Man, this is a dreadfully painful time with no sports.  As I’ve said since day one, having to go without sports and having to cancel a vacation—that’s nothing compared to people losing their lives to the virus.  I’d rather have this minor inconvenience than suffer what others have been through.  But after 3 or 4 months, I’m really eager to get back to normal…if only mother nature would agree. I haven’t had much to report here, and even the Dolphin writers at the Herald and Sun Sentinel are re-hashing the same stuff.  What this unit MIGHT look like.   WHAT IF this or that happens?  ARead More →

Various reports indicate that Xavien Howard will not be suspended to begin the 2020 season, if there is one. The legal charges were dropped, but Howard still could have faced discipline from Roger Goodell under the league’s personal conduct policy.  Apparently, even that will not occur, and it’s great news for the Dolphins. Meanwhile, Tua is in Miami.  Players with injuries are allowed to consult with team doctors, and that’s exactly the case here.  The “contact” rules are extremely vague during the pandemic.  I don’t even know if Tua and Brian Flores are allowed to meet and say hello in person.  I know Tua isRead More →

The NFL reported today that it’s toying with a shorter pre-season (2 games instead of 4).   I’m curious what you all think. Me?   I am all for it.   The NFL preseason is like no other.  It’s grueling. It’s violent and dangerous.  It’s meaningless like the Pro Bowl, if you’re a veteran.   But to rookies dying to make the team, it’s life and death.  Put those rookies and the vets on the field at the same time, and it’s scary. The pre-season, they say, lets coaches see what they have.  True, no doubt.   But you can also see that, for the most part, at practices andRead More →

2020 has featured so much uncertainty that it’s hard to get an accurate indication of when certain NFL milestones will be coming. Training camp seems a long way off still, but there is some progress.   Teams might be able to resume in-person meetings (whether it’s just coaches or players or both is unknown).  Actual practices are not around the corner, but it gives us something to look forward to. My one main wish is that the NFL stays unified and fair on when the camps will open and when teams can begin their activities.   In MLB, it’s not very unified.  The players union can’t agreeRead More →