An unrelenting barrage of excuses spewed forth from Arrogant Adam’s mouth this week. While we’ve heard the same excuses for three years now, something seemed different this time around. It seemed a little different because Gase had to defend his improper calls more than usual. Instead of asking him typical softball questions like, “How is Ryan’s shoulder doing,” reporters finally started to ask him about the specific play calls that lost us the game. And Gase didn’t like it. Unfortunately, it seems that men like Stephen Ross believe the excuses, and thus Gase gets away with it. In addition, even when reporters try to pressRead More →

Even when the Miami Herald and Adam Beasley blame Adam Gase’s playcalling in their HEADLINE for why we lost today’s game, they don’t emphasize it as much as they should. Beasley blames the defense too, which didn’t play well but held the Colts to under 28 (for the first time in over a month), had three turnovers, blocked a punt and had a part in making Adam Vinatieri miss a field goal.  Also, they sacked Andrew Luck, something no team has done in 2 months.   So while the defense gave up 3 touchdowns, don’t you dare blame them.  They played well enough to win.  No,Read More →

For the second game in a row, the league has changed the time for a Dolphins road game. It might not be a big deal on paper, but the unfairness of it all compounds when you consider that this stuff never happens to other teams. Logistics are a vital part of planning your week.  Knowing your set schedule in advance–which allows you to you plan practice and travel times–is hugely vital in the NFL.   Each year I report on the schedule when it’s released, and I always mention how ridiculously long it takes the NFL to schedule 16 games.   (MLB, by comparison, has 162 gamesRead More →

Like the Dolphins, I will be taking a Bye week.     I’m actually away for a week or so, but will leave this post up for comments.   Enjoy! I’ll be back for the COLTS game day chat.Read More →

Matt Patricia and Mike Vrabel both beat the Patriots this year by using simple, common sense. When you rush Tom Brady, it works. It’s not that hard. The Dolphins watched the lowly Lions decimate Brady one week, and then the following week Miami did the exact opposite of what Detroit did.    Why should we pressure Brady when instead we can rush 3 guys and let him take his time.   We’ll drop 8 men into coverage, so Brady won’t be able to find anyone, right?   Before you knew it, the Pats were scoring at will against us. A few more teams tried it Miami’s way,Read More →

A bye week.   That gives us 2 weeks instead of 1 to listen to Adam Gase’s excuses. Adam Gase began the game Sunday by calling for a deep, straight-dropback pass that was doomed from the start, forcing Brick Osweiler to throw the ball away, and he barely had time to do even that. But then a funny thing happened.  Frank Gore carried the ball for 39 yards.   He took it again for 4 more yards.  After a quick pass, Kenyan Drake ran the ball for 6 yards.   Then Gore again for 5.  Due to the rushing game, we were at the Green Bay 14.   54Read More →

The toughness and resiliency of the Miami Dolphins’ offensive linemen showed up yet again today, with both Laremy Tunsil and Ju’Wuan James opting out of playing in an important game. Yes, I know leg injuries are serious business, but with these particular injuries–which allowed both men to practice during the week–they were playable.    Just like Josh Sitton and Daniel Kilgore could have played this year instead of opting out. And yet the media (and Adam Gase) keeps claiming that the Dolphins will give their all for Adam Gase.   Have any of you seen this? By the way, backup Ted Larsen is out too.   WeRead More →

Each day that goes by offers more and more proof of how inept Adam Gase is. When questioned about our running game being so poor against the Jets, Gase had this gem of an excuse: When they called running plays to Kenyan Drake:   “We got caught in a couple of coverages that were not ideal.”   “Got caught???”    The very first thing you do when you’re caught in ANYTHING is to get out of it.    Don’t let yourself stay caught.   Better yet, be smarter than the guy who caught you, i.e., avoid getting caught in the first place. “Getting caught” while you’re still inRead More →

On a day when kicker Jason Sanders outscored both offenses combined with 7 of his own points (one more than Jerome Baker). Adam Gase talked about complementary football. If you ever needed proof to believe my assertion about Unqualified Adam, don’t listen to me.  Listen to Gase.   He said the offense complemented the defense.  His words. So when the defense forced multiple three-and-outs, the offense did nothing.   That’s complimentary to Adam Gase. When the defense scored us 7 points on a gorgeous pick-6 from a rookie, the offense returned the favor by going three-and-out the rest of the game.   Complementary football means both units feedRead More →

Get ready for more antics from Torry McTyer! Let’s review.  Two years ago, while Xavien Howard was still a raw rookie, Tony Lippett was our best CB.   Last year Tony was hurt, so when he was ready to come back this year, he was gonna get his job back, right?   After all, that is Gase’s policy with Ryan Tannehill. But no.   Gase cut Lippett. Enter Bobby McCain as the starter.   Bobby is too short to cover taller receivers, and he’s too slow to keep up with the fast ones.  Did you see how well he played last Thursday when we got toasted for 5 TDsRead More →

Brock Osweiler will start his 4th straight game Sunday. He had an excellent game against the Bears, especially considering that he foud out he was playing about an hour before game time.   In the games against Detroit and Houston, he was so-so, but not horrible.  The defense clearly cost us those games and came close to costing us the Bears’ game as well (Thank you, Cody Parkey!). Today, Brock showed why i really like this guy.   He said he wants to keep the starting job, even when Ryan Tannehill returns to health.   Now that is a gamer.  He’s not spouting the usual cliches about “IRead More →