I won’t bore you with what we already know.   The Dolphins will make the playoffs 4 different ways.  A loss by Browns, Ravens, or Colts or a Dolphin win. The troubling part is that all 4 of the teams we need to win will be big underdogs.  The Steelers were our best shot, and they (correctly) will rest their starters.  In years past, you might as well look onto 2021.  The Dolphins NEVER ever seem to get help when we need it.  But 2020 is insane, and good things happen to us. Just last weekend, the Jets beat the Browns, which was miracle #2 afterRead More →

As I said when this was first reported last month, the NFL is placing the Dolphins in a major disadvantage this weekend.  The Dolphins-Raiders game was moved from Sunday to Saturday, and less-informed bloggers and reporters were spouting how great it is to have a prime time game.   Uhhhh, nope. The Dolphins just played a game Sunday, and now have to travel on Friday.  Given the union rules for mandatory days off, that means the Dolphins only get one classroom day and one full practice to get ready. The Raiders don’t have to travel, so they get an extra practice.  PLUS–and this is more important–theRead More →

First of all, how about those Jets!?!?   We may not have to face Trevor Lawrence twice a year after all.  I am not utterly shocked, because the Rams are incredibly overrated.   Look how easily we beat them.  The Bills beat them too.  Sean McVay is just as cocky as Adam Gase and I will never understand why he gets credit.   He had no game plan in the Patriots Super Bowl, and they never recovered from that loss. We had the C-list announcers calling our game on CBS, and they were adequate, not spectacular.   But one thing they didn’t give us credit for is starting aRead More →

Well, as I predicted, Brian Flores messed with the Patriots’ preparations.   Rather than ruling out Gesicki and Parker early, Flores waited until the last ppossible minute to rule them out. I guarantee that he knew 6 days ago that these guys couldn’t play.    Kept it secret, and that is good. But the good news ends there.  For the second game in a row, we face a good defense without any main offensive weapons.    None.   So who will step up? It starts with the D.   If they can hold Cam Newton down like many other teams have done this year, then theRead More →

Last Sunday, we saw the NFL’s most dynamic quarterback attempt to complete a pass over Xavien Howard.  X won that battle. It was a baffling decision for Patrick Mahomes to even try that pass, given the success he had against the other folks in our secondary on the field at the time, namely Kavon Frazier and Clayton Fejedelem. I’m not making those names up.  Those were the safeties on the field due to injuries.  Earlier, Fejedelem had given up a long-bomb TD pass.  And Frazier was in coverage on KC’s 4th-and-one play that sealed the game.  Both men failed on big plays. Oh…and both wereRead More →

If not for the Dolphins’ special teams not showing up today, Miami won the game 30-26.   Think about the math. The Dolphins’ offense outscored the Chiefs’ offense. The Chiefs’ defense won 2-0. The Chiefs special teams won 7-0, and an ugly punt return TD where the Dolphins seemed to make zero effort. Usually reliable Jason Sanders missed a makeable field goal.   We should have easily ended up with 30 points today. Woulda been 40 if Jakeem Grant didn’t drop two easy passes that hit him in the numbers (one of which went for Tua’s first interception). All those little things added up. The safety thatRead More →

I’ve been preparing to move, and I’ve been a bit behind on our Dolphins commentary. Tomorrow brings the KC Chiefs to town.  Seems like no one can stop Patrick Mahomes and that offense, but the Dolphins defense has quickly developed into a strong unit, and they can spell problem for Mahomes.  TE Travis Kelce has hurt many opponents, but the Phins have done a better job covering TEs this year, plus I think Kelce is overrated.  Yes, he’s a big formidable target to cover, but the Chiefs are so good on offense that everyone seems like a star.   Even former Dolphin Damien Williams (who isRead More →

We already had Tua vs. Justin Herbert, and the Dolphins won that game fairly handily.  I was really looking forward to Tua vs. Joe Burrow as well. But it’s not to be.  Burrow is definitely out, and Tua is iffy himself.  So the game now–more than likely–will come down to the non-marquee QB opponents of Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. practice squad member Brandon Allen.  That is not a matchup that will sell many tickets. Yet despite the lack of star QBs, the game is important for the Dolphins’ playoff chances.   This is the third week in a row that Miami faces an inferior opponent.  They alreadyRead More →

…and this is a bad thing.   Make no mistake about it. While other Dolphin fan sites think it’s nice and prestigious to be in a prime time game, I always look at wins and losses. And I’d much rather have a win than prestige. So what’s my beef? The Dolphins are now going to have one less day or preparation for the Raiders, a team right in the thick of the playoff race with us. A very important game, and now the NFL tells us that we are losing a full day of practice and prep. Worse, it’s a game in the Western Time Zone, with aRead More →