Right off the bat, let me say that he all-out blitz on 3rd and 20 was an awful call.  I won’t defend that blitz.  But I do want to remind everyone of other bad, costly plays in that game.  The sad part is that these mistakes are oh so avoidable. But before the 3rd-and-30 touchdown occurred, Nick O’Leary blew the game. We were up 11 points with the ball and only 1:13 left to play.  Around midfield.  On our live gameday chat, I was saying we should play play it safe and do nothing stupid.  Let’s go into halftime leading by 11. And Chad O’SheaRead More →

We’re now 4 games into a 5-game lull in the schedule.  After feeding us 3 high-quality teams to begin the year, the NFL then served us 5 patsies.  We already lost to 3 of them (Chargers, Redskins, Bills).  Next up is Pittsburgh and the Jets. The Steelers looked like a sure thing at the beginning of the year.  But now with a rookie QB in there, anything goes, and the Steelers are not the team they once were.  We can beat the Steelers.  What we cannot beat, however, are the refs.  The Steelers have gotten all the calls for decades. Anyone remember the Super BowlRead More →

In what looks like a clear sign that Kenyan Drake is about to be traded, he is not with the Dolphins on their way to Pittsburgh. I’ve liked Drake for several seasons, but this is the right move.   His negative plays have worn out his welcome (in my book).   As I’ve mentioned several times, he will go down in history and in our hearts for his TD in the Miracle in Miami play. But, besides that, his bonehead plays are just as engraved in my mind.   He dropped the 2-pt conversion pass against the Redskins.  He fumbled at the goal line in the Cowboys game. Read More →

Yahoo Sports ran an article right after the game ended, pointing out the disaster that ensued right after our fake field goal successfully converted into a first down. Here’s the link:   https://sports.yahoo.com/dolphins-tanking-successful-fake-field-goal-sack-fumble-interception-201317398.html I’ll save you some time and summarize it:  the writer points out how the Dolphins blew that golden opportunity.   That’s stating the obvious.  And it offers zero insight and analysis. So allow me to tell you what really went wrong.   And it starts well before the interception. The Dolphins were driving.   We got the ball at halftime and marched all the way down to the Bills’ 13 yardline.   Mind you, a lot of thatRead More →

I’ll lead right off by saying it’s time to dump him.   I like the kid, but we have other backs who are just as good, if not better. In his Dolphin tenure, here the the notable plays by Drake, just going by memory.   The plays that stand out to me:  The Miracle in Miami.  An unforgettable play that will go down in Dolphin lore.  I can watch Gronk fall down forever.  Drake fumbles at the goal line in the Bears game in O.T.   We shoulda lost that game, if not for Cody Parkey shanking a field goal. Drake was only in the game because FrankRead More →

The Dolphins continue their schedule of overrated teams this week with a trip to Buffalo. Like the Chargers, the Bills are one of those teams that always starts fast and teases their fans.  Then they play a good team, and the Bills fans realize what the rest of the world already knows:  They aren’t good. With the Dolphins having limited talent and 3 inexperienced desk-job guys calling plays and making decisions, the Bills should win this game.  But the Dolphins will be within the 17-point spread for sure.  Somehow, Miami has gotten a little better and a little closer each week, while the Bills haveRead More →

First of all, I’ll lead off with a hypocrite warning, because I thought going for two points and the win was a cool idea.  Not a wise idea, and not the best idea.  But intriguing for sure.  So I can’t fault Flores too much.   But we are all fans, and fans are allowed to do and say things based on emotion.  But our head coach and chief decision-maker has to be smarter than that.  Flores wasn’t.  He let his emotions get the best of him and set up the Redskins for the win. He told the Redskins, “If you make ONE play, you win this game.  ONE.”Read More →

CHAT:  http://dolphinstruth.com/chat/   With 4 playoff teams in September now out of the way, we now embark on some very winnable games. First of all, let me state my personal wish is the Dolphins go 1-15.  I DO NOT WANT the stigma of 0-16.  I think that’s a kick in the face to the players and fans, and puts us in a historical collection of the worst of the worst.   No, I want a win. But I don’t want 2.   If we win two games, then we may as well win 4 or 5.   And with the Bengals, Jets (twice), Bills (twice…and they are very overrated),Read More →

The Atlanta Falcons have never been the same after handing a free-gift Super Bowl championship to the Patriots three years ago, and their long decline continues.    On Sunday, they barely put up a fight vs. Houston.  The Texans got to 3-2.  Let’s hope they start losing soon, because as we all know, the worse they do, the better our draft will be.   Thanks for nothing, Atlanta. The Steelers, however, were more generous.  They blew a home game late, and they fell to 1-3.  It would be wonderful to see them stay at one win all year. Prepare yourself for a week of bad jokesRead More →

Yahoo’s alleged sportswriter Eric Edholm published his mock draft today, citing the 3 players the Dolphins should pick with their 3 first-round picks. You can read it here:  https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-draft-happy-mocktober-6-q-bs-land-in-our-first-2020-mock-134507143.html No surprise to find Tua on top.  No one can fault that pick. But he goes on to suggest that Dolphins draft a WR next and then a RB. For many years, I have always said that drafting a WR in the first round is a mistake.  Remember Randall Hill and Yatil Green?   Okay, never mind those obvious busts.    I’m talking about any WR on any team.   How many times has a WR made THAT muchRead More →