I’ve been meaning to share this one for a while, and it’s better late than never. When we beat the Chicago Bears, we trailed by 7 late in the game, and things didn’t look promising.   But then Brock Osweiler hit Albert Wilson on a short pass, which Wilson then took the rest of the way for an exciting, game-tying touchdown.   It woulda/shoulda/coulda been the Play of the Year if not for the Miami Miracle two months later. Anyway, our regular readers know I’m a fan of Nick O’Leary, as he certainly proved himself to be our best tight end all year long.   Never mind theRead More →

On Sunday, I’ll have a Super Bowl chat open for everyone.   All are welcome, even Patriot fans. So I assume most of us hate the Patriots and want the Rams to win?   The Patriots are aiming to become only the second team in NFL history to lose 2 straight Super Bowls (Buffalo Bills lost two in a row…TWICE), and I hope the Rams send them there. My biggest fear is that the Rams defense will follow the same flawed game plan that the Chiefs and Chargers tried.   They rushed 3 men (sometimes 4 at the most) so that they could drop 8 men back intoRead More →

Xavien Howard had a great-looking interception against Dak Prescott today as the AFC rolled to an easy Pro Bowl win.   Good job, X Now let’s hope the Dolphins lock you up with a great contract deal. He’s one of our more talented defenders, and one we need to keep.  Of course, in the Gase era, as soon as a Dolphin made the Pro Bowl, they were sent packing.   Hopefully those days are behind us…Read More →

I was among the last of a dying breed.   I really enjoyed the Pro Bowls.   I watched them when they were in Prime Time Television, on real networks, not cable. I liked when the game was played after the Super Bowl, so you could see the very best players participate.   Nowadays, it’s a farce. The players barely care, and their effort shows this. There will be no Tom Brady.   No Ndomakong Suh.   And No Effort from anyone who’s out on the field. The rules are there for safety, but the no blitzing rule has pretty much evolved into No Pass Rushing at all.  Contact isRead More →

I’m too angry–and perhaps too lazy–to look up the guy’s name again, but the Dolphins have raided that Patriot Coaching Tree for the second time. They’re taking a man who’s never called a play in his life and thrusting him into an enormous role that he is unprepared for.   He has zero experience with designing offenses and calling plays. Much like our new head coach has never advanced further than being a linebacker coach. You’d think Stephen Ross would have learned his lesson about hiring inexperienced assistants and promoting them to the top job.  You’d think he learned a lesson from watching all the failuresRead More →

Let’s give the Patriots credit begrudgingly; they are obviously a strong team.  But when the refs help, combined with ludicrous coaching strategies that Andy Reid tried, the result was easy to predict. I know the non-call in the Saints-Rams game was bad, but I feel the blown call on the Tom Brady “roughing the passer” was an even worse call.  Here’s a quick review:  https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/for-petes-sake/article224848750.html When CBS brought in their former ref/rules analyst, he clearly stated this was the wrong call.   The referee, who was standing 10 yards BEHIND Brady, “assumed” the defender hit him in the head.  He threw the flag, and that was prettyRead More →

Live chat open!  Join us to root for the Chiefs! The NFC game is in OT.   Two excellent defensive coordinators (both are experienced head coaches), have stymied two outstanding offenses. Yet neither of those defensive coordinators will coach the Dolphins next year, because Stephen Ross has tunnel vision and already decided on giving the job to an assistant linebacker coach who was a backup regional scout just a few years ago.  Brian Flores does NOT have a lot of experience calling plays.  Zero experience making decisions.  He’s utterly unqualified.  He is NOT even a coordinator. When news of Flores started to surface, I refused toRead More →

Well, the worst-kept secret in NFL history lingered on for another week, with the Dolphins unable to hire–let alone discuss–new coach Brian Flores. Most of the good assistants and coordinators are already taken, meaning Flores will have slim pickings to join his staff.  Meaning, we’ll get his friends and inexperienced buddies, a la Adam Gase,  This is unwise on many levels.   Oh, and here’s a great article that takes an in-depth look at Brian Flores’ defenses, his play designs, his football I.Q.    Take a second to read this article.   It gives you a really great idea about why Chris Grier hired him:   https://sports.yahoo.com/rise-brian-flores-042515678.html  Read More →

For many years, I have described the Dolphins’ bullying fiasco as “two best friends teasing each other” and I’ve taken a lot of grief for it. A lot of folks wrote to me and commented on our boards about how bullying is a real thing and a national epidemic.  I’m sure it is; however, that’s not what happened to Jonathan Martin.  No, Martin and Richie Ingnotio were immature men who often used vile language when speaking and texting to one another.  BOTH men used the same language.  BOTH. It continues to play out today, as authorities have declared that Martin will stand trial for threateningRead More →

Well, let’s open it up for discussion. Ryan Tannehill is under contract and he is a Miami Dolphin.   Do we keep him?  Keep Osweiler?  Fales?  Luke Falk? What about Kyler Murray?   It appears that Stephen Ross is enamored with him, but he is 5 ft 9.   That simply won’t cut it in the NFL, and the kid should play baseball instead!  There are plenty of reasons to AVOID this guy, which means Ross will be more drawn to him. Do we tank on purpose and HOPE that one of the 2020 quarterbacks is available and we pick them and they have a long stellar career? Read More →

So Brain Flores remains the assistant Linebackers Coach for the Patriots, meaning while other teams and their new coaches are already preparing their staffs, the Dolphins wait. Welcome to the logic of Chris Grier and Stephen Ross. Flores, an old friend of Grier from their days as scouting assistants together, is the likely man to take over as Dolphins’ head coach, despite his utter lack of credentials.  Despite better candidates. I’m not saying we should rush to a decision. I don’t think we needed to hire a coach the moment we got rid of Gase.   But if we ARE going to wait, we certainly haveRead More →

It seems like Brian Flores will be our next head coach, and we’ll go in with an open mind.   But the more I read about this whole hiring process, the more I’m wondering… I’ve cut Stephen Ross a lot of slack the last few weeks.   Instead of pointing out my usual list of items that Ross does to hurt the Dolphins, I took it easy on him and enjoyed the brilliant afterglow of Ross’s best decision to date:  he fired Arrogant Adam.   Ross said the right things and made the right decision.  It was a pleasure to be a Dolphin fan.   The coaching search wasRead More →

While we await head coaching news, we still have some time to lament about the Adam Gase era. Specifically today, I’d like to point out that my criticisms of Gase are not unique. Many other people saw what I saw, and their comments speak volumes. The people I’m talking about are the TV announcers, including several well-respected Hall of Famers. There were about six instances this year when an announcer said something along the lines of “I’m surprised that Adam Gase called that play right there.” They were right to question Gase’s play-calling. But I’m a little disappointed that they were surprised over it. Here’sRead More →

Google Kris Richard:     Well, the word is that the Dolphins will not bring in Mike Munchak.  This is a questionable move in my book.  The man is a Hall of Famer with head coaching experience.  Doesn’t that deserve at least an interview? In addition, seems like Rex Ryan and Mike McCarthy were never considered.  This too is puzzling. Look, I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.  Firing Gase was the best thing we could have done, and Mr. Ross did so.  But it seems the new coaching search is suffering from tunnel vision, where they are only looking at youngRead More →

I know this is a re-run, but I am still so happy that Gase is gone that I just had to do it…   Mr. Ross, I owe you an apology.  You DID make the right call after all. You DID give us the best present we could ask for. Arrogant Adam Gase is gone. Yes, the dust hasn’t settled yet, and our new coach might be worse, but I doubt it.   Even so, let’s revel in the holiday joy for a while and take it all in.  No more Gase. We might run a QB sneak now. We might utilize a position called TightRead More →

Let’s use this post to discuss who we’re rooting for in the playoff.s “Anyone but New England” is an acceptable answer! Did you guys see the end of the Dallas-Seattle game?   Seattle gets an interception and set to drive for the win.   All of a sudden, there are two penalties in a row on Seattle, ending the threat and they punt.  Dallas gets the ball back, and Seattle forces a three and out.  But wait!    A garbage interference penalty on Seattle gives Dallas a new first down! No problem.   Seattle forced a second three-and-out in a row.   But guess what?   ANOTHER interference penalty keptRead More →