A couple of Patriots tidbits that affect the Dolphins.  Maybe. Rob Gronkowski, who fell down to enable the Miami Miracle to take place, has retired.  Whoever his backup is will probably score 5 TDs and gain 400 yards against the Dolphins.  We are consistently the worst team in the world at covering TEs, especially backups. Pats owner Robert Kraft continues to embarrass himself.   If he just pled guilty and allowed a few jokes at his expense, it would be water under the bridge by now.  But since he refuses to admit to any wrongdoing, he is making it worse. By the way (and this seemsRead More →

I thought it was a new day.  I fell for it.  I fell for Stephen Ross’s words when he said it was a new day and when he said he won’t try the same old things again and expect a different result. He said all of that on one of the greatest Dolphin days in the past decade:  the day he finally fired Adam Gase. There are very few positive, smart decisions that Ross has made during his ownership.  Firing Gase was a huge one.  It almost made me forget about all the other nonsense Ross puts us through.  But, alas, the positive feeling was shortRead More →

While I was elated to be rid of Arrogant Adam Gase, I have a bit of a heavy heart in saying goodbye to Ryan Tannehill. He did some good things here, and you guys know, I always appreciated his toughness and loyalty.   However, his faults were simply too many to be ignored and too serious to be tolerated. Listen, Adam Gase’s playcalling put Tannehill in a position to fail.  But sometimes, even when you’re in a losing position, you need to make things happen.  RT17 rarely did that.  He’s going to be a Titan now, and with oft-injured, gimpy Marcy Mariota on that team, thatRead More →

I’m not gonna write a lot here, because the news keeps coming in faster than I can write.   Let’s just use this space to comment on what’s going on and our thoughts. Out of all the stupid news that has occurred since Ross finally fired Arrogant Adam, the WORST news is that the Dolphins are re-signing DeVante parker for two more excruciating years. Here is my prediction for Parker over the next 2 years (32 games): He’ll be “hurt” and unable to play in 21 of those 32 games.  He’ll drop 19 passes per year.   He’ll run slow, lazy routes 90% of the time.  HeRead More →

Looks like Danny Amendola is gone for sure.  Dolphins already score 50 or 60 points per game anyway, so there is no need to hang onto a clutch receiver who never ever drops a ball. Who needs offense, right? Cameron Wake is rumored to be gone.  Who wants a quiet, confident, productive team leader. Robert Quinn and Andre branch appear to be gone as well.  When you cut your best pass rusher, you may as well cut BOTH of his backups as well.   Now we have such great depth with Bust Charles Harris at the top of the list, and zero backups. Tannehill is more thanRead More →