Well, he’s back in the NFL, just not with the Dolphins. Richie has signed on with the Oakland Raiders, who I suspect will get something out of him.  I always hoped that he would come back to Miami after accepting a massive apology from Stephen Ross.  But I don’t think that’s gonna happen! Whether it’s Richie or Tyreek Hill or Colin Kaepernick or Ray Rice, ..what are your thoughts on signing some of the NFL’s controversial bad boys?  Read More →

Senorise Perry, a backup Dolphin running back for several seasons, is now on the Bills.  Perry is a little-used substitute on an awful team in a city with zero sports titles.  This part isn’t newsworthy.  No one cares. So why the news?  Perry has chosen to wear #32.   The Bills have not allowed anyone to wear that number since The Juice left Buffalo in the late 1970s.   It’s a pretty ballsy move for Perry to request that number.   Gotta give him credit. Perry, along with 2018 leading Dolphin rusher Frank Gore, are both in the Bills’ backfield this season. Despite OJ’s legal claims to fame,Read More →

So we’ll be a taking a bit of a hiatus for the first few weeks in May. I’ll leave everything up and running so you guys can talk about all things Dolphins. It’s encouraging to see that we’re all on the same page about Josh Rosen having some potential.   Some are more enthusiastic than others, but at least the enthusiasm and anticipation is there.   It’s been quite a while for that.  No one is saying “Rosen and Fitzpatrick both suck.  We should traded away the farm to draft Kyler Murray.”  It’s nice that we all seem to agree. Enjoy, and keep on chatting…Read More →