, there are no laws about what channel you watch. However, the NFL operates in a longstanding bubble, where seemingly illegal labor laws are the norm. For example, you and I get to work wherever we want. But an NFL rookie MUST work for the team that drafts him. If I graduate high school and someoneRead More →

No, it’s not April Fool’s Day.   This is real. A few years after the Dolphins sided with Martin (now under police lock-up) instead of Richie Incognito (who continues to be an All-Pro each year), this story refuses to go away.  It’s one of the worst decisions in sports history, and it continues to haunt the Dolphins. Apparently, Martin posted a photo of a gun and then wrote that Revenge was an option when you are bullied.  That’s pretty scary.  But what makes it worse is that Martin tagged Mike Pouncey, the Miami Dolphins, and Incognito too.  Clearly he aimed that message at the people heRead More →

…but it’s not the one we want. News broke today that the Dolphins are changing their uniforms again, and I instantly became enthused that it would be back to the aqua and orange, with the mighty dolphin jumping upright through the sun.  But then Stephen Ross dashed  my hopes again.   He is only “tweaking” the existing uniform and logo. I don’t know what the tweaks will consist of, but it will not be a return to our proud logo and colors. Armando at the Miami Herald actually said the team CURRENTLY wears aqua and orange.  He is wrong.  Larry Csonka wore aqua.  Dwight Stephenson woreRead More →

On the deciding play in the Super Bowl, defensive end Brandon Graham lined up between the center and the guard, beat the guard, and won the game for his team. A defensive END lined up on the inside.  One of the Eagles’ best outside rushers fooled the Patriots by lining up inside.  Fooled them to perfection. Now compare that to the way Adam Gase and Matt Burke utilize our best pass rusher, Cameron Wake.   Half the time, they have him on the bench, which is a huge mistake to begin with.  When he does play, he lines up in essentially the same exact spot every singleRead More →

Nuff said. congratulations to former Dolphins Jay Ajayi, Donnie Jones, Dannell Ellerbee, and of course Doug Pedersen. Jay Ajayi becoming a Super Bowl champion has to be the ultimate insult he could possibly send Adam Gase’s way.  Now every single Dolphin hopes Gase punishes the same way he punished JayRead More →

One of the many things that the NFL does wrong with the Super Bowl is taking away from the championship game itself.    For example, halftime is 12 minutes long.   It is not just a guess, but set in stone in the the league’s official rules.  Except when the NFL is trying to turn a game into a spectacle, then suddenly the 12 minutes becomes over an hour long, so millennial fans can fawn over Justin Timberlake. I have no problem with the special commemorative coins they use for the coin toss, or the fossils they drag out to be honorary captains, etc.   All ofRead More →