I’ve spent nearly the entire week reading up on our draft picks before writing this.  In general, I am pleased with the selections, and I certainly feel the Dolphins are better off today than a week ago.  Would love to hear from you all on your overall thoughts. Obviously, each pick comes with strengths and weaknesses.   But interestingly enough, most of the “weaknesses” for this crop of rookies are actually mysteries, not weaknesses.  These question marks include: Can Tua stay healthy? Will he play at all in 2020? Is Austin Jackson ready for the NFL, or still several years away as many have said? Will NoahRead More →

So I was very happy with the Tua pick.   My gut was telling me to make this pick, and I’m glad the Dolphin Chris Grier agreed.   The young Flores boys seemed to agree too, as they were so eager to grab the phone and talk to Tua. I was going to vow to learn how to spell and pronounce his last name, but I gave up already.  Incidentally, Tua is just a nickname.   I cannot pronounce or spell his real first name either.  So he is Tua for life in this blog. Austin Jackson and Noah I. (another young man whose name I won’t tryRead More →

Okay, I’d love to chat with our group here during the draft, and I’ll open up the chat room before the draft commences at 8 Eastern. Also, reader Justin and some friends are having a Zoom video draft party, and I’m working with him to provide the invite links here.  Zoom is pretty fun an easy, and you just have to click the link.   If you have Zoom, you’re in.  If not, it will ask you to download it, which is quick and easy. I’m going to TRY to do our chat room while I’m in Justin’s Zoom party, so we’ll see how that goes.Read More →

With everyone concerned about Coronavirus, I’m sure a lot of our excitement about the draft and the schedule release has been curtailed.   But with 10 days to go for the draft (and probably any day now for the schedule release), it’s finally starting to hit me. I hope you all are safe and sound. A lot of the same rumors continue to buzz around, plus some new rumors, plus some contradictions of the original rumors.   The bottom line?   IT’S ALL RUMORS!  We don’t know.   The good news is that we only need to wait 2 more days to find out. I’ll begin by saying this one lastRead More →