A win is a win.  But this one felt like a loss for most of the day, as the offense couldn’t move the ball much and the defense gave up big plays. It FEELS like the Jets scored 33 points, not 3.  But the D stepped up with 2 second-half picks, which countered the Dolphins’ two fumbles. All in all, we go into this week happy for the win, but still with a lot of concern for the items in obvious need:  pass protection and a running game. What do you think?Read More →

In the span of 4 days, less than 96 hours, the Houston Texans went from a 2-win bottom dweller to a 4-win team.  Since the Dolphins own the Texans’ 2021 first and second round picks, we keep an eye on them. Last Sunday, we were a lock to pick in the Top 3.   Now we sit at 11th. The Texans and Jags were in a tight race for worst team in their division, and now the Texans are suddenly three games ahead of them. I wouldn’t mind, and I wouldn’t pout like sour grapes, if the Texans put together some outstanding effort and really gelledRead More →

This one hurts. All week long, I warned against a let down, and boy did it come!  A 3-6 team with a bust at QB (who’s playing with sore ribs and a shaky knee).  They’re missing their one and only decent defensive player in Von Miller.  They’re on a terrible skid and playing with zero confidence, having lost recently to the lowly Falcons, among other teams.  Did I mention how bad Drew Lock is? Despite all that… The Dolphins offense started off slowly and never recovered.  Tua’s first two passes were overthrown when he had Jakeem Grant wide open down the left sideline…twice. The ORead More →

It’s one of those extremely rare days, when I root for the Patriots to win.  A new England win vs. the Houston Texans definitely sweetens out pot in the 2021 draft!  So far, the Pats are losing, just like when we wanted them to beat the Bills a few weeks ago and they chocked then as well. Anyway, I’m still leery of the Dolphins overlooking the Broncos.  It’s our “easiest” game in a month, and therefore it scares me. Char with us live during the game at:  dolphinstruth.com/chat  Read More →

I noticed something cool right after Tua threw the game-sealing TD pass to Durham Smythe in the 4th quarter.   Check out the picture. This was the play where Tua ran to his left, stopped, and threw way over to his right, where Smythe was SO wide open.  What I noticed is that Tua calmly threw the pass and then turned his back,  HE KNEW IT!  He turned away and quietly walked back to the bench…while the play was still going on.  He’s at the 17-yardline. In the picture, you see Smythe is just barely catching the ball and still isn’t in the endzone.   Everyone on theRead More →

The Dolphins today released Jordan Howard. The front office has made a number of excellent choices the last 2 years, and I hope they know what they’re doing here.  Personally, I would hesitate to cut Howard.   He is the team leader in touchdowns, and the Phins are short on RB depth at the moment.  A couple of undrafted kids like Salvon Ahmed and Myles Gaskin have Patrick Laird arenb’t going to scare opposing teams.  They’ve played well, but I don’t know how they’ll hold up. As many of you know, I’m not a fan of drafting RBs and WRs high in the draft.  An RBRead More →

Christian Wilkins and Kyle Van Noy now have Covid. Wilkins needs to stop hugging and prancing teammates so much. DISTANCE YOURSELF.   This is a game we always lose.  A scrambling QB that we cannot stop.   Some unknown tight end straight off the injured/practice list catches a TD pass.  Unable to stop an opponent on 4th down.  Our top DB getting hit with 4 separate pass interference penalties, and our 2nd-best DB getting burned on two separate TD passes.  We lost a star WR and then our top kickoff returner for a while too.    It always works against the Dolphins.  We always lose these.Read More →

The Dolphins will be short 2 RBs, as both Matt Breida and Lynn Bowden are ruled out.   Several assistant coaches did not make the trip either, due to covid rules. Honestly, I don’t know what these assistants do during a game, so their loss might be devastating or negligible.  We’ll see. We’re doing some scoreboard watching, and it’s all bad news.   The Seahawks are handing a free win the the  Bills, so any chance at winning the AFC East took a hit today.   Also, the Jags are wilting against the Texans, so our #1 draft pick next year just took a bad turn.  It willRead More →

Good to see Jackson back and practicing today.   The O line has played well without him, but seemed stronger with him in there.  The Dolphins used an extra O lineman on Myles Gaskin’s TD run the other day (right after Van Noy returned the fumble to the 1-yardline), plus they used Christian Wilkins as the FB.  The play worked too well!   I like those jumbo packages when we need a yard.  Remember the Philbin/Gase days?  They would have run shotgun fade routes 3 plays in a row and then kicked a FG. New Dolphins RB DeAndre Washington joined the team but cannot play yet dueRead More →

ALERT:   The Dolphins traded Isaiah Ford to the Patriots for a 7th rounder.  It’s not uncommon for a 4th or 5th string WR to be traded for a low draft pick.   The surprising thing to me is that the Dolphins still seem high on Preston Williams.   I thought for sure that Williams would be the one traded, especially after he dropped not one but TWO easy would-be first down catches on Sunday.  The team must be high on Williams still, as well as Malcolm Perry.  They also may be gearing up to draft a WR next April with our first draft pick, and see FordRead More →

We all know how well the defense played.   But I’m curious about your take on Tua. He certainly got little help from his O line and the running game, and numerous dropped passes by Preston Williams and Myles Gaskin.   We could get nothing going on offense, and it’s a miracle we won this game with those stats, as we were outgained by over 300 yards.   Andrew Van Ginckel’s fumble return gained more yardage than our entire rushing attack all day.  Ug-Ly !Read More →