The Dolphins finally had enough of Kenny Stills’ distractions and sent him to Houston.  As part of the same trade, Laremy Tunsil is gone. The happiest man today?  The doctor who performs ACL surgeries on QBs, because Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen are dead men walking.   Some Miami area surgeons are gonna get a lot of work ! Apparently, the Dolphins received TWO first-round picks, plus a second-rounder as well.   That is 3 quality picks for some guys who have never been to a Pro Bowl.   Even the Dolphins can’t louse that up, can they?   This is on par with the Cowboys getting rid ofRead More →

It’s been a long time…probably my entire life…since I cared this little about a Dolphins game, preseason or otherwise.  I’ll watch and I’ll try to analyze who’s looking good and who should be cut (e.g., DeVante Parker), but there doesn’t seem to be any passion with this team.  There’s not a single player I’m excited to study tonight.  No drama about who will make the team and who won’t. For example, would it shock you if Kiko Alonso got cut?  Would it surprise you if he made the team?  Would you be upset either way?   I answer NO to all three of those, and itRead More →

TJ McDonald didn’t do much of anything, so I can see him getting cut. But now Akeem Spence?   Our ONLY d-lineman worth a damn (and at a cheap price too).  It’s beginning to look a lot like they truly are going to tank this year on purpose.  i really liked Spence.  Quiet and productive and loyal. But guess what?  Even if we get the #1 overall pick next year and draft a stud QB…we have already purged a bunch of good players, especially on defense.  Plus, we still have no line to protect a new QB.  In other words, we could have the best QBRead More →

I wish I could trust our coaching staff to know the right move as to who should be our week 1 starter at QB, but not a single person on this staff has any experience choosing players, starters, personnel, etc.  Jim Caldwell might have been quite helpful in this regard, but we all know he’s gone.  So now it’s up to the gang of inexperienced assistants, and they are in a lose-lose situation. If Fitz starts and excels, then we will have wasted a 2nd round pick to bring Rosen in.  If Fitz bombs and we go with Rosen, then why have we wasted millionsRead More →

So this week, the Dolphins were in the news again because Minkah Fitzpatrick’s mom mouthed off (correctly so) about her son being played out of position.  It’s pretty sad when an old lady knows more about coaching that our alleged professional staff.   Just like when Miko Grimes wasn’t really off base in her analyses.  These ladies are loud and vocal, bit they make strong points. I liked the olden days better, when Channing Crowder’s mom challenged Rex Ryan to a fistfight.  Now that was lighthearted and cool! Anyway, Kenny Stills was also in the news again, and hopefully the issues with him and Stephen RossRead More →

Nothing really matters in pre-season, so let’s get that right out in the open.  Yet despite that, some things become noticeable, if not meaningful. Our new defensive line looked horrendous.  In a normal pre-season game, you don’t read into it too much.  However, I must point out that our STARTING defensive line stayed in the game until the 4th quarter.   So our boys were getting shoved aside by Atlanta’s 4th and 5th stringers.  Guys who will be working construction in a few weeks were getting the best of Christian Wilkins.  Charles Harris, as usual, was a non factor.   The other guys?  Invisible as well. (OnRead More →

Every single year it seems, without fail, we hear the same old stories in Dolphins camp that we don’t necessarily hear from other teams. This time around, it’s the usual July-August stories about all the Dolphins who are under the radar. I’ve barely heard a word about first-round pick Christian Wilkins.  Our star QB, Josh Rosen, is under-performing and not making any notable strides.   So our two star acquisitions are floundering away, but we keep hearing about the undrafted rookies. Same old tale from Dolphinsland, every year. Undrafted discards WR Preston Williams and OG  Deion Calhoun are apparently mesmerizing coaches in practice.   It’s a niceRead More →