Make no mistake about this:   Coach Brian Flores and GM Chris Grier know who their starting QB is. Don’t be fooled by the politically correct nonsense about “it will be a competition,” and “we’ll have to see.”  They know already.   Of course they know.   It’s fine that they don’t want to share the information yet, but at least say “No comment” rather than pretending they are unsure. But, us Dolphin fans are used to getting lied to.   Like when Tricky Nicky Saban said, “I am not going to Alabama” or when Big Bill Parcells said, “I will not trade Jason Taylor. ” Or when StephenRead More →

Well, apparently we’re stuck with Charles Harris as our leading sack monster.   He has two sacks in two years, and yet our brain trusts thought it was better to waste draft picks on running backs and a project LB with pretty long hair who left many pundits scratching their heads.   We really really needed a DE or two. That being said, despite an underwhelming Saturday, we made some great strides Thursday and Friday.   I’m on board with Josh Rosen and, for once, I’m not going to criticize management for trying this. Let’s hope his attitude issues are in the past.   HeRead More →

We might be getting close to a new QB… I don’t know enough about the guy to judge yet, but i know he was highly touted LAST year.   During the season, he had a lot of bust-like qualities.  But did he get a fair shot with that awful Cardinal line? I’m excited for now.   The promise of a first-round pick (last year) for our 2nd-round pick this year seems fair.    I’d prefer a 3rd or 4th rounder, but we’ll see.Read More →

By popular demand, I’ll open up the draft room tonight.    I’ll be in an out myself, but you guys can discuss it and debate. Dolphins Truth Chat Room After a lot of back and forth, my own personal choice is QB Daniel Jones.   If not, then a DE.   We were too cheap to pay our existing DEs, so now we have to draft at least 3 new ones, possibly 4.   I can live with drafting a QB as long as we get a stud DE. Your final thoughts?    Read More →

First things first… Here’s a whopper from the Miami Herald, and it proves what I’ve been saying about Stephen Ross all along… “Ending the year on the road is no big surprise; the Dolphins prefer it because it helps preserve Hard Rock Stadium‘s field for the Orange Bowl.” Good ol’ Stephen Ross!  Always placing the interests of college football ahead of his own team.   What an unfortunate owner we have.   He should be pounding on Goodell’s door demanding we finish at home, instead of “preferring” we play on the road. At least he’s not sending us to Europe this year! Seems like weeks 14, 15,Read More →

I know it’s not a big deal to most people, but the last few unqualified Dolphins head coaches have repeated the same word far too often, and it always bothered me.   On the first day of practice, Brian Flores went there as well. ”I’m living the dream,” he said. ”It has been a learning process. Like the players, I try to learn and improve every day. This begins the phase I enjoy the most: coaching football. Today is a special day for me.” I don’t want a coach who needs to LEARN coaching.   I don’t want a coach who needs to LEARN football.     I don’tRead More →

The NFL typically releases its schedule on the Thursday before the draft.   That makes it this Thursday, April 18. There’s not guarantee of this, but that’s what recent history tells us.  April 18,  I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have much enthusiasm this time around. The Dolphins are a much weaker team than last year. The Patriots are champions and better than ever, meaning we have zero chance of doing anything good this year.  Our owner talks a good talk, and he certainly fooled me when he fired Arrogant Adam Gase, but he doesn’t care about the Dolphins’ success.  Our Head CoachRead More →

Ross has let this team become such an embarrassment. There’s simply no identity to the Miami Dolphins.   32 teams in the league, and 31 team apps enthusiastically describe the team and promote fandom.   One team app enthusiastically asks you to buy Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses. To make up for Ross allowing this nonsense to usurp our app, he went out and hired an experienced head coach and….ooops, never mind. By the way, Matt Moore is now working on our scouting department.   One of the very few Dolphins front office men who played in the NFL.  Have ANY of our coaches or coordinators ever putRead More →